What if the five evolution's cycles of mankind are loopings of time? What consequences could it have over our conception about spiritual growing?

Maybe the question shows like SF... But how many SF stories have one kernel of truth?

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For those of us who don't know, could you tell us what the five evolution cycles of mankind are, and maybe give us a link to a reference on the web?

(20 Jan '10, 15:12) Vesuvius

I don't was enough clear on my question. I wanted refered to the possibility that a big cycle of mankind's evolution could be a looping over time. Than, the evolution line described a single turn of an helixoid, so one "step" from a vortex, touching - as end of cycle - the generatrix of origin point.

Because my reference to the cycles of oriental conception was not too inspired, let me take a transmutation of the question into the 26.000 years cycle of Mayan Calendar, known by the most occidental spiritualy preocupped people. The end of cycle in 2012 could open a portal of time, within which the Earth can jumps out from the repetition of the previous cycle, together the beings (from all kingdoms) prepared to adaptation to highest frequencies of an another dimension - this being the "normal' method for promotion of the vortex - or, if the Earth and the beings are not capable to be prepared vibrationally, they will realize a not "normaly" state for going toward. This last conjuncture will be an intense enegetical conflict between the naturaly imperious tendece to progress and the incapability to take it and, from here, the confrontation with cataclysms, disasters. (Don't ask me for sources, I haven't. I don't read this scenario nowhere... It only appears instantly into my mind.)

Corelated ideas:
- If this scenario could be true, it can be one reason for the sudden disparition of previous very advanced civilizations (Atlants?) - The New Testament could be also history, the history of one previous cycle, together with his "profecies" (historian events updated for us) - Why could come the Mayans if not for giving us a "MEMENTO MORI"? _ Why could come Iesus Christ if not to suggest the solution?

But the free will is our. We can acting for.


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From what I have learned over the many years of study (my mystery schools), this concept of cyclic time is not a foreign idea to the Hindu. They see time as precisely cyclic they group them into Yugas I think that is the right word. Each of these Yugas ends one phase and starts another, it seems more a measure of energy influence than that of time really.

So with this in mind and we are at the last stage of the 4 ages everything starts over again, this restarting is on the next higher level though not a restart like back to where we came from but a new start from where we are. Picture the American Indian Medicine Wheel, this has four directions and four sections each representing four elements, now think of a giant Medicine Wheel that has these four stages and in each of these four stages are four smaller Medicine Wheels all ticking away and every time they all make one complete revolution together the big wheel turns one turn, when this happens all of the smaller wheels are shifted to the next place starting over again but in a new slot.

The big wheel is slowly turning for us to start all over again in the next slot.

There may be infinitely bigger and bigger wheels of time all turning together like gears.

I prefer the Greek terms over the Hindu because we can understand the words better, we started in the Golden Age this would be similar to the age of the Garden of Eden next came the Silver age, next the Bronze age humm the Olympics are coming does any of these ages sound familiar? Last the iron age which is the age we are in and presently moving back into the golden age to start a new cycle.

ADDED Links http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ages_of_Man , http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yuga

Very good site explaining the cycles http://www.hinduwebsite.com/timecycle.asp

I can not forget to mention the 12 ages of time, this corresponds to the position of the galaxy and is on a much bigger cycle. http://www.adishakti.org/age_of_aquarius.htm


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Wade Casaldi

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References would be nice. This is all a bit incomprehensible to me. What are the four ages?

(20 Jan '10, 19:39) Vesuvius

Okay I'll see what I can find on the net, so everyone has something more than my memory to rely on. lol

(21 Jan '10, 08:11) Wade Casaldi

Hey could it be that since the legend of Atlantis and Lemuria are spoken of in our dimension, perhaps, we are the group that didn't graduate or shift through the last two opportunities of looping through to the next frequency level?

If this is so, let us not screw it up once again & for heavens sakes awaken ourselves up to the greatest potential of our spiritual capabilities & perhaps, when called upon, teach others to the best of our understanding & capabilities.


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The Traveller

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Hi, Traveller. Even if you told it a few ironicaly, this is right. From the quarks to the galaxies, all are moving describing vortexes, "srewing" in the space. Congratulations for your imagination. About the humans: if they have descovered, for the physical plane, the screw which can better than the nail defeat the resistence, they could find also the way for the ascending to the higher levels of the consiousness,

(28 Jan '10, 19:37) Gleam
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