I have been experiencing numerous different energies for over four years. I see, hear and feel energy.In the last little while I have been seeing holograms,they appear about three feet in front of me,and they appear to come from I would say is a projector in my right eye.I believe there are probably three of them(projectors). When the holograms appear there is no warning,they just appear.
I know that Adam the Dreamhealer is able to call forth holograms of different energy bodies of his patients and work with them to release blockages.For myself I don't know what these images that I see are,but they look strangely familiar though.
These last four years have produced some of my happiest moments and that is now changing into a nightmare.I am on a roller-coaster ride, that in one moment is showing me what love genuinely feels like and in the next I am a complete bastard to everyone that I love.I have not been able to live at home for a month,because I am difficult to live with in this state. I have never been given any clear guidance as to why I am experiencing these energies.I have discussed this with several different people including,Shaman and Energyworkers. So my question is, How do you know if you are Insane?

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beleive me roy, you are not crazy, i left you a message, please sonsider talking qwith me please,

love n light,


(25 Aug '11, 17:07) TReb Bor yit-NE

This is the paradox @Roy my friend, the sane person knows there're insane, the insane person doesn't :)

(10 Aug '15, 03:27) jaz

Funny this came up on my birthday...lol...love and light...

(11 Aug '15, 16:03) Roy
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I don't think I've seen enough postings from you over the past couple of years on IQ to really know where your belief system sits regarding "You Create Your Own Reality" but that's really the only perspective I have to offer in response to your obviously sincere request for advice, so please forgive me in advance if it doesn't resonate with you :)

From my perspective, there's no such thing as insanity.

So there's no way anyone could know they are insane...because no-one is.

I observe that human beings love to label and compartmentalize one other especially those that don't fit the Norms of society.

Dare to step outside those arbitrary Norms in any way and people will start telling you that there is something wrong with you and start suggesting that you should find some way to fix yourself. In extreme cases, they'll lock you up in some "mental" hospital and try to fix you for you :)

So, as far as insanity is concerned, if anyone could ever be classed as insane, I'd say the truly insane ones are the ones who insist that others conform to arbitrary human-made Norms...it's not a case of the lunatics taking over the asylum, it's a case of the lunatics running the whole of human society...and they've been doing it for centuries now :)

If you're saying you think you might be insane because you sense energies and have mood-swings, I think you should probably think again.

To me, it sounds like you are just awakening to a broader aspect of yourself and you're just learning to find stability in this new world that is opening up to you.

What's tricky about this period in human history though, and it might be at the heart of your implication that you are out of control, is that the energies on this planet are increasing dramatically day by day.

Finding stability within yourself these days is more and more difficult because methods that worked even a decade or two ago don't work anymore. In fact, I'm finding that any kind of rigidity in thought is just being swept aside by the tide of energy that is pervading the planet.

Those that are trying to stand still in this world of ever-increasing motion are just being smashed against the rocks by the energy waves. It's a case of "go with it, or be dragged".

So what's the solution?

I'm not sure there is an easy answer. It depends where your belief system sits - and as I said at the start, I'm not totally clear where yours does sit.

My own personal solution to what's happening energy-wise on this planet right now is to keep realigning to the expansion that is happening. I find that on-going daily vibrational clean-ups keep me surfing those waves...and it kinda makes it fun too :) A few years ago, those clean-ups were optional, these days I find them essential to just coping with the changes going on.

A final thought: If your behavior is causing problems for others then, yes, there's something within you that isn't quite as aligned as it could be but they are still attracting it too...so I'd throw out any guilt you might have over your own behavior and just let them find their own path to stability in the same way that you should probably find your own path to yours.

So there's my response to your question. I don't know if any of this is going to be of any value to you but at least it might give someone else in a similar situation something to think about.


answered 24 Aug '11, 07:15

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I believe that I do indeed create my own reality,It still does'nt make some of these changes any easier.And as to finding my own path to stability, where did all the freakin mountains come from? Thanks Stingray.Love and Light

(24 Aug '11, 09:08) Roy

One of my favorite quotes is an old Chinese proverb: "Climb mountains to see lowlands" ;)

(24 Aug '11, 10:31) Stingray

@Stingray to quote you, "From my perspective, there's no such thing as insanity." How do you rationalize people like Marshal Applewhite, David Koresh, Rev. Jim Jones, David Berkowitz, Ted Kaczynski and Ted Bundy?

