How did the Universe come into existence? How did man come into existence? How did everything in the Universe come into existence?

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If your premise is that there is no God, then the answer must be evolution.

It's possible. Four billion years (the age of the earth) is a really long time. A lot can happen during that length of time, including the creation of self-organizing molecular systems. Once this occurs, life is probably inevitable, assuming favorable conditions.

We know that natural selection (the process by which evolution takes place) is a scientifically proven fact. Yet the exquisite detail by which life on earth is attuned to its environment suggests an underlying order or intelligence, not design by random chance.

A common criticism of natural selection is "how can it produce novel complex useful structures by pure random chance?" Darwin's answer to this "difficulty", (which he actually raised himself), was that selection is NOT a random process, and furthermore, it is cumulative, which he ably explained. Unfortunately, these facts are seldom included in typical classwork on evolution.

There's a really good introduction to the science of earth history here:


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Ves, I must say when I was studying, and I was in College, I was quite intrigued with Darwin theory of Evolution. Thanks for the links, it will keep me busy for some time!

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well i dont no about others beliefes but i personally DO belive in god(of course) and my position on the bible is that it was INTENDED to be his holy perfect word but as humans hands touched it, his words became lost and misinterperted. but i still do belive that the bible contains a high abundance of truth (ide say at least 90 percent).



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well put there Mebb +1

(21 Feb '10, 08:18) Wade Casaldi

Especially the Gospels.

(21 Feb '10, 16:05) Asklepios

Yes it is a fact, some of the Bible scriptures have been misinterperted. Great answer Mebb.

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Most people, I believe, don't draw a line of definition and then stay contained within it. For example, I have never met God. And I love what the sciences and logical approach has given to us. But I am not an atheist, and I don't believe that science is the only yardstick of measure of the unknown.

I prayed to a power beyond myself and it answered! I asked for guidance and it guided! But I didn't get answers or guidance every time I tried it. So what do I do? You can't dismiss that which works, even if it doesn't work every time.

So there must be something or someone somewhere that is greater than us. What is wrong in blaming that someone for being responsible for everything that we cannot figure out, within our rather limited framework of "advance knowledge"?

So until Natural selection can give me the "goose bumps" of the experience that it is the correct explanation for how we came to exist, I will keep blaming it on the unknown factor that I keep referring to as God; a term that already existed before I was born.


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One of the greatest accomplishment in life: is to know thy self, and to stay firm in your beliefs! The remarkable thing is: we have freedom of speech. Great answer The Traveller.

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Excepting the first "impulse - the primary Creation - the presence of GOD don't exclude the evolution and EVOLUTION don't exclude God. The coherence of actualy content of Universe is a very strong argument for the primary Creation by a Creator Who conceived this evoluating universe, (on my opinion). The expression of conceiving is the inspirated "Word", as symbol of information, thought, mind, plan, model, soft, pattern, or other from this category, (name you by your prefference), but including the propension, the potential for selfdevelopment, using for this the tools of adaptation, stabilization of useful transformation required for surviving and finaly taking over them into genetic code. The diversity of forms of evolution is pending of the different local condition (climate, environment, geostructure and offerihgs, flora and fauna, food resources, etc.), but preserving as roots the essence of Divine program. In this way selfcreated species survivrd or not, because the attributes and adaptation-able potential, on the course of dramatical experiences of Earth evolution. The Universe don't take squandering, nor of matter, neither of energy.

About Bible: I think the Bible is also conceived by God, but writ by any human under the inspiration from God (revelations, to write under dictation, channeling, etc.) If the telepathy communication is possibly to the humans, than the God surely finded a way for transmitting His thoughts directly into mind of an choused man. Lately, submissive under the influence of his big Ego and eager for power over other people (to manipulate and submite), some humans "decided to decide" instead God the meanings of Bible's messages to the humans, excluding some parts from original writtings and taking some changes in remained text Adding the transcriptions and translations, which with other nuances over the originale meanings, it appears as explicable the presence of confusing passages, inadvertences, etc. More or less deliberated, in Bible was installed the fear of Divine punition, as unvanquished powerful argument. The main changes were operated by the* Coucil of Niceea* in year 325 after Ch., by initiative of Constantin, emperor of Roman Empire. The excluded parts were preserved for the usage of only some cultivated, or prelates, maybe teachers from the Schools of mysteries.


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