I was wondering if anyone has read Instant E S P by David St Clair. The were some good reviews on internet. What is your review of it. Blessings

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No I havn't read the book nor heard of the author, but I'm contributing to your question because I find it annoying when I don't get answers from my questions right away (being the patient boy I am haha).

I read the review. Sounds very promising like many others self-help books, and it makes me want to buy it as well.

I very much used to be into psychic skills as well (I am not well developed in them, just intrigued by them). What I found useful was asking myself why I wanted to learn those skills. The answers I got were to boost my ego, so I could brag about it to friends, and so I could foresee in the future any promises I would get of attracting desires into my life.

The exercises I read in other pychic books were more or less meditations or by other fashions various emotional control tools we discuss here on IQ, such as The Manifesting Box Method. If you've been into what the site discusses most of the time, I can guaruntee you won't find many new ideas.

Having said that, lately I've ventured into a more experimental-style-observational-approach to these universal principals, ideas and skills, so if you're researching psychic phenomena ultimatly just as a hobby, by all means get the book to add to your collection.

If you are serious about making your psychic skills more tangible and 'real' then I would bin the books and sign myself up straight for psychic classes, or something around the idea of becoming a student to a teacher.

Budhism has a strongly highlights the importance and ease of flowing into meditation via a meditation teacher. Personally if I were more serious about meditation I'd join a class instead of listening to relaxing music through headphones on a sound devise. I get the feeling the majority of psychic studies are similarly based in meditation style states of being, so for my help seek a teacher.


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