We all want to be happy, to feel joy because -- I believe -- that the more we approach joy, the more we bond with our Source. In the past I have used drugs and alcohol to feel good, yet, now, I have very bad feelings associated with "feel good" drugs and alcohol in excess. Perhaps I should more accurately say, I have no interest in those paths.

Hang this on your wall: "Being against something is as close as you can get to it!"

People I knew who used them have disappeared from my life, even the memories have substantially faded. Not only using friends, but I no longer see people on the street, nor even in the News who are druggies/alcoholics.

I remember Ram Dass, Timothy Leary's friend Richard Alpert, who was a proponent of LSD to reach spiritual heights.

Alpert was frustrated because no matter how good the "trip" he always came down. Could not maintain the "high." He went to India and met a holy man. He shared the LSD with him. The holy man said, "It is ok, but not as good or as long-lasting as meditation."

I may have answered my own question by posting. It seems we are born with a "God" or "Source" shaped hole in us. People try to put things in that hole, drugs, other people, cars, whatever but ultimately this is unfulfilling. The magic fades. I enjoy the things, but really enjoy the co-creating to manifest.

Drugs can give an intense "good feeling", but not long term satisfaction. Hopefully we are wise enough to understand this. Otherwise we would all just get loaded and feel good. So this is why I don't do drugs.

I am nowhere near perfect, but I am doing very well and enjoying the journey.

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Dollar Bill

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@Dollar Bill, are you asking a question here, or providing information?

(13 Feb '12, 09:15) Barry Allen ♦♦

Dollar-Bill this answer to Barry should be part of the question, it clarifies what you are asking. I like that spiritual hole idea there, very interesting.

(13 Feb '12, 11:31) Wade Casaldi

Wade, done!

(13 Feb '12, 12:43) Dollar Bill

Dollar Bill: As you probably already know; the habitual "happiness" PROCESS starts in the home environment and turns into an addiction when commercial SUGAR is introduced...

I like your spirit Bill but I don't feel that "Dollar" is quite the right name for you.

(15 Feb '12, 09:54) The Prophet

@The Prophet -- Ayn Rand, in her novel Atlas Shrugged. Chapter 10 is entitled the Sign of the Dollar. Rand claimed the dollar sign was the symbol not only of the currency, but also the nation, a free economy, and a free mind.

(19 Feb '12, 06:01) Dollar Bill

@Dollar Bill- Wonderful Handle! Wonderful explanation...And it means something else, too, if I am guessing correctly...A certain "Bill" has influenced my life for 31 years :o)) Bless you, Jai

(19 Feb '12, 06:08) Jaianniah

One of my favorite authors... Good decision Bill -- I stand corrected!

(19 Feb '12, 10:48) The Prophet
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If every man on earth could become a focus of dynamic affection, this benign virus of love would soon pervade the emotion-stream of humanity to such an extent that all civilization would be encompassed by love...

That would be the realization of the brotherhood of man...

A condition that would resolve our need for filling a hole with "happiness" forever.


answered 14 Feb '12, 07:25

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The Prophet


Amen Brother! Great metaphor, "benign virus of love". Spread by contagion.

(14 Feb '12, 09:39) Dollar Bill

Yes so many feel "If only I have this I'll be happy." then they find out that last a short while and now the next thing comes along to fill that empty space. Yes love and God really would be the only lasting thing, the true love that just is, not the love of another to fill the gap but the love of the divine ever lasting.

(14 Feb '12, 12:57) Wade Casaldi

The Joy is in the connecting with God. Manifestations are by-products.

(15 Feb '12, 09:55) Dollar Bill

@Wade Casaldi "Being Happy" fills the hole. We begin to get a glimmer and reverse some of our old saws, like "I'll believe it when I see it." It really is, "I'll see it when I believe it." Things don't - can't - make you happy. It is "be happy" and the things come!" Then, and only then, can you have the right perspective.

(19 Feb '12, 16:15) Dollar Bill
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I agree with you. I used to use drugs, too. Compared to what I've experienced in meditation... it is nothing. They made me feel happy, sure... but disconnected. A sad happy, if you know what I mean. "I feel amazing! But..." feeling to me.

Drugs are just tricky... confusing, exhausting, addicting... and when you have to rely on something external to feel good, you become very disconnected from your true self... just like you said, when people have to rely on anything external (money, approval, attention).

They just give you a false sense of happiness. Especially if you are very negative to begin with... that's my experience anyways. I'm glad I don't mess with them anymore... no desire to, and that feels great. :)


answered 14 Feb '12, 13:39

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Now, that makes me happy to "Triumph". You are now an example Lazuli. Well done.

