What if all fiction--the worlds of "Harry Potter", "Fahrenheit 451", "Lord of the Rings" and so on, are all actually reality in another dimension, and authors are actually psychics--or physical gods capable of world-creation!--and books, movies, paintings, even sometimes music, are all windows into these worlds?

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It doesn't even have to be another dimension. It can pretty much be this dimension, just a different place, different planet.

Last time I checked the universe seemed pretty big and we knew nothing about it.

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@CalonLan - I know what you mean. I saw an episode of "The Universe" in which they discussed the idea that our one universe actually contains all other universes, it being infinite. That would certainly be something if it were true, discovering a planet inhabited by 2-dimensional cartoon characters or wizards!

(18 Dec '12, 08:53) ExistentiaLux

@CalonLan... exactly. when i want to explain this to people, how big JUST what we KNOW of the universe is, i show them this. http://scaleofuniverse.com/

(20 Dec '12, 08:49) TReb Bor yit-NE

truth is more then fiction. remember the fiction movie:judge dreed 1995. a fee year after cloning as become reality http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tw1CX6ku0NQ ,car that drives them self also exist right now. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nYhKD8leAg ,but will cloning a body give a spirit and a soul for that body? or will cloning make a empty vessel? they also wanted to use cloning to replace body part. like make a copy of you and slice part of it to replace your own.

(20 Dec '12, 22:30) white tiger
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BOTH!! ....(Click here to see the size of our known universe, let alone all other aspects we have ) well this is the idea about this. We have so many realities, and as we look into all of the "fictions" we see that they are brought on by our imagination or our creativity. Creativity is our higher self showing us all systems and all realities if we tap into them. creativity flows from our consciousnesses and in this flow, we have accessed the wonderful thing that links us to our higher-self.. our entire soul.. and this soul is directly connected to source... god..creator.. all that is.. oneness to the fullest. In this connection to god we see that there are infinite realities. Infinite MEANS infinite.. and in this infinite multiverse.. it HAS to be. if it was not it would not be TRULY infinite. I will leave u with 2 things to ponder. One is simple, and short. The other is a bit longer and more extreme. If you can listen and read both of these and see that complete idea of infinite realities.. it might help you see that it HAS to be there. As far as creating worlds.. well we do that now and today, but yes, just by a thought, a story in ur mind, u have created that reality, we are creators, part of god, in a smaller scale.. enjoy. Hope this helps. LOVE

love n light


  1. God is more than the sum of all the probable systems of reality he has created, and yet he is within each one of these, without exception. He is therefore within each man and woman. He is also within each spider, shadow, and frog, and this is what man does not like to admit. God can only be experienced, and you experience him whether or not you realize it, through your own existence. He is not male or female, however, and I use the terms only for convenience’s sake. In the most inescapable truth, he is not human in your terms at all, nor in your terms is he a personality. Your ideas of personality are too limited to contain the multitudinous facets of his multidimensional existence.

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsjXgMB2QeQ

---- exert from portion of vid..

