And, how do we stay the course?

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I do not know at what point we are considered "fully awakened"- but I can tell you this: If you are asking the question, you are pretty much awake already!

Now, I am not being smart here! I know many people who have never even woken up- the highlight of these people's lives seems to be a new episode of their favorite TV show. Sad, but true. She goes to church more than I, but when it comes to spiritual matters, has no curiosity and no desire to "know" anything more than what she is told by her pastor.

So, what is being "fully awake"?

I think it is being aware of where your soul is all times. You know where you stand, you know your strengths and weaknesses, and you know what you need to work on to gain more spirituality. Remember, Buddha sat under a tree for years, looking for the answer to this question.

Universal truths? Do you meditate? Do you pray every day? Do you have a quiet time with God each day? Are you kind and loving at all times?

I think the answers to these questions should send you on your way.

But Brian, you are already there in some fashion!!! After all, you asked the question!

Blessings, Jai P.S. I know of only one person who "stayed the course" perfectly...that was Jesus (forgive me if you are not Christian; I do not know much about Islam, for example). He batted 1.000. I think we are doing well if we hit .850. Just my opinion! Jai


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I think once we have that first spark of awakening, there is no going back and we inevitably keep looking or stay the course. Personally I don't think there is a set of universal truths that give us the answer, but rather we are taken on a journey within to get in touch with our higher power, that shows us how to proceed on each leg of the journey if we just stop and ask for directions.The challenges along the way can be seen merely as detours and when we look close enough we will always see the direction to put us on the right road again. The truths and directions for each individual will be different - although the destination may be the same, the paths and roads chosen to get there may vary greatly - no one way any greater or faster than the other -just different.

Look within and try to live each moment as mindfully as possible and I don't think you'll go too far wrong.

We stay the course by making a decision to no longer believe the illusion and consistently endeavouring to look at everything and everyone through the lens of love.


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Look within and try to live each moment as mindfully as possible... Beautiful! It is great to end the day with such beautiful words. God bless you all!


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meditate lift the veil of the mind all of them! be in total reason in the truth! once that is done you will see the light!


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