Why were we created? We must serve a purpose then?? But what could it be?? how does it benefit god in any way??

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ok, so what do you believe?? don't worry about others. why do you TRULY think he created us for?? and im assuming by your answer that you dont belive in god?? anyways please elaborate if you can, thanks.

(13 Feb '10, 08:22) Mebb

oh by the way, for one not to belive in god is foolish, and i do mean that. if you truly belive that we came to existence jus like this BOOM! then im sorry but that sounds more pathetic then one who follows a certain religion. also to prove gods existence how do you think he reveals himself through?? prophecies and miracles. there is no way that men can perdict the future OR perform such extrordinary miracles as raising one from the dead or giving sight to the blind...and i am not reffering to biblical characters, people of this day who prophecise and perform such acts. peace

(13 Feb '10, 08:31) Mebb

I would hope that we could try to state our comments and beliefs without name calling.. whether calling participants "monkeys" or saying that their viewpoints are "foolish" or "pathetic". I'm hesitant to flag such comments, but I would hope we could all elevate the level of discussion to the point where we can freely express our opinions without denigrating others.

(13 Feb '10, 09:00) John

Mebb, I added a comment here but it seems to have vanished. Let me try to recall what I wrote. My answer was an attempt at humour that was misunderstood because of the personal relationship this subject has with our sense of self. So I updated by answer with an explanation to avail any further misunderstanding. As to your curiosity about where I stand on the God issue, I don't just believe that God exists, I KNOW that God exists. My confidence in this knowingness is as solid as Michael Jackson's confidence in the knowing that he is black. As you know, he was judged as well.

(13 Feb '10, 16:30) The Traveller

lol alright. sorry i got a little out a hand to, no problems brother, all is forgiven:)

(13 Feb '10, 17:53) Mebb

God is the father,you are the children made in is image(spirit,light,truth,free will,etc...). you are passing by and playing in that field right now until you remove your clothes to leave that field,the dead are not alive and the living will not die. http://gnosis.org/naghamm/gosthom.html

(19 Sep '12, 21:21) white tiger
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Everything created, seen or unseen, has its own purpose. The universe is intelligence itself and being intelligent, it will not create something without purpose. The entire universe is continuously being created. Some galaxies dies, but some are created and still expanding.

Human beings are the only creation with vast intelligence that in a collective sense, is practically unlimited. Having endowed with such intelligence (though at different degrees for each individual), it continuously creates just like the universe. Although we can say on a microcosmic level. We create our own kind, we create infrastructures, we convert materials into another form whether solid, liquid, or gas, we can do anything that our individual intelligence can do. We also sometimes destroy things in order to create another thing just like the collapse of some galaxies and the emerging of others.

Looking at all of these and more, we can only surmise that we human beings are co-creator of God. Yes, for me that is our purpose. The entire universe is God's manifestation of His omnipresence quality. Human beings being part of the universe is also a manifestation of God, with intelligence to do His job on the human level. Animals are also co-creators on the animal level as well as plants on the plant level, and so on and so forth.

Well, if our purpose is to be God's co-creator, then what benefit will it give to God?

Benefit is a word we created in order to give meaning to all our other creations. Otherwise we will not create something if it has no meaning. God created us to be His co-creator. Therefore it will benefit God if we do our part as His co-creator to give meaning to His creating us. If that makes sense, then the question above becomes irrelevant. A more relevant one is what benefit will it do us if we succeeds in our role as co-creator. If we will not do our part in co-creating, then our existence will have no meaning to God and even to us. We won't be able to elevate ourselves to be one with God but instead we will be better off to be-say a stone, to be trampled upon by the more intelligent beings we call humans who were created according to the image and likeness of God.


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ahah wow! beautiful answer king, that was TRULY enlighting. 5 stars for this man lol:)

(13 Feb '10, 19:20) Mebb

I think God became tired of perfection and decided to have some fun by creating some really screwed up incomplete monkeys(symbolic of course) with a short memory span.
Oh..Then he sent somebody down to further mess us up by saying that we were created in his image.

And by the looks of some of the answers you read here, some of these monkeys really believe that it's true!

Did you really think that this was my "serious" answer?

Unless, of-course, the joke is on me for not realizing that your criticism is your come-back to my humour, in which case I deserve-it. Maybe this is a lesson for me to indicate my intention clearly just in case there is some misunderstanding.

