First of all, would she have been even paid any attention? Why have so many holy women of the past been tortured and burned at the stake? Why is it such a threat to humanity for a woman to be holy?

When I took Confirmation, I learned how the Catholic Church has manipulated the Bible and thrown out whole sections having to do with women. (Of course, I was Lutheran...) Why don't holy women have the same authority as holy men? Why else would the Church deny women from becoming priests?

Just wondering....


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I think we would need to look at old testament as to how women were respected and treated. To do this we would need to look into Judaism, I have to wonder if they would have trusted her because of the Adam and Eve story (it was her fault thing) the blame game's very start.

Being brought up a female she would have be taught the rules probably of fitting in and not standing out. So that would stifle her from teaching, and to learn of the ways let alone teach in the synagogues if she had been so bold she may have been stoned to death long before ever getting any followers. Now if the Christ returns as a female today I think there would be more acceptance but there are still many that have this image in their mind of what the true Christ is suppose to look like and anything else would be regarded as the false Christ or Anti Christ, with that said no matter how the real Christ looks when he or she returns how the Christ decides to manifest in the return, I strongly believe that he/she would not last long because there would be believers and there would be many that say no that is the Anti-Christ pretending to be the real Christ. So she/he would probably be assassinated and and this would make most happy that they killed "The Anti-Christ" without ever realizing that they killed the Christ 2nd coming.

This may have already happened, few have ever heard the Story of Simeon Toko in Africa but I have. New Link and some more on the possible 2nd coming Simeon Toko.


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I think originally the feminine was much more attuned to the Divine and the male ego was threatened - hence a lot of spiritual women of the past were tortured and burned. Fortunately the masculine has begun to wake up too and now recognizes the part the feminine principle plays so these archaic forms of torture are no longer prevalent, although females are still playing a submissive role in some cultures.

The reason women are not given the same authority as men in some cultures and religions is quite simply fear. I have a feeling if a poll was done on the number of females versus males waking up to who they really are that females would win hands down, and in no way do I try to undermine the wonderful part men are playing in this process.

I think Jesus came here in the body of a male because quite simply he would probably have been put to death a lot sooner as a woman and hence his message would not have been as widespread and maybe not have endured through the centuries.


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Yours is a wonderful answer...Thank you! Jai

(09 Jan '10, 03:12) Jaianniah

Thank you! You're welcome!

(09 Jan '10, 04:07) Michaela

if Christ would have been female we would never have heard about him.look what they did to him as a man-look what was done to joan of arc-i dont believe that women are stifled out of fear by men- religion quickly became a device of control, especially by the catholic church in the middle ages-kings ruled-property, art, etc- were in male hands- they just had a material advantage-women, today, are hardly perfect- they still look to marriage and the attainment of physical comfort obtained for them through men. dont kid yourselves-look at the high rate of single mothers-do you really believe those women planned life that way? they are single mothers because they misunderstood the meaning of female liberation.female liberation is not thefreedom to beeither promiscious nor prolific-it means to survive, nay, thrive, without dependence on a man to the exclusion of ones own efforts. women wind up this way only after they fail the traitional route and then they claim victory. im sorry to say that if anyone is looking for a female religious leader they will be sadly disappointed-mother teresa was as close as we going to get


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