Here Stingray talks about an "unconscious ceiling" of money you have. I do not know what else to call it so I will just use the same term Stingray has used. I personally have experienced this situation a couple of time (whenever I spend a lot of money on something, somehow a large chunk of the money will come back in various ways till I am close to the amount of money I have comfortable with.)

Stingray suggests that one could look into Manifesting-Experiment 4 to examine his own beliefs about money and tackle it head on, but what if one wants to raise his "unconscious ceiling" by a certain or fixed amount? For instance, maybe one knows that his "unconscious ceiling" is around 1 million dollars, but what if he wants to raise it to 2 million dollars? I just can't see how Manifesting Experiment 4 would help since you won't specifically be saying that I want/need 2 million dollars, but rather just cleaning up your own beliefs about money.

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Here's what you do.

Let's say you make 1 million dollars a year right now and you want to increase it to 2 million dollars a year.

You first discover roughly what your unconscious ceiling is.

Do this by choosing a level of income that is well within your belief system, say $10,000 a year.

Get yourself into a relatively calm, neutral frame of mind in a quiet place so you can give your full undistracted attention to yourself.

Now simply make a statement to yourself (out loud or in your mind) like...

"I'm going to make $10,000 this year".

There will immediately be a reaction of some kind within yourself to that thought, either positive or negative....perhaps a good feeling or bad feeling.

If you're used to receiving inner impulses, the reaction will be obvious. If this sort of inner dialogue is new to you, it may be a very subtle response but it will still be there if you look for it.

Good-feeling indicates that the thought is in alignment with your current beliefs.

Bad-feeling indicates that the thought is not in alignment with your current beliefs.

You might even get the response in the form of a phrase that pops into your mind such as "Yeah, right, no chance!" (if negative) or "No problem!", if positive. Or perhaps (if you are a visual person) you might sense a bright color for positive, a dark color for negative. Probably different people get their reactions in different shouldn't be hard to figure out what your personal reactions are.

After making the statement, don't spend minutes thinking about how the money will come, take the first immediate reaction you get.

With a $10,000 statement of belief, when you are currently making $1 million, it should be a positive response...because you totally believe that statement.

Now increase the statement values by some amount of your choosing.

You could say, for example:

  • "This year I'm going to make $100,000" - positive response
  • "This year I'm going to make $500,000" - positive response
  • "This year I'm going to make $1,000,000" - probably a positive response, unless you feel this year was unusual
  • "This year I'm going to make $1,250,000" - maybe still a positive response
  • "This year I'm going to make $1,500,000" - let's say a negative response

That negative response tells you that you have now made a statement of belief that your belief system is not comfortable with. Remember that you are taking the first immediate reaction only - don't sit there analyzing how you are going to make the money.

Because your reaction to $1.25m was positive and your reaction to $1.5m was negative, your unconscious ceiling is somewhere between the two. I guess if you really wanted, you could narrow it down further to find a specific figure.

Now you have a concrete, specific limiting belief to clear up using your favorite belief-changing method.

The concrete limiting belief you are holding in this case is something like "I don't believe I can make $1,500,000 this year".

Now you can clear up this limiting belief and perhaps now your unconscious ceiling is $1.75m a year. If that's not enough for you, you can repeat the process if you wish.

You may find you reach a point where you just cannot move your belief past a certain amount. In that case, you are just going to have to live with it for now and let your life settle down around that new ceiling. You need to let your life acclimatize to that new level so it becomes familiar and easy to you and then at some point in the future, when you are totally comfortable with that level, you can try increasing your ceiling further using the same process.

There is another easier way to discover your concrete limiting beliefs and that is just to look around yourself at your life right now.

Your entire life is an exact reflection of your current beliefs.

If your girlfriend keeps consistently turning up late for dates and you don't like it, you have a belief that says "She always turns up late for dates".

If your boss is always miserable and bad-tempered around you, you have a belief that says "He's always miserable and bad-tempered around me".

If you are always driving around battered old cars and you don't like it then it must be a match to what you currently believe...something like "I only deserve to drive battered old cars".

Hope you see what I'm driving at - no pun intended :)


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Thanks Stingray, some sort of pratical example was exactly what I was looking for (forgot to mention it in my first post).

(19 Jan '12, 19:45) kakaboo

maybe you could ask your financial trader friend to try this too and see how it works out for him :-)

(19 Jan '12, 19:46) kakaboo

@kakaboo - I haven't been in touch with him for years and he wasn't particularly receptive to these kinds of ideas at the time, though he was adamant that the US Stockmarket, at least, was heavily manipulated...a fact later confirmed by Abraham when I went to speak with them.

(20 Jan '12, 04:21) Stingray

@Stingray-I have felt some times when we go for shoping,we feel strange feelings about things a lil bit expensive than our usual purchase comfort zone.what if we clear that strange feeling about expensive things? can not this increase our purchase power?because i think this strange feeling keeps us locked in same circle so our unconscious mind stops us attarcting more finaces and better things.

(27 Feb '14, 02:01) Zee

@Zee - You might want to investigate a couple of Abraham processes that help you push beyond your "usual purchase comfort zone" and help you feel freer about spending (and thereby receiving). Those processes are the Prosperity Game and Wallet Process

(14 Mar '14, 06:11) Stingray
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This is not an answer to your question i would just like to share my experience.

Once i went to a secluded place to meditate, affirm and visualize having a lot of money right now. I did it continuously for one and half hours. After that i felt as though a layer from my head had been removed and my consciousness became very vast. I saw my self playing golf somewhere in Switzerland. I really felt like a billionaire, lol.

In the evening i got a hunch to contact my cousin for money i needed and it was successful. I did not make it practice to do this exercise everyday because the removal of a layer from head was a pleasurable experience, it was my reward.

alt text


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@Jaz-thank you for edit n picture...:)

(27 Feb '14, 03:32) Zee

yes i very much like what you are suggesting ... that this is a question of abundance rather than limiting yourself to monetary reward. whilst on this subject, the following video is very enlightening

(14 Mar '14, 07:30) jaz
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In Joe Vitale's free five easy steps to manifesting book Spiritual Marketing (The Attractor Factor) he had this same problem when he felt he could not make more money than his own father ever did. He had to use the clearing techniques outlined in his book to get rid of that belief.

I believe we all have this feeling that our father's should be more successful than we are after all we need to look up to our father's as a model for us to someday be like. But in passing off we lose that model and feel we now have no model to look up to for achievement, we in effect lost our guide rope.

Other limitations may just be what we have always experienced we feel we always will experience. So I am poor as I always was so I'll always be poor. That is a belief that we can never climb out of the hole we find ourselves in.

There is an up side when we read of people that were once homeless or near it like Joe Vitale, Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor and others that made it big it gives us a sense of maybe if they can I could too.


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Wade Casaldi

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