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I know this is probably going to have a COMMUNITY WICKI or CLOSED sign slapped on it pronto - LOL! I meant to ask it over on IQ meta but I've forgotten my password ... just wanted to say how interesting it is to see the spread of IQ over the World and to thank Simon and co for upgrading the software or whatever it is they have done.

Just wondered what everyone else thought about it?

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How about a HUGE Thank You. Love and Light.

(13 Oct '12, 18:08) Roy

It has shown me how big IQ really is. This site, to me, is full of brilliant thoughts and ideas. There's so much opportunity to grow and learn, to see life in different perspectives. I shouldn't even call it a "site", it's so much more than that. :)

(14 Oct '12, 02:16) LapisLazuli
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I have been saying for the past couple of years on IQ, because I have access to the server logs, that the vast majority of traffic comes from visitors who do not stay to participate in the site. They just find the answers they are looking for (hopefully) and leave. Even when IQ appears quiet, there is still a lot of activity going on.

I've been looking for a way for some time to illustrate this to ordinary members of IQ to show how their questions and answers actually have a much wider global influence than just to the people who take part here. The "info box", as you call it, provides an opportunity for site members to see just how wide the reach of IQ is becoming across the globe.

Almost every minute of every day, there is someone across the world reading the questions and answers on the site. The "info box" generally only shows when a new visitor arrives but not the extra pages they browse once they are here so there is still much more going on than even the "info box" shows. There is also a "Real-Time View" option that updates automatically as new visitors arrive.

IQ was three-years-old a few days ago so I guess the "info box" is also my birthday present to the site!

P.S. You can reset your password for IQ Meta if you have forgotten it. The reset link is under the login boxes


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Simon Templeton ♦♦


Really nice Simon,Happy Birthday.It just keeps getting better and better.Good for you and thanks to all. Love and Light.

(13 Oct '12, 16:27) Roy

Thank you for everything, Simon Templeton

(13 Oct '12, 16:30) Fairy Princess

@Simon Templeton - Thank you! The information has indeed been quite an eye-opener. I think your vision for Inward Quest is nothing short of brilliant. You have facillitated the growth and spread of wisdom and enlightenment, leading to peace and understanding for countless people all over the globe - I believe it is changing the world. It takes courage to lead, especially in this uncharted new age. Great work @Simon Templeton! And thank you for the reminder of just how great IQ really is!

(13 Oct '12, 16:37) Grace

Happy Birthday Inward Quest!

(13 Oct '12, 16:37) Grace

@simon templeton- thank you so much..for IQ.

(14 Oct '12, 03:22) supergirl


(14 Oct '12, 03:25) supergirl

@Simon Templeton Thank you so much Simon for your behind the scenes work and also for your generosity in providing the site for free. I have found this site so useful and enjoyable. It has given me a different perspective because at times the site has appeared quiet but there is a lot going on unseen.

(14 Oct '12, 03:32) Catherine

@Simon- Yes, indeed an eye opener to me about the real help IQ gives to the world as explained in paragraph 2 :)

This site ain't just a family meet of crazy happy people as I once thought.

(14 Oct '12, 03:48) Nikulas

@Nikulas, no you are right - its not just that, but its that too. :)

(14 Oct '12, 19:07) Grace

thanks for the new toy @simon

(15 Oct '12, 05:53) ursixx
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Hi Simon.

When I first saw this post (question), I didn't know how to respond because I really was not distracted or "impressed upon" by the changes.

Then while I was editing my last post, I noticed this interesting Colum of information called "Questions being Read Now" & it showed the country of origin from where the question was being read.


Let me explain why.

I noticed that from time to time Barry was bringing up the forgotten questions (or older posts) to the front for a re-circulation of activity.

My reaction was usually something like "I guess I can add my two cents worth to this one"

Nevertheless, somehow, when I see this "real time" view of others reading the posts here it is really exciting to see what subjects are coming up.

Furthermore, I am re-discovering questions with a different excitement because I can follow someone else’s "real-time" discovery by clicking on the link to the question at the same time that they are reading it.

So THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.....and oh, I almost forgot,



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The Traveller

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@The Traveller : Yes, since we moved to the new software at the start of 2012, I have been trying to figure out an automated way to give visibility to some of the older questions from time to time. Just because questions are old doesn't mean they are not still valuable. The database structure of the new software doesn't make this easy but the new visitor box appears to have the secondary benefit of giving these older questions the possibility of a nudge from time to time

(14 Oct '12, 07:27) Simon Templeton ♦♦

It's a great reminder of the Spiderweb like grid of the people on this planet and the awakening that occurs each and every day.

alt text

We truly are all one in this sometimes crazy dream we call life. We are a connection that is using the idea of illusion to experience things from a different perspective.

It's fun to know that all these wonderful people from all over the world are trying to re-connect once again so we can complete the burnt out fuse of separation, and enjoy the journey back to who we all truly are.

Thank you to everyone who makes this site possible and everyone that shares their wisdom and interacts here at IQ (in whatever way you do) for making this place so very special. You all have my love and appreciation:)


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