Consider: And are the talents given to each person based upon their ability to perform these tasks, or responsibilities, or because God had a very special purpose in mind for each of these persons to do for him?

The idea for this question came from reading Matthew 25: 15

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The word talent in the Bible is not a talent like we know of, a natural gift, a talent was a measure (weight) of money, a coin. After reading questions and answers and answering questions here on IQ, I have discovered some things. When I read things that ring true with what I have read in the Bible, I get very excited and think on it and look things up and do word studies, investigate these thoughts and ideas. I certainly do not want to write things that will mislead anyone. My thoughts have changed several times over the years and right now, this is what I think. I read in Dynamic Thought some things that got me thinking about this talent story.

In this chapter of Dynamic Thought, the author, Henry Thomas Hamblin, talks about positive thoughts and traits attracting more of the like. My current belief on this is that the talents are positive thoughts of faith, courage, strength, etc... that led them to an action that would produce more of the same kind. If we bury the positive thought, it can't lead to actions that will produce fruit. The more positive thought that was given, the more positive thought was produced, attracted. The less positive thought, the harder it is to produce more. But when we understand that the power is in us, then that strengthens our faith and produces more good thoughts, the kinds of thoughts that produce good works.

In this chapter the author talks about the good and the bad things that can happen if you invest in your positive thoughts, faith, or bury them and try to succeed without them.

In this chapter the author talks about the type of person who is led to action and the type that buries their talent. I guess I won't keep adding links because there are many chapters that deal with this. But if you read this book, it will help you to understand several of the parables. Scriptures just kept popping in my head as I read this book. Not the location in the Bible, but the stories came to mind. A definite recommended read.


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I have made some of the same discoveries that you have made, and it just goes to show you how every is connected in some form or another, even in other peoples’ teaching, and perspectives. I am very impressed with your answer, and your comparison using the book “Dynamic Thought.” It is one of my favorite reads. Thank you.

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This is on the surface about money and investing it or using it wisely to grow. There is another meaning that we must use what God gives us, in this using what we receive grows.

God gives us gifts as we grow in God the gifts grow so we can handle more and thus are given more. We must use what we are given though, if I know how to play the guitar (as I do know) but I do not play I lose that ability because I am not exercising that ability.

The more you use your muscles to lift things they grow, as I play my guitar my playing improves, what is used and appreciated grows. But if we receive a gift and put it away never to use it it diminishes, it gathers dust and mold until you go to pull it out and find it is worthless now. If a samurai sword is not taken care of oiled and powered it will grow rust and ruin.

God rewards us with more the more we appreciate what we are given, a kid gets a bran-new bicycle, the first thing he does is takes it out for a ride he does not put it away so nothing happens to it, he enjoys it! God wants to see us enjoy what he gives us, he doesn't want to see us put away what he gives us. If you gave a gift to someone you would not want to see them put it away so nothing happens to it, you would want to see them happy with it and use it otherwise you'd feel like why did I even bother to give this person a gift in the first place he/she doesn't appreciate it.


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Great answer, and I love the examples that you have shared, thank you.

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You are very welcome Vee I am glad to help. :-)

(02 Aug '11, 01:53) Wade Casaldi

Excellent answer, the most powerful gift you can exercise is your own wonderful human imagination

(02 Aug '11, 08:58) AboveBelow

Thank you Kings Mind yes I like that too. :-)

(02 Aug '11, 13:55) Wade Casaldi
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it may be that the story alludes to each of us having our own individuality,
being measured in talents as opposed to other attributes,
yet each, no matter where we start this life, has the responsibility to continue to build upon or grow


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You have made a very valid point, especially in your last sentence, I agree, and this is why I post my questions because I learn so much more from the answers I get. Thank you.

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Here is a link to a lecture by Neville Goddard called 'The Talent' Enjoy :)


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Great story, I can remembering reading this story many years ago, but here is a part I copied that is very meaningful, and that anoints my inner self: “every individual in this world has been given the greatest talent imaginable, which is the gift of God Himself as their human imagination.” Thank you for the link.

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my answer may seem a bit radical, because i will talk about free will, but i must say that along with free will, i have utmost feelings of surrender towards god. there is nothing like god-given gift or anything. god never gives anything. you earn everything through your effort and thoughts. even if god showers his grace on you, you 1st have to earn it. some people may be born talented, but that doesnt mean that it has been given by god (although everything is really given by god to us in principle). why one feel something to be a god gift is because people dont see beyond life and death. a child becomes a prodigy not because god loved him as his one and only son, but because in his past life, the impressions of the particular art were very strong and prominent on his subconscious mind. when a person dies, he leaves behind everything but the spirit takes with it the mind with all the impressions. just like in case of accounting, when the year ends, you close the books, take a new book and carry forward just the balance of the previous book ( and not the individual items), similarly, in the new body, the basic summed up mind from the previous life comes and the impressions are carried fwd. this is why one does not remember the past life. but as one who has access to the previous record books of accounting, can go and open the previous books to see the indivisual items, similarly a yogi has the authority to go and review the individual events of the previous lives. so here there is no scope for a talent to be a special gift from god, as the person himself earned it. and why to talk about previous lives, when we are kids, we are so uninhibited and bold. but when we grow up, some people become so submissive and shy. for them, the ones who are really bold, uninhibited, assertive, will seem to be more talented as if they are gifted. but actually, the ones who go into the shell were themselves not able to control and handle negative emotions like embaressment, failure, supression etc.


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There is no god.

No there really is no God. Wake up!


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I love that some can't accept that there is no god. How bout I say that the universe is affected by how many times humans clench their right fist? And when it just so happens that when a lot of us clench our fist at once on the planet, disasters happen? That is just as logical as assuming their is a god. There are an infinite amount of reasons to what happens in the universe and people that believe in god picked ONE that can not be proven.

(31 Jul '11, 11:22) you

I'm guessing (obviously) but they might have voted down that you didn't really answer the question being asked rather than the actual comment about God. I usually don't get involved with questions that contain presuppositions that I don't agree's usually a frustrating experience for all concerned to answer questions that are not being asked :)

(31 Jul '11, 12:28) Stingray

You are so right. I should know better.

(31 Jul '11, 15:24) you

Hey you, Great to hear from some one with intelligence on here. I find it funny that the religious folks have to believe that this god thing has something to do with every small little fiber of life. It makes their small world seem more important if "god" is there to guide them. That way if they fail at something, it was in "god's plan". They didn't do anything wrong, "god" has a far greater plan for them. blah blah blah

Some things just happen, That's all.

(24 Oct '12, 14:08) GOD the Alien
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