Anyway, just in case, Please accept my sincere apologies for any misunderstandings. Nothing in this answer is supposed to be taken literally. This was my twisted take on the notion "God must really have a sense of humour, just look at us"

OK. Here is my "real" answer to the question. (and if need be, go ahead & delete all the nonsense above, but I think it is better to leave it alone so that other travellers may learn to tread more lightly from my experience)

Why are we created, is one of the deepest & most powerful questions that ever could be asked by an individual.
So good on you.
Why is this the greatest question?

Because this question hints at the true awakening of a soul's readiness to self realization. This is the signpost on the journey of "who am I?"

The real answer to this question is different to each one of us. As you get closer to the real answer to "Who am I?" the words don't matter any more because the ideas that connect our inner soul to the outer judgement imposed upon you by the rest of society get disconnected. You stop checking if "your answer" is the correct one, and start to give over the direction of guidance (of your inner quest) over to a higher authority. You start to establish a deeply personal relationship with your creator, and feelings and intuitions become the answers to questions instead of words and concepts.

So the fact that you asked that question is really wonderful. This question alone can be used as a guidance system. Ask God every day "God, why did you create me?" and accept the answer that opens up within your consciousness as God's gentle guidance to you towards your true purpose in this existence.

I transformed my own life from complete misery and imminent suicide to a knowingness of why I chose to be incarnate at this time by simply asking this question alone many times a day.


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The Traveller

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Wow, what happened to the person who commented "I feel that, given the nature of subject matter on this forum, I can trust everybody here, and I feel like I'm among friends who know my multidimensional self." Suddenly these friends are monkeys? Or are some monkeys and some friends? Okay, I have at least some sense of why you may feel cynical based on the things you shared previously, but I think we need to understand that people are all at different points in an ongoing process.

(13 Feb '10, 08:54) John

Your experiences have brought you to a perspective that others may not be able to relate to, but I think we can all learn from each other's viewpoints. I've really appreciated most of your observations and comments.

(13 Feb '10, 08:54) John

John, the philosopher within me went to bed when I answered the question, unfortunately the nut job at the controls was supposed to just observe & wake up the "thinker"; instead he tried to answer the question himself. I have since, disciplined the ego and sentenced it to doing menial tasks around the house for the rest of the week-end. It won't happen again. (I hope)

(13 Feb '10, 13:45) The Traveller

I am a nut job and a monkey.and I like the Abraham answer.something like "we are created to be happy"

(13 Feb '10, 14:36) ursixx

The Traveller, I was pleased to see the philosopher's "real" answer. We're all entitled to our own feelings, but I know that sometimes when I'm worn out, I'm more critical of others on a personal level. At times like that I'm glad I can write a couple drafts to evaluate how it will sound before I print the final version. Don't be too hard on "ego" with those menial tasks. I suggest carrots instead of sticks. :)

(15 Feb '10, 05:17) John
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I believe we created ourselves because we are all one, droplets of the same ocean which is God.

So the same question would be why God exists, how anything came into existence at all?

This is my take on this:

Imagine that "in the beginning", there was no existence. There was no time. There was no space. Nothing and Everything were the same. A Moment and All Eternity were the same.

But because this timeless spacelessness was some kind of eternal, it was only a matter of chance that eventually something had to happen. Something different. Something new. The void suddenly woke up and thought "What is this? What am I?".

This was the birth of consciousness, the first thought, the Word of God, and this started it all. In a big bang-like fashion, a chain reaction of following up thoughts inevitably started a never-ending stream of conscious reflection about everything there might be, trying to discover all aspects of this new found thing called "existence". This must have gone something like this:

As the concept of "I am" was born as described, the 0 became the 1, creating a singularity, a point in time and space. This point means that now we have something we can relate to. Being able to relate things to a point enables us also to relate things to each other. This creates the concept of "You" and "I", of boundaries, of separation, of duality and polarity, which is the significance of the number 2.

This is how God's consciousness created fractions of itself. These fractions are us. Our thoughts are God's own thoughts observing all creation and reflecting about it and discovering all of its aspects, eventually infinitely and forever in a never-ending fractal dance.

Thoughts are reality. This is why thoughts will eventually manifest to a reality tangible for us.

Opposites must eventually be resolved and unified again with the source, with God, hence we got trinity, the significance of the number 3, or the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. This is what salvation means.

