In the question titled, Is there a force which connects all life? most if not all people agree and believe there is a force which connects all life. This force does have different names like, God, the Quantum Field, the One Fire, the Universal Mind, the Continum of Consciousness, and the Great Mystery. This being the case, Why have cell phones and cell phone towers if there is already an interconnected system of communication already in place? Is there a reason we don't just tap in to the "Force" and use telepathy to communicate? Thanks

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Brian, I feel that the reason we came into this physical realm is for the experience. If physical experience was the same as the non physical then there would be no point in our being here. From that perspective whether it is cellphone, radio, or whatever communication device, it does not really matter. Its like having a lot of toys and just having fun.

Also, if you consider it carefully we are really communicating using telepathy. The cell phone is our imagination at work.


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We are connected and psychic!

That's why when you worry about being robbed, you’re psychically putting out the call in the form of your "vision of being robbed" and a volunteer robber psychically picks up your desire to be robbed (so that you can physically experience the fear that you are imagining) and gravitates towards you to fulfill your fear of being robbed.

With every worry or dream you are broadcasting on a psychic frequency.


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The Traveller

@The Traveller - Isn't it interesting that you posted this almost two years ago. Did you remember? I'm thinking you manifested a news story that would match your two-year old post! :)

(17 Sep '12, 21:41) Grace

Thank you Grace for reminding me of this post. I do remember it, but didn't realize that it was so long ago. I deliberately choose the negative angle because everyone understands it, but is uncomfortable associating it with the law of attraction.
It is much more uplifting to speak from a positive angle but It allows the reader to play the self denial game of "This doesn't work for me and how does this explain my suffering?"

(17 Sep '12, 23:38) The Traveller

Unfortunately many still like to pretend that LOA is a pure and magical thing that shoud not be associated with the negative.
This self denial has to be broken to make real change.

(17 Sep '12, 23:46) The Traveller

Yes, I used to always get myself lost in that, as well as wondering what part of me is so bad that none of my dreams was allowed to come true. It is so much better to take responsibility for all, even if it's a bit uncomfortable at first, and still confusing at times. I like when @Stingray points out how arrogant it is to think that you are the only being in the Universe for whom LOA won't work. That just cracks me up. Probably because I've been so guilty of it! :)

(17 Sep '12, 23:57) Grace

I am still confused about how my own circumstances and those of others blend together with LOA. In your answer, where are my thoughts, and where are those of the robber? And do we hear/feel/sense each other, even to the point of picking up one another's thoughts? At what point do I end, and he begins? That's still pretty blurry for me. If I start feeling better about things, will he go away? Where is the point of no return?

(18 Sep '12, 00:02) Grace
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Unfortunately, I do not seem to have the ability to communicate telepathically.

That being the case, and also because I am not a Vulcan, I choose the easier, softer, and more effective way of communicating: I use a cell phone.

Call me a Neanderthal. I guess I am behind the times!

Blessings, Jai


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Wow, I'm still laughing:)

(16 Dec '10, 13:16) Brian

Don't we do that already, albeit unconsciously at times, using the LOA?

Maybe read a little book "Mutant message Down under" - washed away any doubts I had about telepathy. I guess as a culture we'd have to learn to trust each other a little more before utilizing what some cultures consider a natural talent.


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well telepathy exist of course and many other things! but do you really think that every one would agree to live in a world of truth where they could not hide anny thing!and with all the people judgement and bad though could you imagine the hell we would be in! imagine people playing poker they could not bluff anny more! same for the scammer! so for now let leave telepathy to when we need it only!


answered 24 Apr '11, 08:00

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white tiger

one has to unfold the power for such a feat, the potential is there,
and yes mechanical devices are an intermediate step if you have the need for instantaneous communications.


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Good idea, but not everyone has a clear channel. It's like when you are in a bad calling area and have to go to a land line. I can transmit a message to you but you have to call me for the details. These abilities may be part of the 2012 phenominum (spelling). All psychic abilities will be improved when the new era starts. It has already started. The people working on their abilities will see the greatest changes. Those not working on themselves will fall way behind like the old guy you know that does not even use the cell phone. I'm 68 so I'm an old fart. But I intend to stay on the leading edge as much as affordability provides. Some of the new stuff is B S like Twitter. I don't have to follow everyone around every second. I mean do I need an Ipod or just a life. If you are lot younger than me you will see much of what you talk about come to pass. The other way is if everyone gets a chip put in their forehead and can do calls and contacts that way. But I don't want to include Big Brother in my thoughts. So I hope government forces stay democratic and do not force us into being robots their in control of. Also, I wonder how secure telepathy is. Can others pick up on our transmissions. We would have form the skill of telepathy and security at the same time. Manny Blessings!


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sorry about the double post help me delete it.

(16 Dec '10, 13:12) Tom

Brian, In that same force you described, that channel for us to communicate between minds already exists, it is done. I do believe in the future humanity will figure it out.

I have heard there are small communities in Europe that are trying to do such things.


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You first have to believe it is possible to telepath mind to mind. You would need an open mind for communications. I am sure there are people on Earth in the past and in this time who has accomplished this faith. But most people wouldn't want this type of communication because this is someone entering your mind passing energies of words of thought into your mind. They are afraid that they will be able to pick up other thoughts that are floating around in your mind and would first want to learn how to shield their minds from only the few they want to enter their minds with energies of thoughts.

Everyone would not be nice they would leave bad things and pick up information about you that you did not want anyone else to know. So, than you would have people robbing or harvesting people's mind just because they could.

But to be able to send for help or realize someone is sick, need your help, or send a little love note would be nice one love one could do for another love one but there if possible to do they should still keep a shield up for other pass of by people just seeing could they send not good things but dumping terrible things within your mind.

I think if this ability was capable and was well know people would be digging for minds like they were digging for the gold rush that came about in America.

Your mind is a very private place only someone special and caring should be allow to enter and than how far should you allow them to enter before they deposit their thoughts they are conveying to you.

I think if this is ever done between people it should be a private thing and no one should know about it especially the government, scientist, and just people in general.

The mind of someone should be protected and keep safe.


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in god presence nothing is hide but don't tell anny one in this world about that!

(24 Apr '11, 08:04) white tiger

Yes God knows everything but thank goodness man does not.

(04 May '11, 03:57) flowingwater
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