My question stems from our @Cory's question here about parallel realities - a subject that has always fascinated me. Our @Stingray gave us a wonderful brain massage of an answer, as always. :)

But how do you go about living the alternate reality you want? Folks here have helped me to understand that I simply choose my reality, and I can see the truth of that fairly clearly, but I have not been able so far to arrive at the how. This is where it seems many things break down for me. I understand it in principle, but then what? What is the thinking process? The mechanism? What do you tell yourself? How does one get from A to B?

I have had some success with this, in that I make decisions about who and what I am, and about what my life looks like, and immediately something or someone will show up. I will be presented with indisputable proof that I have changed my reality: I get an email, a phone call, someone here at IQ will address me directly within hours or even minutes, using the exact phrasing I used myself, or express the feeling I wanted to feel.

It still blows my mind, to be honest. It feels wonderful to know, as our @Cory said, that life isn't happening to me, it's happening from me. :)

Cool. But then... That's it. That is the extent of the experience. It will be a lovely moment, and that's that.

I want more. This isn't what I chose. So what am I missing? How do you sustain real change in your life? Actually live what you have chosen? I'm not sure if I'm being clear, sorry... I guess I'm saying, I don't want a token or a pat on the head, I want real change, a new reality. How do I get there from here?

Edit 11/20/12 - I should have clarified what I am manifesting.... Thanks for asking, @releaser99! :) For example:

  • I decide to manifest financial security: $100 turns up.
  • I decide I want to experience family again, to feel the inclusion and love of being a member of a family: I receive a very kind dinner invitation.
  • I decide that I am a loved and cherished woman: I receive an affectionate email from an old friend.

All wonderful things, I don't want you to think I don't appreciate them, because I surely do, but $100 does not lift financial burden... A dinner doesn't bring me family... etc. Nothing essentially changes. I stay appreciative and expectant, keep myself happy and enjoy vibrational matches like this, but no more comes my way. Crickets chirp, a tumbleweed blows by.... :) That's it. So, I must be missing something?

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@grace i think that's a good question! what i don't understand is you say you had success but what do you mean with "i want a new reality"? do you mean you want to have a completely new persona with a different name, different past etc?

(20 Nov '12, 11:46) releaser99

@releaser99 - Sorry, I had a feeling this came out garbled; I struggled a bit. I'll add some examples to make it clearer, I hope. :)

(20 Nov '12, 13:20) Grace

@Grace, Great question. Sounds like you are successfully manifesting these things, since you are technically getting what you ask for. Keeping in mind the "lazy universe" theory, or the fact that the Universe tends to take the path of least resistance in manifesting your desires, I would be more specific in your requests; for instance, write out exactly what financial security means to you (an exact amount of income, or the way you want to feel, etc.). I know that in my own experience...

(20 Nov '12, 16:19) lozenge123

...I have to set the bar exactly as high as I specifically want it to be, otherwise the "lazy" Universe will give me something that technically answers my request, but in a way which is not quite as fulfilling, or as I was inwardly hoping for. If you have already been more specific in requesting "bigger" manifestations, and feel that these are falling short, then these "little" manifestations might just be vibrational matches letting you know that your "bigger" manifestation is in the works.

(20 Nov '12, 16:21) lozenge123

@grace hey for me it sounds like you are on the right path and your seeds are growing. i have smilar experiences and will ask a new question for this. it might be important where you are on the emotional scale regarding your topic. i believe it is like @lozenge123 said that we have to ask for more details. abrahams process of "scripting" seems to be the ideal tool for this. hope the experts here in iq will give you some good advice.

(20 Nov '12, 16:49) releaser99

@lozenge123 and @releaser99, thanks to you both. It does all look rather hopeful, doesn't it? :) I'm so happy in doing this that I am not all that disappointed in what I'm seeing, it is fun anyway. It's just that, well, its not really satisfying at this level, is it? So be more specific overall is what I'm hearing... Sometimes I am in two minds about that, thinking that I should keep my wishes sort of...

(20 Nov '12, 21:42) Grace

... open to possibilities, giving the universe room to work, like "Ok, I trust you. Surprise me!" ;)

I have seen "scripting" referred to a few times, but I am not certain what's involved, or how people have used it successfully... any advice on that? Thanks!

(20 Nov '12, 21:43) Grace

@Grace, I know exactly what you mean about wanting to stay "open"...I feel that way too at times. Sometimes I will actually be both open and specific at the same time. For instance, I will write a request saying, "Please give me X in any way or package you choose...but if getting 'X' will negatively affect someone else, or make me unhappy, then I will also take W, Y, or Z instead." Basically, I get as specific as I want while still staying open, so that I feel really good about my request.

