I was reading this question and went to the link in it, and read about they analytical meditation. It sounds a lot like thinking about something, especially the kinds of things/concepts we discuss here. I don't do any ritualistic meditation, I just think about stuff and analyze it, ask questions about it in my head, find answers in my head, etc... So, what is the difference between thinking about something and meditating on it?

asked 06 Jan '12, 10:13

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Fairy Princess

Meditation puts your brain into slower waves, and is beneficial to the body and mind. And the lack of input such as interrupting thoughts, light, sound, and etc helps with concentration for many, and aids in the internalizing of the idea.


answered 06 Jan '12, 20:00

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LeeAnn 1

the difference is in the depth of understanding. just thinking is with the brain. but in meditation it is with the mind. in deep meditation it is over duality to understand the real meaning(all the truth about the object of meditation). and what is the first thing to know? know your self. experience and enjoy.


answered 06 Jan '12, 11:30

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white tiger

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