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Reading Rules To Improve Your Discipline

Every day read for 30 minutes on your own time. Read a book of your choice. Choose a person to match your daily reading for 30 minutes. Send a copy of the pages you are reading by Email/ Link etc each day to your reading buddy.

Set up a time for reading, put your timer on for 30 minutes, and stop reading when the timer goes off. Read daily do not miss a day, continue these steps until you finish the book. You and your reading buddy must finish reading the book on the same day.

Important Rules For Reading A Book

Read the whole book at least once, before doing any of the exercises in the book; you will benefit more by reading the book first before doing the lessons.

After you have read the book at least once, with the help of your reading buddy, you should do the reverse for someone else.

You become the reading buddy for someone who needs help reading; after you have helped that person, let them do the same for someone else, and continue the process to pass it on, until reading becomes fun and effortless.

After you have finished reading your book, you can start your lesson and meditation as outlined in the book on your own time, and continue until you have completed each of the lessons.

Alert For Change

Challenge yourself to read without a buddy in about six months time, and learn to read on your own any time of the day, or night, and you will find that it is fun to read when you feel like it.

Volunteers To Do The Read With Me Program.

Do you want to volunteer for the Read With Me program? If so, please post your message.

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I think it is a great idea. I will for sure take part in it. However now it is the time for me to read obligatory books at school, but in a few months time I will be looking forward to this project.

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Thank you. This has been very helpful. It is important for us to find tools with which to use that can help within our journey. Reading can be inspiring, lead us to ideas we never considered, and also allow us to know that there are others who actually do think the same things we do.

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