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Friday afternoon, not much work at work, reading work of Shakespeare I got inspired to give the knowledge an old-new coat. Short story based on Buddhist's wisdom and my understanding. Just for amusement.

Hello there Doug.

Hello George.

G: How are you doing ?

D: Alright, I guess.

G: You don’t sound very happy Dougie, what’s the matter?

D: Ah, it’s nothing, don’t worry.

G: Only nothing comes from nothing, not a sad mood. Tell me..

D: Well, it’s my hair

G: But you don’t have any remarks jokingly

D: sights …and that’s the problem.

G: What is?

D: Having hair is cool, you know!

G: Oh Doug. Where did you come to believe such thing?

D: stands there silently puzzled by George’s question.

G: continues… You see, you must have heard or read it somewhere, otherwise you wouldn’t believe it. And now your belief’s causing you to feel sad about your bald head. Bald is sexy Doug!

D: it is?

G: You bet, women find it very attractive.

D: It never occurred to me that way.

G: That’s because you were mourning about the hair you don’t have, you didn’t have time to notice it’s true.

D: I’m starting to feel better now.

G: smiles

D: Thank you George! You always know how to make me feel better.

G: You’re welcome Doug, but I was just kidding. Bald is not sexy at all.

D: stares at George not knowing what to say

G:But don’t you worry, having hair is not cool either.

D: I’m not sure I understand what you mean George.

G: You see Doug, whatever you choose to believe will become your truth. But at the same time, your own limitation. If you choose to believe that having hair is cool, you will feel sad. If you think bald is sexy you might get to feel happy. But if you believe neither, you will feel content with what is. And when you are content and in peace with everything, then you can choose to be happy from within, and not rely on things outside of yourself to bring you happiness.

D: thinks aloud …So it’s all the same and nothing really matters…

G: That’s right.

D: …and everything is alright as it is.

G: Exactly!

D: That means, I can choose to be happy just because…

wide smile appears on Doug’s face

George winks

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Barry Allen ♦♦

No I think it is a matter of the brain experiences, however beliefs are from the brain and so are the main contributing factor to the experience expected to be had. Furthermore the brain interprets the experience based on the beliefs held about the experience.

In this light we can see that everything about experience happens in the brain. The creative process is colored by the materials provided to create. Example give a child a coloring book and only two crayons, one blue and yellow, you can pretty much predict the picture will be blue and yellow because that is all the colors you have provided. The child may see three choices, white paper being the third choice. Now if he is willing to expand his mind more the possibility of shades comes in. Now even more mixing the colors he finds many types of green. Even with all of these expanded choices he is still limited by what he has so even in this freedom he is limited and can only expand so far. It is not until he receives other colors that he can expand beyond what he has.

Give a child Lincoln Logs to play with and you know he will build some kind of cabin because that is all you can build with Lincoln Logs. The same way we create experience by the materials we keep within our minds of possibility, if we only believe we have limited possibility we can only have limited possibility. We can not see any farther than we are willing to look and if we do not believe there is anywhere else to look we will only see what we are wiling to look at as the only choice there is.

We may try to get into a store building and find the door locked, we can give up and say well they must be closed today, then we return and find again the door locked we could do this again and again until we give up and say they are never open. That is one choice we could also go around the building and find that there is another door propped open with a welcome sign on it saying "OPEN."

It requires us to choose to think of other possibilities than we see before us. It requires us to think of the same situation from not our perspective, but what would this mean to others if I were this person or that person. In so imagining this we can come to great understanding but as well we can see the futility of our choice of experience over something. It can even become ridiculous to the point of laughter over what we were choosing to believe.


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Wade Casaldi

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BEAUTIFULLY PUT @Wade Casaldi! Increase options. The more options you have (requisite variety) the happier you are! Add more colors. Don't take away. Add.

(21 Apr '12, 05:06) Dollar Bill

@CalonLan thanks, glad to give you a best answer. :-)

(17 Jan '13, 17:22) Wade Casaldi

@Dollar Bill yes expand the vision to see ever greater potential. More options bring more awareness of opportunity.

(17 Jan '13, 17:24) Wade Casaldi
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Nice story - and makes a great point.

Every belief is both our servant and, eventually...if we don't let it go when we outgrow it...our master.


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There is a story in Avatar the way we came, the story goes: there was a farmer and he noticed a pumpkin laying in the mud when it was raining. He decided to put this little pumpkin in a jar to protect it from rotting. It was protected and did the job very well. The farmer forgot about the little pumpkin and it grew into the jar until he found it one day all rotted because he never removed the jar.

(21 Apr '12, 09:31) Wade Casaldi
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