During meditation when I try and blank out my mind or focus on something in particular images just keep coming, usually silly things like scenes from a movie etc I dont focus on them and let them. However if I focus on a particular visualization this doesnt happen. My question is what is a good meditative state? Complete blank out or a focus on a paticular visualization is OK. If I focus on something like floating in the Universe and seeing all its wonders I am able to control the unwanted images but then I am consciously guiding my thoughts so am I in a meditative state?

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I would think this is different for different people. Personally I like doing interior work while meditating, and use the Silva method. This has worked really well for me, and is not only very relaxing and happy, but helps with manifestation of desires. For others, they like their mind as "blank" as possible, as they concentrate on a pleasant scene perhaps. Others allow their minds to drift around without direction and this is relaxing to them. I believe every individual has to experiment and see what is of the most benefit for them. Which way leaves you feeling the most refreshed?


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As LeeAnn pointed out the experience will be different for everyone - there is no optimal meditative state.There is no right or wrong and different techniques will work for each individual. Some report having unearthly experiences while for others the mind can be busy and bombarded with thoughts. The key is to try and remain indifferent to these thoughts and not get taken over by them but merely witness them and let them pass. This will help the thoughts to subside easier so you can reach a place of stillness.

Some prefer guided meditations while others prefer chanting a mantra or focusing on the breath. For me personally my mind can still be quite busy during meditation but I have found my awareness has grown tremendously due to my daily meditation practice and the progress and insights gained on my spiritual journey can definitely be attributed to that quiet time when I am connecting to Source.


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Micheala, I think the witnessing part was such a good thing to write about and an important aspect of a pleasant experience while meditating.

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Thanks LeeAnn:-)

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Adyashanti has pointed out that all states are by definition impermanent.

Stop looking for for some projected/idealized state. Don't discriminate, don't search.

Take a look at some of Mooji's videos on Youtube. You will sooner or later become convinced that you and all states have no independent existence, but arise and subside on the "screen" of awareness.

Also, in reality, only awareness exists, the "one without a second." Therefore you and your state are always already just awareness. this may be difficult to accept; because one's current state may feel like HELL.

Just let the mind, as Krishnamurti says, "become quiet." Don't force it to become quiet.

Hope this helps.



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