Or is this merely a value judgement?

Is it the behaviors that arise from these emotions that are bad, or is simply allowing yourself to experience the emotion itself bad?

Are there things that we can learn from such emotions? Or is the goal simply to eliminate them from your everyday existence?

asked 20 Apr '10, 17:38

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I don't think the emotions themselves are inherently evil but rather if we identify with them and proceed to act from them. We all have the potential for every emotion within us but what differentiates the good from the evil is the choice made in the moment to act on those emotions.

I think every emotion that passes through us has a valuable lesson for us but when we begin to identify with the emotion, we begin to become or take on the identity of that emotion, and that is when problems arise.

I don't think we necessarily need to eliminate them because we are then in fact trying to disown part of our own being and creating resistance and we all know - "what we resist persists". The most powerful way to dissipate it is to merely observe it, with no reaction,and let it pass through you.


answered 20 Apr '10, 22:55

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A-H would call it contrast.there is always Yin with Yang,

(23 Apr '10, 17:57) ursixx

I agree with you, Michaela. It is too simple to say that we should rid ourselves of such emotions simply because they could lead to selfish actions. We always have a choice, and it is that choice that defines us.

(26 Apr '10, 01:45) MoonDragon303
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