And please realize that you are only a portion of a much greater existence. An existence that is so vast and so different from not only planet to planet, but also galaxy to galaxy, system to system, dimensions upon dimensions... and so many different levels, that u can consider it to be quite infinite! Quite... forever... is a word you might see better fit and what do is you think that word means foreverness and foreverness. So think of this word. Think of this word greatly! And try to picture what it is to be infinite... I will tell you, that even in our race, a race that has several fold of consciousness, the word infinite... is truly extraordinary, TRULY extraordinary! It is greater than any mathematical problem that you have. Even if an existence of one single life would have you having billions and billions of years to explore, and and to go to every planet instantly in the way that we do, with no time in between, stopping at one planet every second, you will l NEVER ever be able come close to experiencing all that is in the system of our own universe. Even if you take this time, and put billions of years, you will not be able to experience that is in our our own galaxy. And then you think... This is one galaxy upon billions, upon trillions. The observable universe that you have, is only a small portion of what is there. Understand this when you think of the word infinite! And it is because these differences and these vast amounts of realities, that we know can come together. Now through my great reptilian friend, through two men from Earth, on a small blue planet, quite frankly in the middle of nowhere, in a very small galaxy, we all make this connection. We can start to have a small understanding of what infinity really means. If we take a minute,or a fraction of a percentage of the realities, and the levels of existence, just in your ideas of the observable universe, It is still hard to comprehend this level. Now especially at your level of growth, you seem to be disappointed, disheartended, or still believe that you are so small and so insignificant. But this is what I am here to explain. You think of everything as much bigger than you. But what I want you to see, is that you are at the same level as we all are. That YOU are one with all! Even with the parts that you cannot observe, even with parts that seem to allude you constantly, without you that existence can not be who and what it needs to be! Because you are a very important part to this whole existence, you have to be there for the rest of us to exist! .......... [......] And as we go from there, we will go down to the next level. And the next level is harder to explain, but I will try and explain it in terms that you might understand. What I mean is that there are systems that are set up and that carry their own laws and dictates their own ideas of existence. There are infinite in number and kinds. But to give you a better idea, I will give you small examples. As I do, close your eyes and imagine all that distracts you from this and think of different forms than ours. Do not think of the universe in physical nature as we have, but think in a general sense, This is a GREAT way to show you the dimensions or densities that we consider as eleventh. There are more levels than can be explained and the examples I give you will be these... examples will include systems that are so vastly different from one, that they are made only with love and only with light, and only with sound waves. So this whole density is only made of these three basic elements. That is one example. Another example is that there is very high gravity, love, perhaps negative charged particles, and light. This is another system. This is another universe. This is another sewerage eleventh density entity. And yet another example that I will give you, is that one system only has love, and only has light. And the reason that I repeat love and light in example, is because all of this is part of the Creator. This is something that he hands all densities as a gift. The love and light is physical light, but it also is wisdom. And He hands this into every level of consciousness that He produces from himself as a gift. There are no exceptions to this rule. Every system has love and light. The difference is, that some consciousnesses that are in each one, accept this gift or do not accept this gift. This is the difference. Now theist being said, include in, love and light in all new examples I give you. And I will give you a few more (examples) just for the understanding.


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Really appreciate the answer! Clearly this is a much more complex question than I originally thought. Only I would casually muse about metaphysics late at night when I'm bored...

(18 Dec '12, 08:55) ExistentiaLux

well, this is the place to have the simplest questions with the most complex answers,,, or vice verse lol, LOVE

(18 Dec '12, 19:34) TReb Bor yit-NE

As an amateur writer I think it is the opposite....that we actually create these worlds with our words and then the worlds are reinforced by the imaginations of the readers.


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YES.. absolutely... this is also the way it is and can and often does work...

(21 Dec '12, 14:06) TReb Bor yit-NE

ok what if (speaking as a christen whose beliefs don't completely line up with a lot of other christens) say every book every screen or script every song or piece of art that tells even a little bit of a story (one that is fictional and not "reality") is a portal or sneak peek into other dimensions that we haven't learned or discovered yet now I don't think we as people would have created these realities no I believe that these were existing worlds created by God for other purposes maybe we weren't even the first ones on the creation block now every world has the same "base" functions a world that houses life of flora fauna and at least one sentient/intelligent creature a sun and moon for day night light and warmth and ways for such beings to exist and survive with these base features down and what I'm goanna call D1 (dimension 1 bc there was a first one, one that inspired and laid a base down for all the others now idk if that is ours or not but if this is correct and not just a hypothetical reality there would have to be a D1) he made all other dimensions now some dimensions were more "exotic" or "interesting" then others and more exiting or interesting things happened on them and to the people in them and he (NOTE: i believe God to be a non-binary being i use he/him bc that is what is most commonly used when describing god)knew us and others needed entertainment so he sent memories from such events and people and put them into the minds of authors people deemed worthy enough to wright down these stories for us so we might learn the lessons and understand the world better theoretically we could figure out a way to access these other worlds and even maybe interact with them we find one that has solved a problem we have here we go there and figure out if it would work for us too we could literally cure cancer if we found the right one we could maybe even find a way to make a grand gate way between worlds like in marvels Thor on the flip side a lot of harm could also come of this grand wars between dimensions could breakout killing billions or accidentally relaces like Thanos or smth (trying to use character examples that most people would know so using a lot of marvel) or bring in diseases that sense are from other dimensions our bodies don't have the tools to fight off leading to the end of the human race along with any other creatures that get it so yeah thins might be one to leave alone for now

This has been Goblin Of Peace bye


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perhaps allegorical, emphasizing an absolute
in varied settings, remaining
offset enough for discussion


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