I am a follower of many teachers. I have listened to Abraham-Hicks, Bashar, Access Consciousness, Bentinho Massaro, Matt Kahn, Teal Swan (back when she was known as Teal Scott), Kryon, numerous blogs and other channelers. That is kind of what I do, I search for a new teacher and eat up as much of their teachings as I can and move on to a new teacher. Sometimes I return to former teachers.

Yet, I was thinking today about a statement made in 'Life Tapestry Creations' by Brenda Hoffman.

No one is like you, and therefore no one can teach you how to create - other than you. Yes, you might have to tweak several creation designs - or create methods no one has yet thought of. You are a creator creating in new ways and new times. No manual other than your personal manual within your being will achieve your goal.

-Channeled by Brenda Hoffman: KNOW That Such is So

I have taken a little bit from many teachers. Yet, after years of study, they could only teach me how they manifest/create and not how I will be able to do the same.

This forum is interesting because of the countless manifestation techniques that can be uncovered. I am sure we have all had some wonderful manifestation enter our lives when we were not planning on it. I certainly did. Yet, I would like to have the experience of more control in the process. I think that many coming to this site also want to learn how to control manifestation so that it can be generated easily as needed.

There are multifold techniques and modalities to follow. Some are quite complex and others as simple as asking. Some assume that every thought must be controlled while others believe that the Universe isn't stupid and can distinguish between a wanted thing and unwanted. 

I am recalling Teal Swan's old video on "Why Are Spiritual Teachers So Contradictory?" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCMBMQjjD7I

I think the answer to how both beliefs can be true is found in that video. I do not know if others have made similar statements before. I was just pondering these thoughts about how my process of creating/manifesting could be a unique blend of many things I have heard. And also something all my own.

As for the Neville Goddard teachings on the topic: At this point the process of repetitively completing the same action while sleepy isn't quite feeling right. For one thing, I have much trouble focusing at night. Not because I am worrying, but as my brain kind of knows what it wants to do to fall asleep. It wants to think about things or remember the day... amoungst an extensive list of other things my brain wants to be doing including such spiritual things as talking to spirit guides.

Now I do love Neville Goddard's ability to make me feel more strongly the God/Jesus in me. Yet, his manifestation techniques are a bit exhaustive or at least they are to me. I think they are noteworthy for study, however.

So assuming we are all Magicians and Alchemists with years of self-education and study, I was wondering your input on the Brenda Hoffman channeled statement, which is just a clip of a larger channeled message.

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at the end of the day you're the one who make the choices of your life, whether in action, consciously or subconsciously. teachers like AH , bashar etc are'nt here to pave us the way, that is our job. they are just guidance for us to do it.

the more you allow ,and in a higher vibration ,the less contredictions you'll find in their giudance and also will be able to choose to which one of them you are willing to listen in each moment.

actually Brenda Hoffman's statment was mentioned by every teacher i've ever encountered. AH also said in one of his videos that on a really good vibe we will not even consider their opinions and act on our own beliefs (which is so true from my experience).


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it is, you are a unique
note, a point where first breath in
this dimension is taken,
unlike any other


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