I have long been curious about addictions.

For instance, I was addicted to video games. I spent hours and hours playing with my X-Box, mostly war games. In these games, you must be focussed in the Now, or you get killed. Or you crash your car. You can not think about past or future events. You must be completely focussed on the game, exploring possibilities within the game.

Sports can be addictive. Tennis, golf, racquetball, chess, pool, all participant sports are heavily focussed in the now. Spectators, to enjoy the game must be focussed in the now.

You don't have time to think. You respond to shifting events.

When I am shooting skeet, I don't think. I can't think. The shotgun becomes a part of me reaching out. If I think, I will miss. My eye becomes the back sight of the gun, though I must be unaware of the gun, my entire focus is on the clay target. Myself, my gun and the target are all existing in the now.

When it all comes together and the clay becomes dust, I have a sense of exhilaration. My friends, watching me have a sense of exhilaration. We were all part of a now moment.

This feels very good. These things put me in the now moment. So I spend a lot of money for fine shotguns, appropriate gear, range fees, and put up with uncomfortable heat to be in the Now moment for a few seconds intervals.

Recreational substances put people in the now. They get you "high". Is this a higher vibration? But a negative way of getting there?

I think that Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert used LSD to put themselves in the now. They felt it connected them to a higher power, as do many "primitive" tribes.

But Alpert sought a different path. He was unhappy because he kept coming "down". He journeyed to India. He met a holy man. He gave some LSD to the holy man who said, "It is ok, but not as good or long lasting as meditation." So Alpert began to follow him, asking a lot of metaphysical questions. The holy man, who seemed to be very connected, would respond to Alpert's questions with similar answers.

For instance Alpert would ask, "What is the meaning of life?' The holy man would respond, "Eat, now." or "Rest, now." or "Walk, now." Every question came back to now. The answer to every question Alpert asked was answered by Now.

So do I erase this wandering "question" like so many others I have begun here, or let it stay for now?

Do you feel that games, sports, or addictions put you in your NOW?


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When playing games digital and virtual there are those moments of now presence, your focus is locked on to the object of the game,shoot, score, hit the target. Outside influences are often blocked when you are in the "zone". Can be compared possibly to a very deep meditation. Where one finds that often not easily taken out of the "trance" .Same can be said about substance use where the substance either blocks outside influences and one finds a sort of now focus.Or seems to enhance the subliminal ability to seep though your consciousness .
So yes your in the moment your in the now and Now that you realize whet the now is you can enjoy it even more and if you know that being in the now is always possible. Then the use of substances is moot. Why pour more gas in the motor when the motor runs fine and won't go any faster with extra gas (petrol)?


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Many people choose jobs that involve danger or tension so they can experience the awareness and attention required to stay alive. They must live in the present moment. Race car drivers, mountain climbers, people who put themselves in positions in which their attention must be focused and fully alert know this experience of adventure and aliveness. It comes when you are not on automatic, but fully conscious and aware of every action.

Source: Living with Joy (Sanaya Roman)


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