"If you knew who walks beside you on this way, which you have chosen, fear would be impossible." - A Course in Miracles

I have come across this quote and many other vague assurances all my life, and I'm sure they are meant to be very comforting and reassuring, but to me, they are infuriating. This tells me nothing but that there is something really wonderful that I know nothing of. That drives me nuts!

So who and what are they? Why are they there? What do they actually do? Why are they interested in me? Can I talk to them? Will they answer? Do they love me? Why? No one ever says who these loving, wise presences are, or anthing more about them. Ah, but that was all before I found IQ.... Thank you to Stingray, for bringing up the subject in your answer to my last question.

Please everyone, tell me what you think. This has bugged me for years.

asked 04 Jun '12, 11:24

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Great question=)

(05 Jun '12, 23:37) LapisLazuli

I wonder why is fear being associated with lack of presence of others in that quote. I guess it's a kind of assurance we get when there's someone with us, because we are looking for security and stability. Would that imply then that ever changing environment, the uncertainty created by lack of assurance provided by others would be too much to handle?

(06 Jun '12, 05:25) CalonLan

CalonLan, I never thought of it that way before. I don't know the context of the quote, but if I can find it, that may shed some light on this.

(11 Jun '12, 15:49) Grace
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I'm sure there are many who will chip in to answer this question and offer their own interpretations of who "they" are.

But there's a really easy way to find out for yourself.

Next time you are in a mood where you have a smile on your face (the technical term is "heart-centered"), just sit down quietly somewhere alone for a few minutes, and ask the questions to "them" that you have asked here to us...in your mind, or out loud if you wish.

When you are feeling happy, you have put yourself in the perfect vibrational state to clearly perceive a response whether it comes through in a visual, auditory, feeling or whatever, way.

And, even if you don't think you actually received a response, give it a few days - perhaps a week at most - and then look back over the events of your life since you "asked" and you should notice that something meaningful happened in your life that was the clear response.


answered 05 Jun '12, 12:22

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Sweet answer!

(05 Jun '12, 12:45) Dollar Bill

Love the answer.

(05 Jun '12, 13:31) Paulina 1

Love this:)

(05 Jun '12, 23:37) LapisLazuli

Hi all I'm back :) Just want to say I myself got an answer from "them" (my terminology is God), and it bloody made so much sense and made me tranform my life so every day I rejoice and don't regret. When you're happy you'll get answers non stop. I never though it'd happen to me, but it did one day whilst I was singing to myself in the shower.

I'm like 40000% percent better :) xx I feel * GREAT!!

(06 Jun '12, 03:32) Nikulas

So glad you're back Nikulas! I am happy for your progress!

(06 Jun '12, 08:54) Fairy Princess

Thank you, Stingray. I have asked, and I am watching for my answer.

(06 Jun '12, 11:26) Grace

Nikulas! Hello! I've been reading your posts for months, and I'm so glad you are back and feeling GREAT!!! You're return is a wish granted. It helps a lot to hear you got an answer that made such a difference in your life. I look forward to my own. Welcome back!!!

(06 Jun '12, 11:31) Grace

@Nikulas - Welcome back :)

(07 Jun '12, 04:37) Stingray

@Nikulas - great to hear that , and if you are willing to share your experience I am sure many of us would appreciate it (including me)

(09 Jun '12, 22:28) kakaboo
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Hi Grace, it seems as though you'll receive answers to all of your questions by re-connecting to and thus re-membering with your higher spiritual self (also called 'higher mind,' 'inner being' and 'your source'). Even though you have many helpers on the path you've chosen, your higher self is the conduit, using the channel of imagination, by which you become aware of and communicate with your helpers.

Think of your higher self as a translator of vibration. From the physical perspective we cannot understand (interpret) the higher frequency vibrations which are continually being broadcast to us because they're on a different wavelength. However, our higher self exists in a parallel reality to that of our physical being and it acts as the receiver and translator of these messages and constantly sends them to us as physical beings, but are you listening?

If your mind exists in a continual state of self-chatter or internal dialogue, then there's no 'space' into which your brain can receive new information (downloads). However, once your physical mind is quiet, then there's 'space' into which new information in the form of messages and guidance can flow to you.

Over time, as you begin to integrate this new way of living, you'll become more and more aware of your connection to your higher self, who you really are, and thus, because you've remembered that your higher self is you, you'll listen to and act upon the messages and guidance because you trust yourself 100%.

So the place to start is by understanding, through awareness, the action of the lower physical mind's personality construct or ego-self. I've noticed that everything always comes back to the ego-self. But remember, it's not about judging, fighting or killing the ego-self, it's about understanding, being compassionate and loving yourself unconditionally and finally it's about integrating all the parts of yourself and thus, harmoniously functioning as a whole being ♥


answered 10 Jun '12, 21:12

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Beautiful answer Eddie I love it.

(11 Jun '12, 05:50) Paulina 1

My higher self as the conduit, the translator of vibration... Those are new ways of thinking of this for me. Allowing messages to flow to me by quieting my mind, given these ideas, is already bringing me peace and revelation. Wow, thank you Eddie. Didn't see that coming...