Every further number also has a significant meaning in relation to the described scenario of how everything came to be, and may explain the structure of our world in a more detailed manner, but that's another story.


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tsk wow....another truly enlightened answer. EXCELLENT response. 5 stars brother(thumbs up)

(13 Feb '10, 20:06) Mebb

Hi Mebb,

This is how I resolved this question. Out of zero, you get zero. So this universe and life could not have come out of nothing. So there must be a creator. My deduction was that this creator must be very intelligent to have created all this universe and life.

So my next question is, is this God good or evil? So I could find out his intention for his creation.

A picture came to my mind. Imagine a circle representing the universe and in that circle is a plus(+) and a minus(-), the plus representing good and the minus evil. Now as life goes on, the (+) gives life or builds and the (-) comes to kill and destroy what is.

So picture this in your mind, the plus is building, and the minus is destroying what the plus is making. It is a fact that it is slower to build and give life. On the other hand it is faster and easier to destroy, that is why evil is more prevalent in this world.

Now the (-) destroys all the works of the (+) and in the end, it destroys the (+) . the only thing it knows and could do is destroy. Example, it takes 9 months for a woman to give life but it takes a second, a bullet/evil to destroy it. So now the only thing left in the circle of the universe is the (-) so it goes in the universe looking for something else to subtract or to destroy. Finding only himself the only thing left would be for it to destroy itself. After this there would be no more life in the universe.

If a simple man like me could understand this, that the end result of (-) or evil is self destruction, an intelligent Creator would understand this far more than I can. So He could only be good, and if He is good, how and why would He create you?

All this to say, if the universe exists there must be an intelligent creator and if he's intelligent He could only be GOOD and not evil. If he is good, the only reason for our creation is for a loving relationship, not for abuse.

If He created us out of love and for love, he wanted us to love him back from our free will. Our minds is created empty. Because if our minds were programed just like a computer then we would have no choice. If we would be programmed either to love or not to love we would be like a robot or like a computer.

So for man to love God from his own free will, God had to create man un-programmed or empty minded. If our minds are empty we will become naturally (-). Example, like two infants wanting to play with a single ball, one will aggressively push the other to take the ball. So now we are all (-)’s and God does not have the right to modify us against our will, He created man free moral agents. If we would loose our freedom of choice we would become robots.

So he sends us an invitation for a cure to make us into a (+) surgically. If we accept His Invitation and we say, "Yes, I understand your will and accept that I am a (-). I the created being in my freedom ask you the Creator, to make me in to a (+) and let me be with you on the ( + ) side of eternity."

So now that we understand Him and what we ARE(-) by nature, and give Him the right to change us in to (+), we are now freely cured men able to love back our Creator, one day soon in the ultimate place in heaven. So the Creator is creating lovers/friends in His own image to have a loving relationship with His own kind.

Food for thought:

A lie cannot exist without truth but truth can exist on it’s own. Question; Is every man a liar? YES. So if every man is a liar there must be ONE who is true. Who is He then? Pray and ask the creator. He will show you Himself. That is what I did. And I know I am a (+) to love Him back for what I was created for. I hope I could shed some light in your quest.

Pray and ask Him all your questions.


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I believe we are still being created and creation never ends...there is no "were". Creation is of itself a purpose and that is why whatever we choose to call God, Source or Mind creates, because it MUST. Just as a painter paints, a writer writes, God/Source/Mind creates and as we are created by this, we too must create; because we are creation and creator, then it follows that we are God/Source/Mind as well and through our minds, we continue the mandala or web of creation.


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Awaken to Spirit

I believe that we came here to grow and expand. For each individual the lessons will be different as each Being has different areas in which they need to grow. However, we are all part of the Whole or All That Is and are interconnected with everything and everyone, so when one of us expands and grows- The Whole benefits. Our purpose then would be to ensure that each day we are learning and growing in some way, and God or All That Is benefits from this expansion.


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lol ... great question ... my contribution...


(well that is why I decided to have a child - turned out very well, she is very beautiful and I love her to pieces - nothing I wouldn't do for her if I thought if would benefit her)


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Quit wasting time on what god or any other such mythological being might think.

Just live your life the best that you can. Love your family and friends. Be good to people.

Get a dog. Take care of your dog. Your dog will love you unconditionally.


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GOD the Alien

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