I often find myself wondering about this. Jesus said, "Store your treasure in Heaven". But what if there is no Heaven, and when we die, that is it? Would it change how people live if they believed this way? Would life on the planet improve? Wade and I were talking about this, and he thinks that everything on Earth would degenerate. What do you think?

I truly do wonder about this, so I hope that you will dig deep on this one.

Thanks! Love and Blessings, Jai

Note: I revised this question because I think it is worthy of more debate. I Hope you don't mind! Jai April 7, 2013

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Thank you all for the great, thought-provoking answers!>>>>>>>

(18 Jun '11, 18:52) Jaianniah

"Wade and I were talking about this, and he thinks that everything on Earth would degenerate. What do you think?" lol! me, thinks no! haha @Jai if you want to know what IQ members think, why don't you ask a new question in the form of a poll.

(07 Apr '13, 04:13) ele

Between you & me, Wade's right. Don't tell him I said so. It's a secret.

(07 Apr '13, 06:49) ele
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Heaven and Hell are both to be considered in this as they are polar opposites. Anyway, I recently come to believe that heaven and hell are within you right now. This is not my thought, I think its from the bible somewhere but I am far from being able to quote or state where. So, if you think deeply about this it makes sense. If you are living a life of peace, happiness, joy, love, etc then you are in heaven right now. If you are in despair, carrying a cross, have hatred, rage, etc then you are living your life in hell.

Life is meant to live today, if you are living your life in heaven then you will be joyful, loving, happy, peaceful. What great states of mind to be in.

"Store your treasure in Heaven". Store them in yourself as your storage house will give you great happiness, joy, peace, and love. And since like attracts like or due to the Law of Attraction you will continually experience the sense of being in heaven.



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Jim 1

Another Great answer! Thanks!>>>>>>>>>>>>

(18 Jun '11, 18:51) Jaianniah

Are you the same Jim that used the Andy Kafmen photo before, if so welcome back. If not welcome Jim. Either way you are welcomed here.

(19 Jun '11, 01:52) Wade Casaldi

No, I'm not that Jim and thanks for the welcome!

(19 Jun '11, 13:40) Jim 1
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Living in the present moment and loving your neighbor could really improve life on Earth. I think different people use the belief or non-belief in the afterlife as a way to justify being nice or not nice.

Love and Light


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I am starting to think that we create heaven and hell with our thoughts. If you notice that the actions in the New Testament that define sin, are mostly thoughts and feelings, some are actions taken on these negative thoughts and feelings toward another. Also the things that lead to heaven, or the kingdom of God, are positive feelings and emotions and ways to treat others. It says to think on things that true and lovely.

As we know here on IQ, thoughts create our pain and ailments, or our joy and happiness. If we put these together, we can see that we create our heaven and hell. If our treasure is in heaven, and God is in our hearts, then heaven is in our hearts. If we store up treasure in heaven, we are storing up good feelings and thoughts. We can pull up those good feelings any time we want. So when we do good things, instead of shouting it off the rooftops for others to pat us on the back, we can internalize it and feel good now and any time we want to call up the good feeling. Also, the Bible says that we reap what we sew, so if we sew good deeds, we will reap good deeds. Maybe not right away, but some day, somebody will do a kindness to us. This is storing up treasure in heaven. This is a very new idea for me and I discovered it on my own by combining ideas I learned from various people, so I am glad to have a chance to discuss it with others to get their input on my idea.

Bruce Lipton in his work as a microbiologist discovered the eternal nature of our cells. Whether we live in heaven or hell for eternity, or reincarnate as another person, or an animal, I don't know, but we are eternal.

Peace and blessings,


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Fairy Princess

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What a great answer! Thanks!>>>>>>>>>

(18 Jun '11, 18:50) Jaianniah

very true fairy princess! you understood what many did not keep it up!

(20 Jun '11, 03:45) white tiger

I am surprised to find you asked this question Jai but I know it is inquisitive not based on your belief but something to spark thought and get people thinking about their beliefs. All this plus I know someone you know that does believe this.

If everyone were to not believe in an afterlife then they have free-rein to do whatever they want with no thought of consequences. They could break all the laws of Moses as long as they avoid getting caught by the police and feel no consequences. They have no spiritual goals because now improving spiritually becomes a moot point. Why put all that lifetime of work into developing to a spiritual master if when we die we won't exist anymore? This thought turns everything spiritual into a falsehood that is unproductive to life. The only thing that would matter is self-survival and thriving into a comfortable, successful, and enjoyable life. Consideration for others becomes a moot point because everyone takes care of themselves. This started out with the negatives and seems to end with positives at least for people that use it is a positive way to take the time to better themselves financially and materialistically. The more I examine this, the more I understand my Society of Secrets, and why they are so against mysticism, and so for human life improvement.

