I know that the question is a bit wierd .What I meant was that we have mastered technology and have achieved impossible feats such as flying ,invention of computers etc .Everybody says that "impossible is nothing" so does that mean we can teach ourselves to fly,perform large complex calculations,remember every single thing that happened in our lives,do time travel,vanish at will,teleport ourselves, or say even defy the laws of physics using JUST OUR MINDS. @Stingray what are your views?

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@Sayantan - A bit weird, yes. But I love weird. :) Nice question.

(22 Nov '12, 15:24) Grace

Oh what an irony. Working in an IT company and seeing how much of this technology, we have supposedly "mastered", create more problems than it helps to resolve is just amusing.

On the topic, is it possible? As you already outlined, anything's possible. But not in this lifetime, not in this form and shape. You'd have to rid yourself of your body that just weighs you down to fly freely. You'd have to move to another dimension to teleport or vanish at will. Because 3D has too many limitations.

(26 Nov '12, 04:20) CalonLan

I read somewhere, I think Gregg Braden said it, that anything we can do with machines, technology, we can do with our bodies. Even computers do what humans can do.

(26 Nov '12, 08:34) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess Well machines can do a lot more than we can imagine.So you mean to say that we all have DORMANT powers in us such as possessed by Mutants in X-Men or other superheroes where they could shape-shift at will,there was even one named MAGNETO who could stop missiles mid-air ,or someone like superman who lifted a huge piece of mountain (defying the laws of physics).I KNOW THAT ALL I HAVE MENTIONED SOUNDS PREPOSTEROUS BUT EVEN THEN I AM JUST CURIOUS.........

(26 Nov '12, 10:35) Sayantan
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What you are talking about is what Jesus taught. It its in the Bible again and again who we really are. It is taught in the mystery schools and there are books on it.

Neo-Tech talks about the God man.

Jesus said in the Bible we are Gods. It is in Psalms and Jesus refers to it when being judged.

The book the God book by Prem Raja Baba talks about it.

It is the subject of the book The Big F---ing Secret. Warning expletive language even in the title. This is designed to shock you awake.

How far we can go with this? We see plenty of amazing miraculous stories in the Bible of how far we should be able to go. However I believe it is like Jesus said to Peter when he was sinking, "Peter where is your faith?" If we cannot bring ourselves to believe we can, then we absolutely can't.


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Wade Casaldi

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@Wade Casaldi I know it is lot to ask ,but I will be grateful to you if you can kindly send me the links of the sites from where I can download these books(free of cost).

(26 Nov '12, 10:14) Sayantan

I am sorry none of them are free but there is a sample book you can get free.


(26 Nov '12, 14:04) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi post the link of the book by prem raja baba

(01 Dec '12, 10:38) Sayantan
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Sayantan, You suggest that humanity has 'mastered' technology. Really? Asserting that we are "Masters" or have "Mastered" anything is a very dangerous and slippery slope, a long fall from atop Disrali's greasy pole that we mortals audaciously try to climb and stick to... We would all do well to encourage 're-cognizing'; looking again, rethinking the concepts of master/mastering and technology, and grinding ourselves new lenses to see ourselves and our collective abilities more clearly, realizing that these too will change. Perhaps this lifetime is for remembering, a turning and a changing of our minds in ways that lead to positive, life affirming actions. In conscious co-creation, Consciousness can be our new 'technology', one of mindfulness... As for defying the laws of physics? Welcome back to the top of the pole! We still don't understand them the 'Laws', so how can we defy them? How has denial helped us? But perhaps we're getting closer to figuring out the Rules... and in this we may find more than hope as we actually bring heavenly minded matters down to earth in pragmatic ways, no longer merely spiritualizing them. Light to you on a gray morning where I sit! Lynnclaire


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@clarity33 - I like your interesting answer, thank you. Consciousness as our "new technology" - great way to think of this. And if you don't mind me saying so, I think Lynnclaire is a very cool name. :)

(22 Nov '12, 15:23) Grace

Thank you Grace! My mother was very creative! But I have to say that I "Live" in a state of Grace! Visit what I'm up to in this world at Mereon.org and essenceillumined.com. Grace indeed...

(22 Nov '12, 15:32) clarity33

I agree that consciousness is our 'new technology.' I developed a technique to relieve stress, anxiety, etc... I call it Two Hands Touching. I think that it gets us to a place where we can use the technology. I would love it if you experimented with it and tell me what you discover.

(26 Nov '12, 08:48) Fairy Princess
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Your technology is one of the results of the reasoning mind. That "reasoning" is necessary, however, because of the lack of a larger,immediate field of knowledge.

Source: Dreams, Evolution and Value Fulfillment, Volume I (A Seth Book)

There is nothing wrong with technology. Man has an innate inclination toward the use of tools, and technology is no more than an extension of that capacity. When men use tools in accord with the "dictates" of value fulfill-ment, those tools are effective. Your technology, however, as it stands, has to some important degree--but not entirely--been based upon a scientific philosophy that denies the very idea of value fulfillment. Therefore, you end up with a technology that threatens to work no longer. You end up with affairs of great national and world concern, such as the Three Mile Island epi-sode, and other lesser-known near-nuclear accidents.

The control panels of the nuclear plants, many of them, were designed as if consiousness did not enter into the picture at all, as if the plants were to be run by other machines, not men-with controls that are not handly within reach, or physically inaccesible, as if the men who drew up the plans had completely forgotten what the species is like mentally or physically.

Source: Dreams, Evolution and Value Fulfillment, Volume II (A Seth Book)


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the intellect is of the limited and finite
if you wish to make an impact it maybe
more apropos to know of your spirit
and why you are here at this time


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very good fred.when the 2 becomes one, water and spirit there will be no more conflict inside of the cup or outside of the cup.

(22 Nov '12, 19:57) white tiger

to me you have the question backward. since counsciousnees was always there and since we created technologie. technologie is a tool that we created. what good is a tool with out a creator and a user? if something was impossible before and now is possible was it impossible in the first place? or was that a judgement from a lack of understanding of truth and knowledge and wisdom to make it happen? as for defying the law of physic, i would suggest first to grow in understanding and truth with knowledge and wisdom. you see it is not working against something that make something work it is working with it,being in harmony,the only real ennemy is the darkness in you that make you seek conflict for foullish things,for self pride,self rightenous,self judgement. that is the cause of self imbalence in you, it cause darkness and you get lost. you are able to see it outside of the cup in the material world if you walk in darkness you will get lost. well it is the same inside of the cup in you. science is starting to get this with quantum physic. they are starting to see free will in action affecting the outside on the particule level. there is a wave and when they look at it particule appear and go hit the wall at multiple place at the same time. it seams that everything is working in harmony and in order. experience and enjoy.


answered 22 Nov '12, 20:37

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white tiger

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