Some beliefs say that there are multiple 'depths' of hell, for varying degrees of sinners. It's actually very common in the older 'versions' of monotheistic religions. One belief shared with me before was that the cosmic joke is judgement day passed eons ago, and now anyone we encounter is also in hell [since we're not in Utopia / The Garden of Eden / Heaven (the one with the streets of gold)].

They said that we could hop from circle to circle, and there were even legends of being able to hop from very specific "higher" circles up to a purgatory-esque realm where we could try to earn our right to get to heaven. [imagine that the circles aren't numbered and in a straight line up and down, but instead have names and are organized like a 3D ball pit.]

I was told that the easiest way to tell which hell you are in is to examine the most common traits in all of the people you encounter including yourself, because everything you see is a reflection of yourself. Even if they exhibit traits you don't believe you personally possess. The most common answers I get are the hell for masochists, the hell for liars, the hell for suicides, and the hell for false idols / false prophets / false gods / people who think they are god.

If I were to answer my own question I'd guess I'm probably in the martyr and/or false god hell, but I was told it can and regularly does change, so who knows.

Do you think this is true / false? And even if you don't believe it, just as a fun hypothetical would you be willing to pretend for a moment and answer anyway?

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@Snow - for me hell would be to be stuck in the center of the earth :)

(18 Feb '12, 10:35) blubird two

I'll be in management.

(19 Feb '12, 16:57) Paul 4
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I have gone through some rough times in my life but I would not consider it a "so called hell." I believe the word "hell" is a label people like to use when they feel lost and disconnected with who they truly are. Sometimes I think we put too much stock into what other people try and make us believe.

In my opinion, it's a label that produces weakness and self doubt. It's a made up phrase that humans conjured up to produce guilt, fear, and worry to keep other humans in line with what they think is right.

If you personally believe you are in a certain stage or circle of hell then that is your own belief. Nobody can take that away from you. Some people may try and sway you in a different direction, but in the end, you and you alone make the choice that works best for you.

I have been through severe depression, anxiety, social anxiety, etc., and I appreciate every single one of those situations. At one time I may have labeled them as a "hell," but now I can appreciate them as a growth experience. There is no need to put a label on them because those situations happened and I now choose to use them as a positive boost to improve my life. I choose to realize that positive growth happens when we are aware of the difficulties in our lives.

I am certainly not in a hell of any sort. If I want to put a label on my life, I would say that I'm in a "utopia of great contrast and beauty." I have the choice to decide how my life plays out and I don't care for labels made up by past human civilizations. I appreciate every positive and or negative experience I have in this life because I know I can learn something valuable from both perspectives.

I don't think much at all about being "in a circle of hell", because i'm having too much fun being in a circle of heaven on earth!


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Your positivity is inspiring. =)

(18 Feb '12, 06:15) Snow

@Cory- Excellent answer! I agree, as you will see...<3 Jai

(18 Feb '12, 06:27) Jaianniah

Well said Cory :)

(18 Feb '12, 21:52) Michaela
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since hell is not a place,
it must be where ever you imagine it
a trip to the center of mother earth
and then up to father sun
gains one the completed knowledge
for spiritual awareness.
the circle of choice for me


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@fred - love it, thanks :)

(19 Feb '12, 03:16) blubird two

Snow... There may be a "hell" of a situation that we find ourselves in if we betray the trust of our confiding friends or abrogate the laws of living...

But, for those of us who are sincere and deliberate in their efforts to make progress in life... there is no circle of hell to encounter -- here or hereafter.

We are all on a journey -- a path of growth -- that has been chosen by God and approved by each of us personally... We are moving forward by way of ascending psychic circles: inward and upward, through a very logical and systematic process that will always directly reflect our level of achievement: in growth, intelligence, psychic-intuition, wisdom and successful accomplishment.

It is not an arcane or complex process...

We simply reap what we sow.


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The Prophet

I like how you phrase your ending. People do have a nasty habit of making life out to be a whole lot more complicated than it is. ^_^

(18 Feb '12, 14:44) Snow

Snow, as long as you seek: order, loyalty and truth -- you are FREE to live your own life, your own way... sincerely and without fear... Start now!

