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Hi..friends, I am reading the book named "Silva Method of Mind Control", it's a fantastic book for practising ESP and i want to form a "practice group" of those people who are reading/practicing it these days, so that we could practice it more and more to nurture our ESP.

So..please let me know. And I request to all those who are already trained in it also join us in this group. Thank you friends. lots of love, light and positive vibes n blessings on your way..STAY HAPPY!!! STAY BLESSED!!!

asked 04 Sep '12, 09:41

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Dollar Bill

I have been practicing the Silva Method for many years now. It really works and has greatly enriched my life. There is a Silva group on YAHOO GROUPS, although there are not a lot of postings lately.


answered 04 Sep '12, 15:40

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LeeAnn 1

@leeAnn1..,thank,can u suggest me some tips fr tht??? or if u hav those CDs of silva ,can u mail me?

(05 Sep '12, 01:59) supergirl

I really just suggest following the instructions and being persistent! "Friend" Silva on Facebook and sign up for their e-mails in order to get free recordings. That will help you decide if the Silva method is "for you" before spending a lot on the CD's or seminars.

(05 Sep '12, 22:26) LeeAnn 1

@LeeAnn1..- yh..yh, i really feel its meant for me n i have evn,cmpleted the online free couse of silva. n now i just need those cds . so, if u have can u plzzzz mail me.., i really wanna learn from them.

(19 Sep '12, 10:48) supergirl

n also, i need ur guidance dream programing.., u might have tried it na?

(19 Sep '12, 10:52) supergirl
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I have a soft spot for Silva Mind Control. My first organized psychic adventure! 1972. It really does work! I wonder how/if they have integrated LOA.


answered 04 Sep '12, 18:41

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Dollar Bill

kk..thanks fr rplyng.

(05 Sep '12, 01:59) supergirl

@Dollar Bill... can u plzzz..send me this soft copy of sila mind control on my email id plzz??

(19 Sep '12, 10:51) supergirl

@supergirl - I sort of understand "txt-spch" (my word), but sure don't know what you are asking. Please clarify.

Does "this soft copy" have some meaning? Kind regards, Bill

(20 Sep '12, 05:08) Dollar Bill

@Dollar Bill..- i am sorry dear, actualy i didn't read ur comment properly..,so, by mistake i typed soft copy.., i really apolojize.., i wanted to say tht if u have any soft copy of jose silva's book ,so..can u plzz send it to me???

(20 Sep '12, 07:38) supergirl
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