As I have focused on feeling good this past year using the feel good processes, I have almost stopped using Stingray's manifesting experiment 1. Amazing as it sounds i struggle to come up with requests for the box,even though most of the requests I have put in have yet to manifest?

Thanks for reading:)

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Do we desire less as we get happier?

Well, next time you are feeling really happy, ask someone to hold a pillow over your face so you can't breathe and see if your desire for air has diminished at all :)

I think there's a couple of things to consider here.

Firstly, there is the cyclic nature of what we desire materially, which is what I think you are getting at. I'm sure your desire to breathe is still pretty strong :)

When we get a lot of stuff that we want (whether that is things we want to have, be or do, or even people to be with), I've noticed that there comes a time when we get a bit tired of it all. Life becomes a bit stale and boring. Then we tend to launch desires for more simplicity, less attachment to material things and just generally a peaceful, calm, uncluttered existence.

Then after a while of that (it may go on for years), that also gets stale and boring and we get back into wanting to get more engaged with physical life again and wanting lots more materially-based stuff again.

It's a cycle I've been through many times now and I think it's just part of our physical existence. It's a constant swinging of the pendulum back and forth between apparent simplicity (just being content with what we have, peace, quiet, solitude) and apparent complexity (wanting more stuff, more goals to achieve, getting more involved in life etc).

I don't think there's a right or wrong here. It's just life.

Secondly, as you generally stay in alignment with your broader self (i.e. you are predominantly happy), what you want starts flowing to you automatically at the right time anyway. When you can consistently reach those states of alignment, you don't need any processes to give yourself permission to get what you want - it just comes when it comes, and you know within yourself that it will come when the time is right.

So from that perspective, it's not that we desire less as we get happier, it's just that we trust in our own lives more. We make less of a fuss that we don't have something so we don't focus upon the lack of it in our lives so it just flows easily and effortlessly anyway and we probably don't even notice that it is doing so.

It's been my view for some time now that if people were to accept that Getting Happy Is Enough, we wouldn't need any manifesting processes at all because all our lives would take care of themselves...and I think this is where humanity is eventually headed.


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IQ is indeed blessed to have you here :)

(11 Jun '11, 12:35) Michaela

Thank you, Michaela - and I have to point out that IQ is blessed to have you here too :)

(11 Jun '11, 16:20) Stingray

Thanks so much for the answer Stingray.I feel better already.This feels right to me:)

(11 Jun '11, 17:44) Satori

Thanks Stingray :)

(11 Jun '11, 21:54) Michaela
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Upon the full realization that the present moment of NOW is all there is it makes sense if our only goal is one of being happy and feeling good in every moment. Our only power to decide and to choose who we’re being is in the now moment and everything happens now. Nothing happens outside of the
now moment.

The true purpose and benefit of all tools, including manifesting processes is really to raise our vibration and thus make us feel better and happier about our life. The happier we are and the better we feel, the faster all things we desire will manifest into our experience.

If we’re not already happy when things manifest, that implies an attachment to an outcome which we believe will make us feel better. However, happiness is a feeling that naturally comes about once we’ve understood and then actually practiced, through self-awareness, the art of living in the present.

The natural cycle of life, including manifestations being real ized is a wave. If our state of being is always one of happiness and feeling good whilst living in the NOW, we catch the wave and all things we desire and even things that we didn’t know we wanted but are more than happy to receive will manifest into our experience.

However, if we’re not consciously residing in the NOW, manifestations will either take a lot longer or will fail to be real ized, no matter what process we use. So do your best to step up your vibe and live in
the NOW :)

Desire is the engine that puts the machine into action. Nothing happens without desire. Our every movement is determined by our desire, we move towards this or away from that due to our desire. Due to our own expansion we always generate more new desires, not less desires. If that were not so the Universe would stop expanding and it hasn’t...

Finally, here’s a simple shortcut to manifesting. It’s really a re-minder that helps clarify what’s wanted and firms it up in our imagination, thus helping us to feel better and speed up manifestations:

Relax your mind – Then Visual ize - And Feel ize - To Real ize


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The surfer throws in a wave it ..and the answer

(12 Jun '11, 06:05) you

Feelize? a new word my friend? I'm in :))

(12 Jun '11, 06:06) you

Is it possible that desire is just another TOOL to learn from?

(12 Jun '11, 06:07) you

Thanks for that great answer Eddie.I'm sure I will read this through a few times.If were not happy Now when will we be?:)

(12 Jun '11, 16:24) Satori

Thanks Michael, I think we can learn something from everything...

(14 Jun '11, 01:09) Eddie

OK Martin, exactly :)

(14 Jun '11, 01:10) Eddie
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And do we desire less as we grow older?

Indeed your question is a good one, but are you saying after receiving most of what we desire and the happiness that it has brought to us, there is no need to continue to manifest our desire, because we are already happy with what we have, therefore, it is not an urgent need to desire more?

Frankly, in my opinion, I think our needs changes over time, and for each of us it is very different; overall happiness is a state of mind, an emotion based upon feelings, and certainly our emotions changes like the weather. So based upon a needy factor, no, we do not desire less as we get happier. There is a saying: the more money you make, the more money you will spend, and this is why it is also said that sometimes less is better than more!


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Inactive User ♦♦

Thanks for anwsering Vee.Appreciate your answer:)

(12 Jun '11, 16:31) Satori

No, more just seems easier to acquire.


answered 12 Jun '11, 23:40

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