After answering Michaela’s question yesterday this new question came to me. In my opinion, this in itself is a classic case of the law of attraction in action...

From the perspective of having realized that we create our own reality, this new question arises: What has awakened within us that has allowed us to move from being unaware that we create our own reality to becoming aware that we do? In other words, are we more than we’ve been consciously aware of prior to our realization of our expanded awareness?

And could that new expanded awareness be the beginning of what’s referred to as
Christ Consciousness or Buddha Nature? What do you say?

asked 25 Mar '11, 06:33

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we are more than what most of us have been lead to believe, and there is always more to become aware of.

(26 Mar '11, 10:36) fred

This expand awareness of ourselves is certainly becoming more main stream and we are all starting to believe this for ourselves more and more. We were always creating our own reality but we are now believing and harnessing our inherent power. It's people like us that shine our Christ light for others to follow. It's people like us that are able to see the Christ light in every soul on the planet. The more we accept and allow ourselves and everyone to be, the more we all see that there are no limitations. We each have that Buddha Nature/Christ Conciousness within us and the more we practice the better at it we will become.

Love and Light


answered 25 Mar '11, 09:47

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Well put Brian! thank you

(25 Mar '11, 14:36) daniele

Thanks for being the light Brian :)

(26 Mar '11, 01:28) Eddie

I think this whole journey is about coming to that realization. The more we become consciously aware, the more we begin to realize our true potential and what may have previously seemed impossible now becomes acceptable. As our awareness grows and our mind opens, limitations and blinders fall away. We begin to access that sixth sense and our other five senses are heightened as everything seems new and alive.

We begin to live from this new state of expanded awareness and every day move closer to the realization of our authentic self or Christ consciousness.


answered 25 Mar '11, 18:32

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Good answer Michaela

(25 Mar '11, 21:30) Susan 1

Yo Michaela, awareness is the key :)

(26 Mar '11, 01:17) Eddie Don't be pissed for long:)

(19 Apr '11, 00:12) you
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I agree. Those words explains our awareness on a deeper spiritual and broader level. I think that we are at the starting gate, just getting ready to fully accept this expansion of our senses.


answered 25 Mar '11, 09:13

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The Knights Alchemy

Yes TKA, get ready for full re-awareness :)

(26 Mar '11, 01:12) Eddie

When you put labels upon the expansion are you not limiting it.
A realization of self and an acceptance of this removing of labels that have limitations is key to a greater expansion of self.
If we are going to put a label on it we might as well just call it "I"


answered 25 Mar '11, 17:06

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Of course you're right ursixx, but as thinking entities and at this general level of awareness, we still use words and labels as place holders for our minds and for communicating ideas. I believe the trick is not to get caught up in labels :)

(26 Mar '11, 01:08) Eddie

@Eddie , Exactly, does the bird need to know the label is wind that helps him fly? or the fish need the label water to swim? They just borrow from Michaela they are just aware.

(26 Mar '11, 05:52) ursixx

Your reality totally relies on your PERSONAL consciousness.

Personal Consciousness is your personal reality. Then there is Actuality the indisputable facts that we all agree upon.

When you say "What has awakened within 'us'"? mean 'us' as in the people on IQ, people similar to us? Because many more people are not doing what we are doing. Looking in.

I do not think there is a new expanded awareness. I think there are more of "us" are finding each other but the majority are still kind of zombied out to "Dancing with the American Bachelor Idol"

A lot of 'us' have learned that through personal investigation, we think and feel from a different kind of personal perspective.

Our personal perspective creates our personal reality (consciousness). Though 'ours' are similar, we all have a very different kind.

Here is the breakdown.

~We are Oneness.

~We all share common senses (ability to perceive physical and spiritual stimulation)

~We have a common ability to grow and survive.

~We are tribal with Nationalistic, religious, and political bonds.

~We all live at different "self awareness" levels.

~We all perceive things differently

~We all have different belief systems (systems as in complex and sometimes contradictory connections) based on our own personal perceptions.

~Our personal consciousness is based on those very beliefs from those perspectives.

~Our personal consciousness is our reality (vs actuality)


answered 25 Mar '11, 08:32

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edited 26 Mar '11, 07:44

Thanks Michael, can you expand your answer please?

(26 Mar '11, 01:30) Eddie

see edit please

(26 Mar '11, 08:00) you

Cool, thanks :)

(26 Mar '11, 12:33) Eddie
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When I was 20ish I wrote some poems. I haven't read them in years. The other day something reminded me of them, so I pulled them out and read them. They were very much in tune with the posts on this site. I guess I was putting things together on my own, but then I forgot about it and got caught up in the conventions of the world that don't teach these things, and so I forgot. I have had glimpses of this rememberance from time to time, but the world would suck me back in and I would forget. Also the Church teaches that these things are "New Agie" and there for "of the devil." This keeps many people away from even entertaining any ideas of this nature. So, I would say that we are all born with this understanding, but we unlearn it through the lies and fears of the world. Maybe that's what Jesus meant "unless you come to me as one of these little children," that we must come with an open mind to these things. Until we are aware of it and in control of it, our lives seem random and meaningless. It is the power of God at hand that allows us to do this, unless we forget.


answered 25 Mar '11, 14:48

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Fairy Princess

Thanks Juniper. Yes, the old 'fear of the devil' imposition; what a fantastic self-limiting tool. But now I'd love for those believers to realize that the only power the devil has is contained within their own consciousness. Bye bye Mr. Devil :)

(26 Mar '11, 01:26) Eddie
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