Precisely, are there rules for us to follow, as to how we should think to ask a question from within a question asked originally by another member? If so, what are the rules for the second party, if he/she wants to ask a question from the first party original question?

I am under the premise that a second party cannot ask another question of the same nature, because the first party has asked the original question and that question is off limits, from another members of Inward Quest!

Please correct me if I am wrong to post another question pertaining to Manifesting Experiment -1, (originally posted by Stingray) based upon the first question asked by another member.

Is it a norm for us to dictate to each other when to ask a question from within another question posted, even if we feel inspire to ask that question?

I am confused!

It is my understanding that this site is run by its members, and we are allowed to edit, and correct information posted on this site, so why is it that we cannot ask a second question based upon the first original question? Is it true to say we all have the same rights on this site to ask questions, so why is it Okay for one member to dictate to another member what questions to ask, or to post?

What I find funny about this experience is the fact that we are all a part of the whole, we are all doing the same things asking questions that are important to us, so my question is what is so wrong about me asking questions that I feel inspired to ask, and post. Are we discriminating against each other, self expression, and free speech?

Inward Quest has the rights to close any question that is inappropriate, or offensive.

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There is a difference between asking a new question (when reading someone else's question provokes a new question in your mind) and asking a question about the original question itself. The first type is perfectly acceptable; the second type is discussed in my answer below.

(25 Feb '10, 01:58) Vesuvius

Vee: The rules for the website are here: - You can reach them at any time by clicking faq at the top of any page or frequently-asked questions at the bottom of any page. As Vesuvius has related, we have a separate discussion group for questions about the site itself, how it operates or any of the policies of the site. We have also provided members with social opportunities through Facebook and Twitter groups. The site itself we prefer to keep purely focused on relevant spiritual, mind-power or reality-creation questions. Thanks.

(25 Feb '10, 06:58) Barry Allen ♦♦

The question has been closed for the following reason "Question is off-topic or not relevant" by Barry Allen 30 Dec '11, 11:33

Hi, Vee.

A couple of observations:

  1. Your question about Manifesting Experiment 1 was more of a "meta" question (a question about a question or a question about the site). These kinds of questions can be posted at the InwardQuest Discussion Forum, here:

  2. This question is also a "meta" question, more appropriate to the InwardQuest discussion forum, so it is likely to be closed also.

Don't be offended. It's just that we like to keep the InwardQuest website free of this kind of chatter. That's why the creators of the website established the discussion forum for site-specific questions like this one.

History has shown that forums which are allowed to propagate this kind of meta chatter eventually degenerate into mud-slinging, name-calling slugfests. We don't want that to happen here, which is why the format for asking questions and providing answers is structured the way it is.

If you want to comment on a particular question (without actually answering the question), or ask for clarification, you can do so by posting comments below the question.

If you wish, you can post this question to the discussion forum, and I will be happy to copy-paste this answer there.

This answer is marked "community wiki".

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This site confuses me greatly too Vee - especially when comments on 'answer' #3 are attached to a prior post. I only picked up on that today. I usually just go to the last post to see what is happening.

Having comments posted prior to the answer which provoked the comment would make it very difficult for someone new to the thread to follow what is happening.


answered 25 Feb '10, 01:07

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The answers are sorted according to the votes received on each answer. The idea of this is that someone coming across the question sees the best answers first

(26 Feb '10, 07:46) Barry Allen ♦♦

Just to add to what Barry has said: If you wish to see answers in different orders, just click the tabs next to the Answer count at the top of the answers. The tabs say "Oldest", "Newest", "Votes"

(01 Mar '10, 07:42) John Sheridan ♦
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