(24 Aug '11, 13:08) Wade Casaldi

@Wade - I don't rationalize them, or anyone else. It's not my role in my life to do that. However I can guarantee that all of them believed they were doing the right thing when they did it: http://goo.gl/3VNrV8 . The implication that you might be hinting at with your comment is that they somehow imposed their "insanity" on others but it's not possible to assert into another's reality what they are not already a vibrational match to...something we've been over on this site may times already

(24 Aug '11, 13:51) Stingray

@Stingray no I was simply asking do you consider them perfectly sane since you said "From my perspective, there's no such thing as insanity."

(24 Aug '11, 14:29) Wade Casaldi

@Wade - To believe in sanity would imply I believe in insanity, don't you think :)

(24 Aug '11, 15:09) Stingray

@Stingray so you mean that you have changed your mind on what you originally stated, there is sanity and insanity then?

(24 Aug '11, 17:21) Wade Casaldi

@Wade - Not sure what you mean. Insanity would be lack of sanity, would it not? Neither exist - they are just value judgments by others who like/dislike certain behaviors

(24 Aug '11, 17:32) Stingray

@Stingray if neither exist as both are just value judgments, would you say mass murders and cult leaders that lead many to decide to take their own lives just an alternate lifestyle choice?

(24 Aug '11, 17:39) Wade Casaldi

@Wade - Yes, they are personal choices. If you want to use the phrase alternate lifestyle choices, that's fine too. Label it however you wish :) You seem to be hinting again that one person can assert into another's reality. As I said above, it's not possible: More information: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/16744/injury-did-i-attract-it-or-did-i-have-to-have-it/16746#16746

(24 Aug '11, 17:50) Stingray

@Stingray okay to get off of the crazy leaders a moment and on to the victims as you keep thinking I am talking about. This not being possible to have another's reality imposed on them would be similar to saying all of the Jews that died horribly in WWII actually invited it into their reality? That just seems to me to be preposterous and even a cause of no compassion or feeling for someone that could believe that. Furthermore it would justify any such treatment or future treatment elsewhere on the basis that they deserved it because they were vibrating at this frequency to ask for it?

(24 Aug '11, 18:12) Wade Casaldi

@Wade - I've answered the World War 2 genocide question previously. I'm sure you'll enjoy reading my preposterous answer here :) ... http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/9018/why-did-the-victims-of-genocide-in-world-war-2-allow-themselves-to-be-killed/9023#9023

(24 Aug '11, 19:12) Stingray

@Stingray Okay WWII part continued there then.

(24 Aug '11, 20:35) Wade Casaldi

I really liked the feeling I got from the Alberto Villoldo, movie infinity. In it they discuss the horror that the Jews went through,and as Spirit they queued up for this privilege to go forth and die in what ever fashion so they could release any past Karma, and they are now coming forward as Rainbow children to lead the way for us all.

(24 Aug '11, 21:35) Roy

did the jew kill jesus? maybe they have attracted what as happen.

(24 Aug '11, 23:00) white tiger

@ Stingray, I have reread this answer several times and I would like to thank you. I really had some searching to do and this answer was the catalyst.love and light

(18 Sep '11, 02:12) Roy

@Roy - You're welcome. I'm glad you found some value in the words

(18 Sep '11, 15:16) Stingray
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Hi Roy, first of all, I don’t pretend to fully understand what you’re seeing from your perspective, nor am I offering an outright solution to your challenge. However, the fact that you’re writing this question tells me that you desire a solution and that a solution is available for you. A question and its answer are like two sides of the same coin; one cannot exist without the other. I’m merely offering some observations which may provide ideas or directions for you to explore.

The online definition of insanity is: not of a sound mind, and being mentally deranged. We can also say that insanity is not being in control of one's own mind, right? Then at the point of one's departure, who is left in control of an insane mind, who else is there? Ah, yes, our old friend the ego-self; the personality construct of our physical mind; running on autopilot and acting from the perspective of fear.

Coming from a metaphysical perspective that each of us chooses and thus creates our own experience of reality, both individually and collectively; and the idea that we are all a part of the one consciousness; here’s something that you may not have considered:

Isn’t it insanity to be living in and experiencing a negative reality chosen by you and all the while forgetting that you chose it and thus created your experience of it? Isn’t it insanity to wage war and kill other people, and all the while not realizing that those other people are yourself?

Of course I’m referring to each individual alive today who is living in a reality they don’t prefer. And I’m referring to the collective consciousness of the planet. Most people are unconscious of the fact and the reality of who they really are and thus they are insane. If that were not the case, war would not exist!

I suggest that rather than look at your challenge from within the old school viewpoint of running to a doctor or taking meds etcetera, that you simply become aware of your mind by observing it.

Remember that most doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists etcetera are also unconscious of who they really are, so (unless you’re a raving loony) they probably won’t be able to help or advise you. Sure, they can prescribe meds to make you feel better, but they won’t be able to get to the root of your challenge; only you can do that.

