The story of Jesus' life as a human is so modest, without any needs except the minimum for surviving. Jesus was a teacher. But was He also a role model for what we all should be?

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Gleam please edit, and correct the spelling of the word "Jesus."

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Jesus was a well respected man, as a carpenter as Jewish law required every teacher or rabbi to have a trade, as a carpenter he would have been respected. Also he was of Royal Blood the son of David, an aristocrat of the aristocrats a prince of royal the royal house. He was not lowly in birth nor was he suppose to be so. On this point refer to Mark 9:27, Matthew 15:22, Matthew 20:30, Matthew 21:9, Mark 10:47

He was very well educated, whenever he went into a synagogue, it was he whom was selected to read the law and teach the congregation as he was best qualified to do so. He was famous Luke talks about his fame went before him and he taught in their synagogues. In those days of fierce religious disputant, he would have had to have been well educated to teach in their synagogues, no unlearned man would have been welcomed. he quoted everything word for word perfect even when questioned and attacked by his enemies he would show them by quoting from their own books that they could not dispute. his enemies even addressed him as master or teacher. Matthew 13:54, Mark 12:24-34, Luke 4:14-15, John 7:19-23, John 10:34

He had plenty and did not know lack, he had many wealthy and influential friends, Lazarus and his sisters whose home was always open to Jesus were people well to do. Joanna the wife of Chuza the king's steward and other women ministered unto him their substance, today we would say supported his work. The king's steward was a high official and his wife would be a prominent lady. Joseph of Arimathea was a well to do man, this man came for Jesus body, Nicodemus was probably as well. Jesus healed the sick in the families of rulers and high officials and they appear to have responded in liberally supplying his financial needs. Even though it is true he had no property and bought no real estate, he did not lack money and he dressed expensively. The Romans cast lots for his robes because they were too fine to cut up. When Judas went out it was under the guise to give something to the poor, it must have been their custom or how else would such a event have arisen? He wore fine cloths had plenty to eat and drink and money to give away to the poor. Luke 8:1-3, Luke 5:33, Luke 23:50, John 11:19, John 12:2, John 19:23, John 13:29

He was not humble, he spoke with great authority, if he was humble all his enemies would have easily won in the many questionings of his authority. We are frequently told of the people having great fear and awe at his word and works. One place the people were so frightened they asked begged him to leave. When officers came to arrest him they lost their nerve, saying "Surely never a man spake like this man!" On the night of his arrest when the Romans asked for Jesus of Nazareth and he answered "I Am He" such was his majesty and psychic power that they prostrated themselves before him, they backed up and fell to the ground. John 18:6, Matthew 27:54, Mark 5:15, Mark 5:33, Mark 16:5, Luke 8:35, Luke 24:5, John 6:19, Acts 10:4, Acts 24:25, John 7:32

To be like Christ of the four Gospels one must be well learned, well dressed and supplied with plenty of money, of noble and commanding appearance, speak with authority and have tremendous magnetic power.

Facts about Jesus from his actual life, This book explains it better the A New Christ


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Wade Casaldi

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Very interesting answer, Wade - quite different to the standard stereotype of Jesus.

(02 Feb '10, 18:58) Stingray

Thank you, Stingray, I felt I had to set the record straight, most churches base their image of Jesus on what the prophet Issiah said rather than actually the the four Gospels of Jesus as he actually lived. It is like ignoring him for what what was said he would be like.

(03 Feb '10, 05:24) Wade Casaldi

Great answer. Thank you Wade. However I belive that the two feeding of multitude events are miracles ("miracles" for the common humans), which don't needed financial support; Jesus had Knowing LOA and the four Gospels consent into this. About the source of her knowledge, He told many times: John 3:11; 7:16; 8:28; 12:49; 14:10,24. - - - - - Beyond my ask it's also an other thought: many of actualy Masters, teaching the LOA as tool for self growing, take a big accent on be welth ("making money"). What you about?

(03 Feb '10, 05:53) Gleam

Yes I agree his teachings are far grander than just using LOA for wealth, it is like he came to say here are the keys to everything, and we respond could this be used to make money with?

(03 Feb '10, 06:42) Wade Casaldi

Thank you for best answer vote, I also agree he was much more than just a teacher, he did do direct miracles, or rather God did do direct miracles through him. Including the feeding the masses from only two fish and bread loaves.

(03 Feb '10, 06:51) Wade Casaldi

Great answer and thanks for the telling us where to find it in the bible it will be a great help. I h ad not thought of him in that light but I did not he healed the poor as well as the rich and the tax assessor and visted their homes. Your words were food for thought.

(04 Feb '10, 12:28) flowingwater

Oh yes there was no discrimination or disdain for any class of people, as a matter of fact the child he held as an example to humble ourselves as in other words be teachable. That child was a slave child covered in filth and vermin, and he held him up as an example to be as.

(04 Feb '10, 19:49) Wade Casaldi

Read the book A New Christ I posted the link just click on the words A New Christ at the bottom of my post. :-)

(04 Feb '10, 19:51) Wade Casaldi
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There are many parables and lessons in the teachings of Jesus. But I think the way he led his life is primarily an example of how there are things in life like love, spiritual growth and inner peace, that are more important than material possessions.

This is, after all, the man who fed the multitudes with a fish and one loaf of bread. Clearly, his life did not demonstrate austerity.


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You want saying that Jesus brought, screening from view, the fishes and breads from some concealed land which he owned? What is the source of the information?

(30 Jan '10, 03:03) Gleam

See here:

(30 Jan '10, 03:10) Vesuvius

Vesuvius, I don't referred to the feeding the multitude but to your saying, clesely linked tothis: "Clearly, his life did not demonstrate austerity". For this assertion i asked from you sources and reasons

(30 Jan '10, 11:30) Gleam

@Gleam: Anyone who can manifest enough food to feed the five thousand does not need to worry about going hungry.

(30 Jan '10, 17:35) Vesuvius
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I do not know if I could be another Jesus if that were what God was calling me to be- exactly. I do know that He calls me to take care of cats- I have six, with two that live under my house that I do not know what to do about! If God wanted me to be Jesus, then why does He keep sending me pets to care for?

I think that the basics of Jesus' life are what we are called to live and be- generous with our lives, our stuff and our time, for example. Fearless about the future. Devoted to the care of our neighbors- (in my case, I think God means kitty cats...)loving our enemies, and doing good to those who despise us.

This is the life that Jesus Himself called us to live, and it makes us happy to live it when we do it right.

Many Blessings, Jai


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Yes, according to history,he lived modestly (materialistically speaking) yet the fulfillment of the truth he taught and lived has lasted for well over 2 thousand years. This is important because it proves that what he brought to the world was more important than having worldly goods. Also if one accepts this history(the bible) as truth then indeed the Master Jesus was able to project beyond the physical level. Thus it would seem that Jesus was able to not only see beyond the door of materialism but to prove it through manifestation. Then wouldn't the life he lived and truth he taught be a perfect example to follow?

So again yes,i would say that he has proved to be a role model many might want to follow because, according to the Book, he truly had the power of manifesting. This seems to be something that many people want to learn to do.

Love and Harmony, Your sister in truth


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Did Jesus really exist?


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Welcome to the website, Rob. You might want to ask this as a separate question by itself rather than as an answer to this one.

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