I understand that you can change your own beliefs about money on purpose. But what about the people who do not know about this and just live their lives normally? How is it that their beliefs about money can change over time naturally (without them knowing) even when they do not really tackle these belief systems 'head-on'?

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For me there were a few things. I never cared for money all my life untill I stated using drugs. Well obviously when you become an addict you have to have money to do drugs so then I cared, and when I started caring It became 1,000X harder to maintain and keep control of it, obviously because I was buying drugs that was a huge part of it too, but even after I had stopped for almost a year we got our lawsuit in. It was spent within a year and 3 months, over 467,000 u.s. dollars gone, and we were not using drugs until the last few months. We placed high value on it until we stopped using drugs for good. Once we needed no money because we owned our house and all of our needs were met, then I could manifest anything I wanted, BECAUSE there was no fear, anxiety and worry in if I could have it. Because my beliefs no longer said i NEED it and only that I wanted it for others or for fun, there was only love and possitivity in it, so it came to me with ease. THIS is the trick that is not expressed enuff . When people see this they will manifest with the best of them. Thank you. Hope it helped.

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We all have also a physical body living in a physical world subject to the law of attraction whether we are conscious of it or not ... so this question could be rephrased "what is the purpose of the law of attraction?"

Well, my "belief" is that the LOA is the most powerful law in the universe, it is at the origin of all physical matter and is always active ... this concept accepts that there is probably something way beyond our comprehension.

So what about a "normal" person's belief system ? Money is a symbol of energy, and energy movements are subject to the LOA which constantly puts us under tension, this tension is relieved when we follow the direction in which the LOA pulls, going against it creates greater tension and discomfort ... a normal happy person naturally changes over time simply by being happy and following the path of pleasure.

have a pleasurable day


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