If we die and our marriage partners are also died, shall we meet each other at will in that plane of existence? Or we just automatically be together?

asked 27 Apr '10, 11:34

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No because marriage is an legal binding contract ritual done by people but joined together by God. So that is why the vows say "Until death do you part." These days they may as well add "until divorce or death do you part." The marriage is the Earth part, being together from love that is natural and is some of the first people you see on the other side are spouses, that is if their vibration is the same.

Example one dies natural causes, the other spends years alone and then kills himself to be with her, she was happy when she died, he was extremely depressed when he died. That is a complete mismatch of energy, he went over "wanting, hoping to be with her again" but in pain sorrow and desperation, the hardest part to get is we take our energy with us, our emotions and feelings too. He went over lonely, poor me I have lost her so his experience will match that. Now she can come down to his level just like any of the dead can come see us living now but it would be hard for him to see her just as it is now for us to see the dead.

This is all esoteric and in my Astara training but the very best way to understand this is watch the movie "What Dreams May Come"

That is if their vibrations are different now if he went over happy knowing he will see her again, they are instantly reunited and he realizes they were never apart she was with him the whole time.


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Wade Casaldi

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Personally I believe that it really depends on what lessons we have to learn in our next incarnation that determines who we choose to play with in our next life.

When we transition from this plane to the next I think we meet all our loved ones who have transitioned but I don't think we become couples perse, as we are all pure spirit and physical gender does not play a role in the spiritual realm.


answered 27 Apr '10, 13:56

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Hey guys. I personally really like the concept of Twin Flames which you can look up here http://grtintelprivate.ning.com/page/twin-flames


answered 27 Apr '10, 14:34

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There are two opposite ways of thinking on this.

No, we don't meet anyone there as we're dead. If we reborn at any sense, it will be just like in this life, and no memories will transpose, so there is no "past life" partner.

Sure, whatever energy / force that binds together two people here will continue to bind their further existence until the ends of time. If it will be from the beginning or not really depends on the environment and maybe even the will of both souls to live a quest searching each other or doing something else together.

I honestly believe in a mix of both, and either only makes sense thinking on our current time model frame of future and past as a linear thing.


answered 27 Apr '10, 16:25

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