Another observation is this: currently we are in a 4 dimensional (3 of space and 1 of time) reality and as we evolve, we are moving into a 5 dimensional reality. What does that mean? I don’t know, but it’s possible that what you are seeing is a part of that new dimension. You’re obviously aware that reality can be seen as being holographic in nature, so maybe you’re seeing evidence of that.

Sometimes I see strange shapes and a kind of web like skin a few feet in front of my eyes. I call this the matrix of reality. It’s so beautiful that I can’t stop looking at it and because it’s always changing I can’t describe it further. Am I insane or are my visions a part of evolution? Who is this judge who’ll decide for me or for you? Release all judgment and just see What Is, then deal with that.

Can you redefine what you are seeing and release any negativity towards it? If the negative stuff is too much for you, can you simply ignore it? Realizing that all reality is illusional in nature will help you to ignore what’s before your eyes. If you can’t ignore it you may become paranoid, but realize that even your paranoia will also pass; everything is ephemeral and fleeting by nature.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein


I just came across this multiple chaotic nodes article. It's channeled from non-physical. Is this the kind of thing that you're experiencing? If so, it contains a solution...


answered 24 Aug '11, 04:07

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I feel that we, for a minority of us are entering the fifth dimension now.Good answer Eddie. Thank you Love and Light

(24 Aug '11, 08:57) Roy

Thank you Eddie.

(26 Aug '11, 03:11) Roy

@Eddie : the edit is an interesting read!

(26 Aug '11, 17:10) ursixx

@Eddie,the edit is an very good read...thankyou...

(11 Aug '15, 16:06) Roy
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I am pleased you asked this question because i often feared to go crazy, my mother suffered from mental (emotional) disturbances and often spent many weeks in a psychiatric hospital...i am the 7th of 8 children and thanks to all my brothers and sisters i was protected by them.

Since childhood i've often experienced strange phenomena such as you describe though mine are more sensations rather than visual...for example the feeling of being transparent, of being illuminated from inside, the impression of "seeing" thoughts flashing from peoples heads...the list is long.

These phenomena no longer bother me and now i even consider them as an advantage, i think it probably demonstrates a kind of ESP.

It seems that those who are really insane don't even ask themselves the question...so long as you wonder whether you're insane...you're fine. It's when you start thinking that everyone else is crazy except yourself that things get a little more tricky.


answered 24 Aug '11, 04:05

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blubird two

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@ Bluebird,I too feel like I am illuminated from the inside at times, I once felt it so strong that I was literally blinded by the light on my left side.You have experiences very similar to myself.Thank you, Love and Light

(24 Aug '11, 08:51) Roy

@Roy-live it, experience it...and try to find out what your "guide" is trying to communicate.Love and light

(24 Aug '11, 09:00) blubird two

@Bluebird, I am being very patient with my angels and guides lately,you'd think I was in a hurry to get somewhere.Love and Light

(24 Aug '11, 09:22) Roy

@Roy-love , light and ?

(27 Aug '11, 09:34) blubird two
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Dear Roy,

You are not insane. Just the fact that you asked this question makes you normal although I will have to admit you are certainly not from the common garden variety type. (LOL)Insane people don't know that they are insane and don't ask the question "Am I Insane".

What could it possibly be? Don't know for sure but many people are seeing things and energies and bright lights and sometimes actual work being done on their eye (my 90 year old mother as well). It seems to be happening more and more. Someone told me it has something to do with the angelic vehicles of light but I don't have enough knowledge to be able to tell you exactly.

About treatment. I'm all for the best of both worlds the medical and the alternative way but here I have to warn you. If you go the conventional medical route you will be sent to a psychiatrist who will put you on Prozac or some similar antidepressant or maybe even worse. They will take your visions as something not normal and say you have some mental illness. Be aware of this.

Those moods of yours can have many different causes. A food intolerance can cause severe mood imbalance. Have yourself checked for food intolerance for not only can it play havoc with your moods but you can even exhibit mental illness visions and behavior.

I'll give you en example of what happened to me. If I eat certain breakfast cereals within a few days I'm in a rage. Nothing satisfies me and Im permanently angry and wake up with panic attacks and yes even have strange visions. All this attributed to a simple breakfast cereal. Lucky for me I realized that when I ran out of cereal I was my normal loving self. I stopped the cereal and my problem disappeared. I did test myself after a few months and went back to the cereal and the same symptoms reappeared.