(14 Feb '12, 13:54) behnam

@LapisLazuli Congrats from me to you, also. We are a lucky lot, indeed! Maybe "lucky" is wrong...Hmmm.."Blessed", perhaps, by God and Angels seems better, somehow. Happy Valentine's Day to you, dear! <8 Jai

(14 Feb '12, 14:10) Jaianniah

Aw, thank you both! And Happy Valentines Day <3 :)

(14 Feb '12, 14:17) LapisLazuli

@LapisLazuli - Interesting. I've never had the urge to get involved with "drugs" myself (apart from the odd alcoholic drink) but I had a friend that enjoyed marijuana quite a bit before she met me. After that, she started regular meditating and said, similar to you, that the drugs high was "rubbish" compared to the meditation high.

(14 Feb '12, 14:51) Stingray

Yeah. The best way I can describe it is it felt fake... like just a cover up. Also, it didn't always make me happy, I had a few "bad" experiences and they were awful. Made me very scared and paranoid... that hasn't happened with meditation and I've never heard that happen to anyone else who meditates. And meditating makes my overrall day much more enjoyable... while drugs always made it worse, whether I enjoyed the high or not.

(14 Feb '12, 16:07) LapisLazuli

@LapisLazuli - Euphoria? I think that is the word you are searching for. Your soaring to new heights, my dear..

(15 Feb '12, 02:26) ele

@ele is it euphoria or a false sense of euphoria? I'm not sure... thank you :-)

(15 Feb '12, 02:36) LapisLazuli

@LapisLazuli - No, not false... "Compared to what I've experienced in meditation"..I was talking about the high you get from meditating.. I could have just as easily have said -- ecstasy, elation, elevation, joy, excitement, exhilaration, jubilation .

(15 Feb '12, 02:48) ele

@ele oh I see, I thought you were talking about the fake happiness from the drugs. Euphorias a good word for the feelings I have during meditation :)

(15 Feb '12, 02:51) LapisLazuli
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I guess Whitney's death is on all our minds...and of course, we are making assumptions here that she did die of an overdose. It is very sad, and very hard for "straight" people to even comprehend.

I have been in her Hell. I reached a point in my life where my mind was in so much pain that I would have sold my soul for five minutes of peace.

It is this which fuels drug and alcohol addiction, at least at first.

But soon, one needs more and more of the drugs to reach the same "high". Finally, you are totally lost, totally focused on simply and solely reaching the next drink, the next high, and you hit the place where you take a little of this, a little of that; you take too much, you pass out, stop breathing, and simply die. End of story.

Poor Michael Jackson was to the point that he was paying that doctor to give him anesthesia just to sleep. One day, he got too much...and died.

Can you imagine the pain of his mind? Can you imagine what kind of Hell a person must be living to require such action??? It is truly a real Hell.

If you are lucky; if you are very lucky, you catch yourself in mid-high, and realize where you are heading. You get off the drugs and alcohol, and find out that loving your daughter or seeing the sunset is a much more real "high", a much more "lasting" high, than drugs could ever give...

You may not understand this thinking. I hope you do not, in fact. But I do.

31 years sober,



answered 13 Feb '12, 11:40

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We are an addicted society... The habitual "happiness" PROCESS starts in the home environment and turns into an addiction when commercial SUGAR is introduced...

(15 Feb '12, 09:32) The Prophet

The ultimate path to fulfillment and feeling good is Peace. Both drinking and drug will not lead you there. It actually destroys your Peace. You will only find Peace thru enlightenment. You will find that thru within. The means are given by Divine thru ages thru many teachers that The Absolute sent. Follow the one that fits you best. "The Kingdom of Heaven is Within." Namaste-Peace.


answered 14 Feb '12, 12:42

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I too have been through the wringer. But I allow others to their desire. Some drugs and drinks are considered sacred in certain parts of the world. They do not abuse they are uses in rituals. I am fine with that. Also some can have 1 or 2 drinks and I allow that too.


answered 14 Feb '12, 21:53

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Certain drinks are referred to as a libation (reserved for the Gods). To bad I'm not that kind of god. HE HE

(14 Feb '12, 22:09) Tom

@Tom - I agree... Everything in moderation. Do I detect Tommy is really an old hippy? I too have my vices; No not liquor or drugs; but I do have my addictions. IQ is becoming one & on that note, I'm going. lol! I'm NOT here - you never saw me... ok?

(15 Feb '12, 02:33) ele

This hole within us is indeed a very interesting thought invoking perspective. Yes I believe that really in reality many are trying to fill that hole within themselves with something. We here seem to have a never ending need to fill it with wisdom. Others fill it with drugs, others with work (workaholics), others with the quest for nirvana.