(18 Feb '12, 14:53) The Prophet

Hell really exists, and it is Eternal damnation and torment that never ends. Hell is as far from God as a person can get. People have had Near-Death Experiences of Hell. These people have been there. Hell is nothing to "toss around" for discussion, in my opinion.

I agree with Cory.

Also, If you are a believer in the Abraham-Hicks Emotional Guidance Scale, the lowest level is this: 22: Fear, Grief, Depression, Despair, and Unworthiness. (This scale was published in the book, "Ask and It Shall Be Given", by Esther and Jerry Hicks.) This scale directly links to Manifesting and the Law of Attraction, which many of the people on this site choose to practice to a greater or lesser degree.

That being said, I have been on Level 22. I have been in all those places. They do not describe well enough what I experienced as a child in the hands of my Satanic Abusers who tortured and terrified me. Even though I experienced the deepest and lowest level a person can reach on Earth, I still would not compare it to Hell. This is a huge statement. Despite my abuse, I still had an awareness that I was connected to God. That connection saved me from total insanity. I no longer fret over this memory; I only mention it to point out that there are millions of people who are living hellish lives right here on Earth. I will not list these places and people; just watch and really listen to the news.

Snow, I am sorry. Your question, at least to me, is not entertaining or something to even postulate.

From a purely Christian perspective, and what Christians believe, is this: When Satan tempted Eve, and Adam, the contract between God and Man was broken, and the World was given to Satan to rule. Period. The only way to escape this situation is to believe in Jesus, and that He reconciled those who believe in Him back in a contract with God. This is all Biblically correct. People say they are "saved" because they no longer belong to Satan's rule on Earth. They will never see Hell.

However, I am an American. I believe in Freedom of Speech. "I may disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." (Evelyn Beatrice Hall, 1906)

I hope you get the answers you seem to want. I am sorry I could not give you what you wanted, Snow.



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Wade Casaldi

Don't apologize for providing an answer to a question.. That's the only response I'm looking for? lol.

Much of the time when I ask questions I simply want to know where people stand and why. Where it is they actually stand and its relation to my own stances doesn't bother me at all.

Your response was honest, and so extremely valuable. If I post a question saying "how do you feel about this concept" and you say "I think it is crap", I'm still going to appreciate your answer. No worries. ^_^

(18 Feb '12, 14:47) Snow

@Snow LOL Next time I disagree, I'll save the lecture, and just tell you you are full of it....Hahahahaha This will save me time to do my homework like I am supposed to be doing....Jai

(18 Feb '12, 21:12) Jaianniah

Tell me I am full of it? Wait what? lol. My personal beliefs are very different, I believe we are actually in heaven as we speak and we should be working to make it nicer, but that is another story!

I make a habit out of seeking people who are in to religions, the occult, aliens, etc. A lot of them have very interesting things to say. While I don't personally agree with all of it, I find there is very useful information to be found if one is willing to be open to it.-

(19 Feb '12, 02:02) Snow
  • So when I ask questions like this it is more of a "I heard this belief, concept, etc. What do you think of it?"

I try to emphasis referring to "beliefs" that are shared with me, implying they are from an outside source and are not my own beliefs. I'll try to be more clear from now on. ^_^

(19 Feb '12, 02:04) Snow

@Jaianniah - lol with you! "Next time I disagree, I'll save the lecture, and just tell you you are full of it" I said WTH when I read the question; but at least you scored a few points for your effort & made me laugh.

(19 Feb '12, 02:08) ele
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Ideas can be innocent until they infect the thinker.

The real hell is to exist within analysis instead of inspiration.

Before every thought is inspiration, and within the analysis of that inspiration is thought.

To answer your question I have to believe that I am in hell.

My inspiration tells me not to do that.

I used to believe that this earthy existence is hell until I was inspired to let that perspective go.

In the change I experienced I realized the power within ideas.


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The Traveller

Hell is not having a point of reference. Hell is a self creation of torment. Physical torment is nothing to the torment of the soul.


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The Knights Alchemy

Your first sentence is very compelling... =)

(20 Feb '12, 04:14) Snow
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