I do now see that the entire spectrum of mysticism is based on if there is something more than this life, something higher or greater. But if not it all falls apart as something unproductive of our time that keeps us poor and unhappy. I just had a big clash of my beliefs, I'll have to meditate on this- it could go into the concept of the God-Man which Jesus was trying to teach us about ourselves.

This could be a stumbling block or a point of enlightenment, things like this often are depending on how taken and willingness to grow or stay or even see the enemy revealed. Whichever it ends up to be, it will awaken an area of thought not before explored.


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Wade Casaldi

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Thank you for this great answer- I WILL meditate on this!!! Love, Jai

(18 Jun '11, 18:49) Jaianniah

wade the error that you do is that mysticism is not belief it is direct experiance! what if i tell you wade that jesus was a mystic because mystic mean direct experiance of god! does that change your view?

(20 Jun '11, 03:34) white tiger

The mystic interprets the world through a different lens than is present in ordinary experience, which can prove to be a significant obstacle to those who research mystical teachings and paths. Much like poetry, the words of mystics are often idiosyncratic and esoteric, can seem confusing and opaque, simultaneously over-simplified and full of subtle meanings hidden from the unenlightened. To the mystic, however, they are pragmatic statements, without subtext or weight; simple obvious truths of experience. One of the more famous lines from the Tao Te Ching, for instance, reads:

(20 Jun '11, 03:36) white tiger

My words are very easy to know, and very easy to practice; but there is no one in the world who is able to know and able to practice them.Theistic, pantheistic, and panentheistic metaphysical systems most often understand mystical experience as individual communion with God. One can receive these very subjective experiences as visions, miracles, dreams, revelations, or prophecies, for example. Going beyond natural theology (theologia naturalis) to direct experience of God is mystical theology (theologia mystica) or, as Thomas Aquinas defined it, "experiential knowledge of God".

(20 Jun '11, 03:41) white tiger

Yes that is why I mentioned the God-Man which the S.O.S. does believe in. This is something to account for my many experiences of the spiritual I have had over the years.

(21 Jun '11, 00:42) Wade Casaldi
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the author of this verse in the new testatment is proposing where the efforts of mankind ought to be directed,
heaven vs. earth, light vs. darkness, inwards vs. outwards,
just where are the treasures of our destiny


answered 18 Jun '11, 11:15

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in the choice we make of course fred!

(20 Jun '11, 03:46) white tiger

white tiger, our choices do have consequences. that is part and parcel of nature. what is considered a treasure is usually a value judgement. a choice may be made due a value judgement, unless you consider all of your choices as treasures. the ones in heaven (spiritual choices) are less if at all vulernable to thievery, therefore more practical and cosistent with the destiny of nature.

(22 Jun '11, 01:22) fred

There is no right or wrong answers in answering your question, it is of course a personal choice for each of us, therefore, you get to decide based upon your own religious or non- religious beliefs.

However, the Bible teaches from the dust we came, and unto the dust we shall return, and that indeed is the one truth we all have in common, but the Bible also teaches, that when Jesus return all soul shall rise up from the dead, and judgment will be cast upon us for our sins, and redemptions, some of us will go to Heaven to live eternally with God the Father, and some of us our soul will go to the pits of the fire of Hell for all eternity to burn with Satan, therefore, the treasures you speak of is our eternal life in heaven with God the father to live forever in heaven, of course, only if you believe in the Bible Scriptures and the beginning, and the ending of God’s creation!

So in essence you are your own best judge, and as the saying goes to live is to experience life, and death uncontested!


answered 18 Jun '11, 20:41

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Inactive User ♦♦

choice vee always choice! and yes you are going to experiance it all!

(20 Jun '11, 03:48) white tiger

if you as counscience are here to experiment life and there is no time limit to you should you not try to have the best experiance you can always? you make choice don't you if you make choice in this realm or the next and you are not limited by time where is heaven and hell in this realm or the next or a mix of all of it? because as counscience you experiance all of it always! so stop believing and experiance and have the best experiance that you can learn grow and enjoy! yes if everyone would do this in harmony it would be better on the planet! is that deep enuff for you?


answered 20 Jun '11, 03:27

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white tiger

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