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You are hereby invited to attend a live chat on November 27th, Sunday, at 9 pm EST; the topic will be getting to know each other :o)! We will also talk about doing this at better times for others at that time! Join us!

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Happy Chatting... :-)

asked 26 Nov '11, 22:14

Wade%20Casaldi's gravatar image

Wade Casaldi

closed 30 Dec '11, 11:28

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Kathleen Kelly ♦♦

Just to be clear, we're talking about PST: 6 PM on Saturday the 26th, yes?

(27 Nov '11, 03:55) Leo

No, here I thought that Jai was really being clear when she edited my post. I originally just said nine tomorrow. She changed it to say 9 Pm EST, now I see even the word tomorrow wasn't clear enough.

9 pm EST Sun night.

(27 Nov '11, 05:06) Wade Casaldi

You were already very clear, but occasionally the universe insists on reminding me of a lesson I forget at times: "There is nothing more elusive than an obvious fact."

This is why you will often see me randomly have what many perceive as 'blonde moments'. And yes, when I was born I had bright white hair. It turned to blonde, then finally a dusty brown, but I still seem to retain the 'ditsy' random losses of common awareness from my blonde heritage. =)

(27 Nov '11, 07:18) Leo

Wade, I think you will attract more attention if you add the date and time to the title. I've now added this

(27 Nov '11, 17:50) Barry Allen ♦♦

Also, it would probably be better if you just created a new "question" for each future chat session invitation otherwise any comments made here already may not be relevant. These invitations can be closed by the moderators after the event if you wish to avoid confusion

(27 Nov '11, 18:07) Barry Allen ♦♦

Thanks very much Barry and good suggestions for future reference. Also good idea on closing the "question" after the sessions. I like that idea too and give my approval to go ahead.

(27 Nov '11, 18:16) Wade Casaldi

Wade, I'll leave this open for a while longer in case others want to comment

(28 Nov '11, 10:28) Barry Allen ♦♦
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The question has been closed for the following reason "No longer relevant" by Kathleen Kelly 30 Dec '11, 11:28

Would like to but that's 3am Sunday night here. If this question stays open alternate/future times and dates could be edit in, and in that be bumped up on the start pages at the same time:

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answered 26 Nov '11, 22:48

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Sorry Ursixx maybe we can find a better time for the next one. Or you could set one up if you would like. :-) That is why I made this non-personal so anyone can post chat times if they would like to host a chat session like mine tomorrow.

(27 Nov '11, 05:15) Wade Casaldi

Oh no, I was really looking forward to this. Sorry it was a bust. I was here a couple minutes after 9 pm EST and it said no one was in the chat room. I even clicked on the link. Was I the lurker? I was only there for a minute. I got called away and when I came back it said no one was in the chat room - guess that was about the time you gave up. (Seriously, I thought live chat would go on for a couple hours - maybe others did too) I know I was online once last week when someone was in the chat room and if I remember correctly, it named the user. Am I wrong? To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure if I would have participated or just lurked - listening - observing and absorbing......

Hope you do it again...... Thanks for the energy and the time you put in to trying to make this happen. Thinkin' 9 pm EST on a Sunday night following a holiday weekend doesn't work for too many.....

ETA - you said you were ONLY there 15 minutes - the chat link is only updated every 20 minutes - may explain why it always said O people were in the chat room each time I (or others) looked.

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answered 28 Nov '11, 04:04

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edited 28 Nov '11, 04:12

It would have lasted a few hours probably but when you are there for 15 to 30 minutes and no one else is it is hard to stick around. Jai and I were very disappointed. Yes if you were @Cabastum or how ever that was we were trying to talk with you. Hopefully next time we try or someone else will host next time. Thank you for the effort I feel a little better knowing you wanted to talk.

(28 Nov '11, 05:10) Wade Casaldi

I just got home, so I didn't see the post until it was too late. Maybe give a week notice for those who go a few days or a week between visits.

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answered 28 Nov '11, 04:33

Fairy%20Princess's gravatar image

Fairy Princess

Thanks Fairy Princess yes maybe next time. :-)

(28 Nov '11, 05:11) Wade Casaldi

Well we were there for 15 minutes Jai and I, it said someone else was there but that person never talked so we left.

I'll try again just to make sure but I have to sadly report this effort was a total flop!

It is now 9:34pm this session is over and done.

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answered 27 Nov '11, 19:09

Wade%20Casaldi's gravatar image

Wade Casaldi

edited 28 Nov '11, 02:32

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