(21 Nov '12, 01:35) lozenge123

Also, as in the above example, I will sometimes give the Universe additional options in case the request I think I want is not going to make me feel how I really want to feel, I will give the Universe additional options (2nd, 3rd choices, etc.). I think this also ties in to why it's important to give the reasons why you want the thing when you write out the request, as Stingray suggests doing in his directions for Manifesting Experiment 1. Hope this helps, and good luck!

(21 Nov '12, 01:39) lozenge123

I believe Neville explains what you are asking quite beautifully. Give a listen

(21 Nov '12, 14:44) Rindor

@lozenge123 - I had never thought of 2nd and 3rd options, for some reason, that's cracking me up! I like it. And why not, right?

(22 Nov '12, 10:22) Grace

@Rindor - Thank you so much. That was lovely. I am familiar with the ideas expressed in that clip, but I'd never heard them put, as you said, so beautifully. That felt wonderful. Think I'll take his advice, and go have myself a sweet nap, right now. :) Thanks for sharing, I love it.

(22 Nov '12, 12:50) Grace

Links no longer working , which is a shame but perhaps if you could give it's title , one may be able to track down elsewhere , thanks in advance from a Big Neville Fan . I just noticed nevs name in reverse E-lliven ;-)

(26 Mar '13, 21:35) Starlight
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Once you have choosen the reality you want to experience, how do you go about living it?

There seems to be different meanings of the word "choice" (or "choose") in different situations and societies.

But in my experience it's important to stick to the meaning of the word "choice" in context of shifting to paralell realities.

So in this context I think it means choosing one option from a variety of options and sticking to that chosen one. Thus it also means that those other options are no longer available options in the context of your chosen option. By choosing, you eliminate other options and let go of them. So there is no going back to the old status quo or re-considering those old options after making a choice.

It's about using your ability to focus and to sticking to one option only. It's about burning your bridges. It's like choosing a meal from a menu and sticking to it and eating it instead of saying "I want that, so now I have it but maybe I should give it back and consider something else that's tastier/healthier".

So with that definition in mind, let's try to apply it to your situation.

All wonderful things, I don't want you to think I don't appreciate them, because I surely do, but $100 does not lift financial burden... A dinner doesn't bring me family... etc. Nothing essentially changes.

So you decide that you are financially well off. Thus if it's really a choice, being financially poor is no longer an option in your consciousness... even if the echo of your old choices manifest into your reality for a while. And because it's your choice to be financially well off, you don't react to any circumstance that suggests anything other than what you have chosen.

  • Choosing a meal from a menu in a restaurant = No longer considering options/thoughts that suggest anything other than this meal you are eating

  • Choosing financial abundance = No longer considering options/thoughts that suggest anything other than financial abundance

So if you are finding yourself reacting to circumstances (e.g. 100$ manifesting into your reality) and considering the option/thought of "but that's not enough", it means financial abundance is no longer your choice but you are preferring "I have not enough yet" instead.

But if you really make a choice to be financially well off, you don't consider any other options because choosing means eliminating all other options and burning your bridges.

I hope this makes some sense :).


answered 15 Aug '15, 09:47

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@releaser99 - Thank you, yes this does make sense. I've been lacking clarity of focus, apparently. I'm just so open to whatever happy circumstances want to manifest, that I seem to be missing the boat on some things that are important to me.

It's been difficult for me to reconcile the happy-go-lucky change in my life with the level of certainty and detail that appears to be a requirement in this case.

(15 Aug '15, 12:02) Grace

@releaser99 You're completely right, great answer! If you really choose wealth over poverty then it wouldn't matter if your circumstances initially reflected back no money at all. You would feel financially abundant even if you had $1. No fear, no reaction, no feeling of dread or worry about money, just a happy, secure feeling of freedom, abundance and wealth. Once that is your true state of being your (financial) circumstances would match your feeling and LOA is superfast too. :)

(15 Aug '15, 13:55) Yes

@Grace "I'm just so open to whatever happy circumstances want to manifest" Great choice! :). Just feeling good and enjoying whatever wants to manifest and no longer considering options/thoughts that suggest that something "should" or "should not" manifest can be a lot of fun I think.

(17 Aug '15, 05:57) releaser99

@Yes Yeah, it seems that it comes down to Bashar's "all time classic" "Circumstances don't matter. Only state of being matters" :).

(17 Aug '15, 06:00) releaser99
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Hiya, Grace...You might say that I have a unique perspective on this question. Why? Because last year, I literally stopped living a reality I did not want, and started living a reality I did.

I was stuck in Mississippi (sounds like a good name for a movie..."Stuck in Mississippi"..hmmm...Have to ponder that possible manifestation...)...I was going nowhere, had no friends, did not mix with the culture, hated the weather [Katrina especially], and was miserable. Wade and I had a long-distance relationship, but had never met in person. After a year of eight-hour phone calls, I prayed, and acted.

It was a deliberate and decisive move on my part. I had to give up my 2000 sq. ft. home, my pets, my piano, my 4,000+ book everything....But I realized that I was never going to manifest anything at all in Mississippi. I moved to Pennsylvania, and now have a new life,friends, a new home, a partner to share all this with (sorry, Wade--did not mean to put you last!!! Love you).