I wrote a long time ago in my personal journal of what the soul experiences from before birth to living in life and this hole idea was a part of that as I recall. Imagine a King that has everything and feels great peace and comfort. Now something happens to him, he loses everything and gains amnesia; this could be likened to the fall from Eden. Now he is born on earth with no memory but something deep within remembers what it was like. He feels something is missing so he tries to fill that something with anything to be happy. The wealthy man fills it with money and how can I make more money? The man worried of his bills fills it with how can I survive to pay these bills. The baseball card collector fills it with how many baseball cards do I have and can I get more. The list goes on and on of people trying to fill that hole within themselves to be happy. The religious people fill it with how much do I praise God and how can I praise God more? The spiritual people fill it with how much do I know God and how can I know God more? What is funny is that the Buddhist fill it with emptiness and how can I find more emptiness?

So when looked at from a bigger picture any addiction anyone may have is really all about trying to fill that hole. We feel when we can finally fill that hole that we can be happy. However even if it is to stop desiring it is a desire to stop desiring and so it is a hole within that we feel must be filled. I think the best thing is to not see the hole, to live now in peace. Living with the hole and knowing it can never be filled and that is just fine it doesn't have to.


answered 13 Feb '12, 13:07

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Wade Casaldi

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Nay, brother, the hole demands to be filled! It is the major goal of every sentient being. Material things won't do it. Struggling search won't fill it. Even "stop desiring" won't fill it. Another person can't fill it.

Union with your Source will fill it, and that union comes from allowing. Focus on beauty, on joy, on your happiness; therein lies your path to filling that empty space. Your Source is your soul mate. Know thyself. Be true to yourself. Your inner self. Your Core.

(14 Feb '12, 09:50) Dollar Bill

Dollar Bill that is excellent! I love that answer! :-)

(14 Feb '12, 12:45) Wade Casaldi

The habitual "happiness" PROCESS starts in the home environment and turns into an addiction when commercial SUGAR is introduced...

(15 Feb '12, 09:46) The Prophet
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I don't do drugs because they are illegal. And the penalty is not worth the high. If one is looking for answers in a bottle or a pipe one will not find them there. Many a life has gone to waste.Not only the people that abuse the substances ,but those around them become caught in the web as well.
Personally I do not get inebriated often,but it can happen.If I happen to have one to many it's not (as I see in self-reflection) not to fill a void more than likely just caught in the moment.I do enjoy a good wine or a quality ale. These I consider these beverages,not intoxicants and drink them for their taste.
And as long as we are talking substance abuse one must also include food and sugar. How many are over-eaters live in the same tormented lives as a the alcoholic?


answered 15 Feb '12, 04:56

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We are an addicted society... It starts in the home environment and turns into an addiction when commercial SUGAR is introduced.

(15 Feb '12, 09:28) The Prophet

I have never taken drugs before just for the sake of feeling good so I suppose I would not complete understand how taking drugs is like.

There are many reasons for people not wanting to drink or take drugs, the main being that it is illegal in most countries and that they do not want to end up being addicted to them. Simply put, sometimes the fear of taking drugs is much greater than the satisfaction which they think they might get from taking those drugs.


answered 15 Feb '12, 05:46

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It is true you are always chasing that first high, then you just chase any high and eventually you are just chasing to get out of bed in the morning, thats if you actually went to bed.

Your question caught my eye as I used to take drugs and drink to excess. Under my party dresses was a permanantly bloated stomach and my eyes always looked so wide because they had not been shut properly for three days. My partner bought a big shiny car but it was bought from illegal money. Our house smelt, friends were physically abusive with women. Oh yes, I was that lovely girl.

Eventually I left, broke down, blanked out for two years and then while drinking vodka and soda at 12 in the afternoon found the master key system on my laptop which led to other sites which eventually led to inward quest. I knew my intelligence could never match some of the people I was reading, but deep down I just wanted to be like them.

This was a while ago now, and ive found that getting on my bike in freezeing cold weather and going so fast through the local forrest makes my eyes widen and heart beat, I just couldnt find that kind of high before no matter how hard I tried. I can always spot those hole-fillers, they just look sad and I feel sad because thats how pathetic I must have looked.

It not just drink/drugs but food, money, women/men even extreme sports can be used. People should look around them, if you see someone doing the same and they look content, really relaxed then go for it. If this is'nt how you want to be viewed, perhaps leave the hole vacant for little while. x


answered 19 Feb '12, 10:25

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Red Shoes

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