Do you maybe workout and take steroids or are you maybe on some form of steroid medication for whatever reason? That would explain the anger and moods. The best thing I can sugest is go back in your memory to the time that this first started and see what you have started using or eating or doing differently at that time that could be eliminated and give you peace of mind.

If none of the above apply to you then and only then go the conventional route and see a Medical practitioner for after all even Prozac or maybe Bipolar medication is better than suffering long term especially if it helps.

Of course you could be picking up on others moods so if there is someone very angry in your environment distance yourself for a while and see what happens.

Hope this helps some and I wish you a speedy recovery. You are NOT insane.

Love & Light


answered 25 Aug '11, 07:43

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Paulina 1

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@Paulina G: Do you avoid the ingredients in other foods ? and or the chemicals?

(25 Aug '11, 10:16) ursixx

What cereals gave you this reaction? Were they sugary? I have noticed a similar thing with sugar and a person I know.

(25 Aug '11, 13:46) Fairy Princess

It was just plain supermarket muesli. I have since discovered that certain dried fruits dont agree with me and it was that that was probably causing it. I can have sugar in other forms OK as long as I dont over do it. Theese type of intolorances can be different for diferent people and some react to chemicals and others to sugar. It is up to each of us to figure it out for ourselves as we know our bodies better than anyone else although I recomend proper food and other chemical intolorance testing.

(25 Aug '11, 16:06) Paulina 1

Well, I had read something also about whole grain causing weird things too.

(26 Aug '11, 03:06) Fairy Princess

Yes for some it is gluten in grains and for others not. If it is gluten in certain grains than you wont be able to eat wheat bread or other cerials containing gluten. For some and in fact in many cases it is mostly preservatives that they put in the products. It is best to have testing done to find out which it realy is.

(26 Aug '11, 09:36) Paulina 1

Besides gluten, Dr. Mercola did an article about whole grains causing mental problems.

(17 Sep '11, 13:08) Fairy Princess
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dear roy,

My name is rob, I am a channeler. I really have a few ideas but I would need to talk to you a lot more. I want to let you know my source is able to see a lot of things about a lot of people. I want you to rest your mind about being crazy. There are very great explanations for all things when people are labeled "crazy".
Please if you are interested in speaking to me. contact me at lucabrazzi39@aol.com or my Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=100001951475374 If you want, I might be able to help you, just please,,whether it is f.b or email, put "this is Roy from I.Q. " on it please, do it doesn't go to spam or erased. I hope you can get a hold of me. I hope I can help you find the answers you need!

love n light,



answered 25 Aug '11, 12:37

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TReb Bor yit-NE

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roy you can experience anything you like just take control of yourself try meditation. try to find out what those image are. as for insane it is just a different way of experiencing life. some are insane but are genius. some other are insane and live in their world almost completely cut off from the rest of the world. as for being normal well it depend on who you talk to. what is normal for one is not necesarely normal for someone else. also if something make you have anger find what it is and you can work on it to not make you have those negative emotion. so experience and enjoy.


answered 24 Aug '11, 03:56

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white tiger

It is becoming extremely difficult to keep balanced lately,almost impossible and I am finding myself becoming more like a hermit.Love and Light

(24 Aug '11, 09:09) Roy

as mentioned above it may be heavily weighed by the culture/society you live in,
i believe it is measured by deviations from the accepted norm.
yet that norm may be so far removed from what humankind actually ought to be,
and this places you into a position of couraqge of your convictions.
i'd say as long as you are not harming others and able to take care of yourself,
your experiences are something for you to more fully understand.
fifth, sixth and seventh rounds of human evolution are in the making and
one may be an prerunner of what is to come yet considered by todays standards insane


answered 25 Aug '11, 23:55

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Roy, I am sorry.


answered 24 Aug '11, 01:18

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edited 24 Aug '11, 02:45

Thanks for your concern Jai,but the question is how does a person know if they are insane? I will talk to a doctor before I kill anyone though.Strong advice from someone who has seen the mind of God.

(24 Aug '11, 01:34) Roy

Yes Jai I know how to read as well.I read all your questions and answers.If I feel I need help with this I will find it.I was hoping for a Shamanic answer with some great insight from you not unqualified medical advice. Love and Light

(24 Aug '11, 02:03) Roy

The down vote really hurt me. I care about you; that's the bottom line. As you can see, I have gotten rid of the offending post. Sorry I did not come through as you would have liked.>>>>>>>>>>>>

(24 Aug '11, 02:56) Jaianniah
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Well, Roy, if I thought I might be mentally ill, I would go to the National Alliance For the Mentally Ill website and then I would click on "mental illnesses" and see for myself if any of my symptoms or problems matched any of their criteria. If it did not, I would seek some holistic help of some kind and if it did, I would admit that to myself and seek help right away for my own sake and that of my loved ones.


answered 24 Aug '11, 02:23

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LeeAnn 1

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Thanks LeeAnn,I have talked to a lot of spiritual people,with a very wide range of healing modalities.They tell me I just need time to let this settle down,to find our balance.I never said I thought was mentally ill,JUST SPIRITUALY CHALLENGED.Love and Light

(24 Aug '11, 02:34) Roy

The easiest way is to compare what we experience to what is normal to most people.

