Abraham says that people come to this physical world to experience contrast. Contrast, by definition, implies a difference.

It is said that there is no evil, only the perception of evil. There is no good and bad, only someone's interpretation of what they consider good and bad. The unavoidable conclusion is that, from an ethical standpoint, everything is the same.

Some say that this world is just an illusion, and that true reality lies beyond this physical realm. Presumably, if you can achieve the kind of enlightened knowledge that allows you to see beyond this physical veil, then you would possess what some call magical powers.

But if you believe this, then you must surely believe that this physical world (and everything in it) is meaningless. For something to have meaning would be to suggest the presence of contrast, the existence of a value judgement.

So why come here at all? If you already know everything is the same from a value perspective, then what's the point?

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If I'm understanding your point correctly (and I'm sure you will not hesitate to correct me if I'm not!), then you are effectively saying that since we all know (at some higher level) that this physical world is just an illusion and nothing that happens really matters because of that, then what's the point of it all?

If so, here is my answer, and it's the same answer that others have already mentioned...it's for the experience of it.

In case anyone's wondering why I'm bothering to write an answer when there are already those I agree with here, it's because this question arose out of a discussion between Vesuvius and myself here so I thought it would be better to put my point of view in my own words

I think one of the best analogies I can come up with here is that of going to see a movie.

It has puzzled me for years why people go to movie theatres. You spend time and money in order to sit in a dark room with other people, have some pictures projected on a wall in front of you, and then leave.

But, while you are there, the experience can be enthralling. You can literally emerge as a changed person. Some movies that I have seen in my life have actually done that - I have come out a different person from the one who went into the theatre.

The whole thing is an illusion though. I know it's an illusion when I enter the theatre but I'm a willing participant in it...for the experience.

Life itself is meaningless, as you put it, since it's nothing more than illusionary projections of vibration. There is no good/evil, right/wrong etc in any of those projections other than the interpretation that we put on them.

But I think what you are saying is that because we know it's illusion and that we are interpreters of the illusion, then nothing that happens will affect us and so you won't experience contrast because experiencing contrast implies that you care about what's going on. And, I think you are saying, that you cannot care about an illusion.

Again, back to the movie theatre analogy, yes, there have been plenty of movies that I have almost fallen asleep in because they were so boring to me. And I certainly don't bother with horror movies at all because they seem absurd especially when you consider reality creation principles so they don't draw me in as being a plausible scenario I can vicariously experience.

But all of that is worth it in exchange for those certain movies where I feel completely engaged and immersed. You see then that there are value judgements going on even at those outside-the-movie-theatre levels because a movie that one might respond to, another might feel bored within.

We are not all the same when we are not physically incarnated. We still have our unique non-physical perspectives and preferences which translate into different physical perspectives and preferences.

Those preferences are what get activated by the illusion of life, whether we want them to or not, and those preferences are what generate the contrast that lead to the experience.

Does that get at the heart of your question?


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I had forgotten about the movie analogy in "illusions." (http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/4177/can-we-find-spiritual-enlightenment-from-television/4178#4178). It sounds like you like the word, "preferences" instead of the words, "laws", "rules" and "ethics." When we came here, we chose to "prefer" gravity?

(11 Mar '10, 14:30) Vesuvius

This physical platform we exist in has certain pre-agreed parameters to it - I would still call those laws not preferences. However, the platform only exists to provide a framework within which to mine the contrast using our preferences

(11 Mar '10, 14:50) Stingray

i loved the answer with movie analogy! Also while some of us may find a life a little boring according to lot of spiritual masters we still need to always make out best efforts to fulfill our lives as best as possibly. and to find that purpose and live it. and not to use that this is illusion as an excuse and sit back and accept fate.

(09 Dec '13, 17:05) abrahamloa
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The point is the experience itself. You can read about riding a bike, but until you feel the wind in your hair, and the burning in your legs, you don't know. Knowing is doing and experiencing. Wisdom comes after reflecting on the things that you know. We come to Earth, because we are after the wisdom which will be revealed after we get back. While I was in my twenties I travelled to the poorest countries in the world because I wanted to experience the contrast, so I would know for myself. When I came home is when I was really able to process and reflect upon how much I had grown. In turn, changing and growing and expanding again with this new wisdom. We are growth seeking beings; when we trust and allow.


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@Brian - I agree. For me, travel is all about experience and contrast, and growing in the wisdom of that broader perspective. I love it. :)

(09 Dec '13, 14:34) Grace

The way I see it is that through our life experience we come to know what we now want through the contrast of having the opposite of it or the lack of it. I used to think that the opposite of what I wanted was bad and what I wanted was good, but now I see that one is not possible without the opposite or the contrast of it. So in that sense, contrast is all good because without it everything is the same...

Additionally, without the desire created by contrast there can be no movement which equals death. So in this sense contrast is necessary because it inspires us to move.

I'm not yet at the point where I can definitely say why I'm here, but I believe that the only meaning something holds for me is the meaning I choose to give to it.

I feel that I'm currently here at this time to experience happiness and enjoyment in my life 8-)


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Wotif -

... we created the world and we must stay here till we learn that it is meaningless

... and when we learn that it is meaningless it will have served a purpose anyway, we would have learned that we are responsible for what we create

... this would mean that we had gained in Wisdom. First Understanding and then Wisdom.

(Maybe that is why Manifesting whatever we desire might not be such a good thing?)


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I still believe that manifestation, as magical as it seems sometimes, follows sound, logical principles, and that it is the exercise of those principles in the right way that is the beginning of wisdom. But you make some good points.

(10 Mar '10, 21:33) Vesuvius

With you all the way with "in the right way" - but my experience, with myself and watching others, is that forsight is not as 'vista-visioned' as hindsight. What sounds like a good thing now might have unintentional consequences? Does wealth, health, a love interest and unlimited free time produce happiness? Most think they do.

(10 Mar '10, 22:02) Inactive User ♦♦

Life is a paradox. Things are and they are not. We are here for a purpose and for no reason at all but the experience. We create the sense of purpose ourselves to give some meaning to our existence. We would not be able to participate in the game if we are not able to give some meaning to it. It makes it more intriguing. I think.


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Whether illusion or any kind of reality compared to our waking life and we perceive it through higher level of awareness and whether finally we will know that everything just the same, but finally, we will experience differences.

To that reality (whatever it is) could be addressed a meaningful because it introduces us feeling to love one to another and happiness with all the possibilities. It lets us to feel something. Whether it's bad feeling or good feeling, that's another story. Because it's subjective and it depends on the level of our awareness.

If we experienced the sameness (non duality) then it's meaningful because it's the treatment to make ourselves within balance. We are not only having understanding that there are non duality and duality, but experiencing both would balancing ourselves in any possible sides that relevant to ourselves

  • But, yes, your understanding of non duality without experiencing it or our understanding about duality and we reject the idea of non duality, then it could be addressed as meaningless if we don't want to experience it. Or at least, less meaningful then as should be, in the sense that we aren't exploring possibilities that could put ourselves better.

So: How do you experience contrast, if everything is the same? Just experience life relevantly depending on where we are and further we must try to experience our understanding about non duality to balance ourselves.

  • An understanding about whether all things just the same but it doesn't have to be considered as the reason for us to not having experiences. But it must be a trigger for us to aware that there is non duality and force us (through curiosity or any possible means) to explore and finally experience it.
  • So, both (non duality and contrast - duality) are not against one to another, in fact both understanding must lead us to experience both to stabilize our perception, and the whole within ourselves in such relevant ways to put us even more better to (closer to a complete balance while) experience(ing) life.

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