(11 Jun '12, 13:54) Grace

Expanding for a moment on what Stingray wrote, if I may, I once wondered if I really had help from other planes or not. I asked aloud several times over that period of time, and I wrote about it in my journal and also asked interiorally during my meditations.

Just a short period of time passed, and I had three dreams of being helped within a couple of weeks. In one, I was shown a sort of clear umbrella over me, showing protection and care. In another I had a relative tell me that he often watched over me and helped me with various things. This relative had died as a child, and was now a grown man. I had not throught of him in at least ten years, and had always thought of him as a child even when I had, so I doubt my mind manufactured that dream on its own! And the conversation we had in my dream was just so wonderful and revealing of things I will not go into now. In another, I was in a burning building and carried out by a friend who had passed several years before. Although we were friends, he was not someone I would have thought was watching over me and protecting me.

It's possible, of course, that my own subconscious mind made up these dreams, but it seems unlikely to me for the reasons I mentioned. I felt very comforted, and not ever alone!

So I urge you to get to the bottom of this yourself and know for yourself that you have help and care from the other side.


answered 05 Jun '12, 20:10

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LeeAnn 1


Thank you LeeAnn, this gives me some idea of what I am looking for, and helps a lot.

(06 Jun '12, 11:29) Grace

for one you have a guardian angel
and depending on your perseptiveness
you gather support of like receptiveness
as from other elemental energies besides you


answered 06 Jun '12, 18:49

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Thank you, fred 1. What a beautiful way to express it. Your writings are so lovely. It is an honor to see one written for me.

(06 Jun '12, 19:05) Grace

thank you Grace, it is the purity of the question that prompts the recognition. next time will be more dilligent with all spelling

(06 Jun '12, 19:20) fred

Poo. You are fine, just the way you are.

(06 Jun '12, 19:23) Grace

Love your answer Fred and yes you are fine just the way you are.

(07 Jun '12, 00:11) Paulina 1

@Fred- Great one! Love it! ♥

(06 Feb '14, 19:46) Jaianniah
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Dear Grace, Learn to listen and look and be receptive of what goes on arround you and you will get an answer whenever you ask a question. Sometimes it might come as a message in a song you hear repeatedly or something you see or strange but wonderful syincronisity that happens in your life. Remember it will be symbolic so you will have to interpret what you get yourself for the meaning it holds for you.

Who you ask a question of is all important so ask God, Source, Universe or whatever you call it and ask "Who is it that always walks beside me." and you will be suprised at the response.

For myself personaly I know that God is not only beside me but inside me always and I'm never alone. However this is something you must find out for yourself.


answered 05 Jun '12, 13:44

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Paulina 1

Thank you, Paulina 1. Good advice.

(06 Jun '12, 11:27) Grace

That is a good point Grace! It feels like as I was reading, In The Land Of The Living Dead, the son returned to his mother crying over the news her son was killed in the war he was fighting in. She was so upset, and he was so upset trying to calm her down but she couldn't see him or hear him. The more she cried the more he cried trying to tell her he is okay.

Finally his teacher told him there is nothing he could do or say now to her. If he wanted to talk to her he would need do so in her sleep. But for now think thoughts of your love for her. He did too, and as he thought these thoughts, she felt relieved, she stopped her crying and said I know my son is all right.

So as I think of this, it is like some two way mirror! There is our Guardian Angel looking through at us... This mirror is sound proof by the way! He sees me heading for a train wreck! He is waving his arms frantically jumping up and down shouting, "No, no, no don't go for that deal you are going to get scammed!" In the same time we are totally oblivious and saying, "Wow this looks like the answer to my dreams!"

It reminds me of the guys that yell at their televison sets, yelling to the players on TV saying, "No, no, no go left he is open! Pass the ball now! Oh, Man he fouled that one up good!"

Could you imagine being the one walking by your side, screaming "No, no don't do that, don't go in there! Ahhhhk! Oooooh man! That's got to hurt!!!!"

That must be what it is like for most Guardian Angels. But there are some that ask and wait for guidance, this guidance comes in synchronicity. A book falls from a shelf and knocks your head, you pick it up and on the page you find open it has the answer. You have a feeling that you should go a different rout and find later a bad accident happened the usual way. If you had gone that way, you could have been stuck in traffic for an hour!

It seems it is up to us to be receptive to the guidance, we need to allow our selves that possibility that we can and do receive help. But we need ask and expect an answer.


answered 30 Jan '14, 15:38

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Wade Casaldi

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@Wade Casaldi - Hahaha I feel sorry for my guardians, especially when I get stuck in thinking too much! I must make their jobs very difficult for them! ;)

You do have to ask and expect an answer, don't you? I think I used to think someone should simply arrive and announce their intentions if they really existed. I also remember long ago discounting any spiritual knowledge that was based upon personal experience. I now live with this being the only knowledge that holds true value for me.

(06 Feb '14, 22:54) Grace
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