There are visions and inspirations these in most people do not come from an implanted camera in their eye. I believe Adam is visualizing (creating in his mind) the hologram of the person to heal. In other words he is in control and he is the one creating it willfully through this developed technique.

You say the last four years have been changing into a nightmare, this does not happen to most people.

Next showing love one moment then the next hate, most people do not experience this either.


answered 24 Aug '11, 03:01

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Wade Casaldi

edited 24 Aug '11, 03:30

I dont believe there is such a thing as being normal,every single thing in creation has its own unique imprint.Also I never said I had implants.They appear about four inches infront of my right eye and they have different characteristics.

(24 Aug '11, 08:36) Roy

Well then you have made up your mind already and didn't need to ask this question. I guess by your definition there is no such thing as insane. People like Marshal Applewhite, David Koresh, Rev. Jim Jones, David Berkowitz, Ted Kaczynski and Ted Bundy: Were they all perfectly normal sane people too?

(24 Aug '11, 15:27) Wade Casaldi

By the way I am not comparing you to those insane people I am giving them as examples that there are extremes if there are extremes then there must as well be normal.

(24 Aug '11, 20:47) Wade Casaldi

@Wade No Adam sees the holograms in is head in a limited vision and in full vision (eyes open)' When he is working with a patients holographic energy he looks like he is conducting an orchestra.

(25 Aug '11, 19:44) Roy

@Roy I find this very fascinating and will have to look into this Adam Dream Healer myself. Maybe he is like Carlos Castaneda? You said you do not believe you have implants so that is a relief to now understand about what you had asked. This seems unknown at this time then and needs further investigation, I wish you the best with this.

(27 Aug '11, 13:18) Wade Casaldi
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Since 'insane' is a clinical term, used in the mental health field, you would need to go to a mental health professional to find out if you are what they would call insane. If you are asking if what you are experiencing is a spiritual experience or like anything anyone here can identify with or if what you are saying sounds more 'out there' than even any one here has experienced, then that would be a different question.

But to answer the question you asked, "How do you know if you are Insane?" if you think you might be insane, the way to find out is to ask a psychiatrist. They are in the business of determining sanity or insanity.


answered 26 Aug '11, 16:27

Fairy%20Princess's gravatar image

Fairy Princess

Yes doctors have spent many years learning to look for something to be wrong with you- thats the problem.

(26 Aug '11, 22:10) Roy

you are not insane.. i belive that i answered another post of yours.. I have recently began to see energy.. I stopped feeling insane because I tried numming my mind watching tv and hanging out with people like my brother. I can see the aura of energy around myself and other people, imagine going to a job interview and seeing your future boss with a vibrating white light around him and little pretty lights flying around.. or trying to put on make up and seeing yourself surrounded by a white light.. and things flying around.. I went back to good old fashion praying and talking to a higher entity, I went back to beliving and having faith that we can all be ok if we try.. you are not crazy, I am not crazy, we are just in another frecuency than most human beings.. I am still trying to know how to deal with this.. Its like finding a wild horse in the middle of a dessert, that can save your life and take you out of the dessert, but you first need to learn how to ride it.. I am still new and don't know what to do with it.. I see the holograms two as well.. I asked them to go away and they did back off.. I try to think that whatever it is that they are my hommies LOL and they need to not scare me.. I hope you would be in contact with me so we can compare.. :) hold on.. we need to tame this and use it for our benefit and others.. have a great week!!


answered 17 Sep '11, 02:31

jinxx's gravatar image


Hi Allie, I am in no way frightened by these energies or experiences. These energies are constantly changing or evolving. I just take each wave as it comes. Thanks for your answer.love and light

(17 Sep '11, 19:26) Roy

good to know.. I feel a little crazy myself still and I am yet to find my peace with this and not get scared of being all alone etc.. :) I'm glad to know that you are cool with it.. I hope I can be cool with it myself soon..

(17 Sep '11, 21:29) jinxx

To be cool with it is the easy part. You are in for the ride of your life.Just try to accept the changes, go easy on your self. love and light.

(18 Sep '11, 02:16) Roy
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