How do you do it? You do it! Nike was right.

Just do it. Make up your mind, and change what you have been doing for what you want to be doing. It really is quite simple, but not easy.

There have been consequences...I missed my house dreadfully until Wade and I could afford our new home. We lived in one room for a year and a half, and it was really crowded and unbearably small after my home in Mississippi. But I kept my "eyes on the prize". (Mohammed Ali quote there.) I kept up my absolute belief that all was going to work out. I prayed a lot. Both Wade and I kept positive.

We have been literally showered with blessings and manifestations ever since we moved. I cannot list everything that has been donated to us. We furnished most of the downstairs for about $200. We actually spent more on an original oil painting we liked than we did on all of the things we had to buy here and there like measuring cups and the like. We have found just about everything we have needed or could ever want at flea markets...The manifestations keep on coming. I told only one person I needed 72" drapes, and I now have three bags of them.

That is the how. You asked: " What is the thinking process? The mechanism? What do you tell yourself? How does one get from A to B?" This is how: You act "as if". You just switch your course, and believe in the Universe. For me, that meant putting my trust in the Lord, and moving always forward, never once doubting that God would not provide. That is the key- that firm belief that God will provide.

For He does, when you have faith.

Many blessings,



answered 20 Nov '12, 15:50

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Thanks, @Jaianniah! You sure are an inspiring success story! Congrats again to the two of you. It is just so heartwarming to see what's happening with you guys. It's nice that you share some of this experience with all of us - makes me feel like in a way, I get to enjoy your success and happiness, right along with you. :)

So, act as if. Like fake it til you make it? I see what you mean....

(20 Nov '12, 22:07) Grace

... If I'm experiencing life inside my head in the same way as I would be in once I'm living what I want to live, then that would be to create that void or vacuum that must be filled, wouldn't it? I think I'm doing that, to a certain extent, but maybe it just isn't focused and detailed enough. That seems to be part of where I've gone a bit wonky on this. Thanks again for the good advice.

(20 Nov '12, 22:08) Grace

I had a similar experience to Jaianniah. I moved from Oregon to Philadelphia two years ago with less than $200, not many possessions, no work and came to town not knowing anyone. I now run a successful company and live in my own apartment and am meeting new people and have been here for a couple years now- I also got all my awesome furniture for free as well. It was extremely difficult and terrifying but I also trusted and things came exactly when they needed to come. You gotta jump first though

(21 Nov '12, 00:47) Kanda

@Kanda - Trust and jump. :) Great advice. Thank you. And congratulations to you on your success! Thanks for sharing - it is very inspiring.

(22 Nov '12, 12:46) Grace
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I agree, I think we all are trying to find that permanent residence in the Kingdom life. I have been working on mantras for just this, based on Philippines 4:19.

" Philippians 4:19 And my God shall supply ALL of your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus! "

I think the important thing to see is the word ALL and the phrase from his riches. God's Kingdom has wealth beyond imagination. But not just this health, power, any need you may have.

Solomon wanted wisdom, God gave it, David courage, God gave it, Sampson Strength, God gave it. Any need God gave.

So a mantra could be, "Every day, every way, from the abundance of God's Kingdom, God meets and exceeds my every need."


answered 26 Mar '13, 03:10

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Wade Casaldi

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The smaller things manifesting are indicators of improving alignment, showing you are on track to allowing the chosen reality to manifest. It's amazing how the Universe assists us every step of the way, but we are still looking at the smaller victories from our older limited [perspective] vibration, so we assume we're not getting what we wanted, but it's quite the opposite actually. A lot of people doing energy work will make this mistake, [I've done this too in the past] they'll believe that smaller manifestations mean that they are falling short on their energy work and assume they're doing something wrong, or not doing enough, when actually, they are progressing more towards realizing their intentions, as the Universe is showing you, with these smaller manifestations, that what you're doing is indeed working. Answering the question above, about how you go about living your chosen reality?, the answer is already within the question, you just go about living it, ''as if'' it's already your chosen reality, in the present, with a relaxed and confident vibe, and to also celebrate those smaller manifestations when they occur, because they simply indicate that you're on track to realizing your chosen reality.


answered 16 Aug '15, 12:09

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Thank you for your answer. I can see now that I'm looking at vibrational matches as failures! I would think "Vibrational matches, that's good", but then disappointment takes over, because I feel like this was all I could manage to manifest. The self doubt would stop the manifestation in its tracks at that point. You have helped a lot, thanks very much.

(16 Aug '15, 15:34) Grace

Grace you're welcome, you are ALWAYS moving towards what you want so enjoy the journey!

(16 Aug '15, 18:34) Kreatr

I don't know if this is useful, but I felt an urge to share it:

I follow the work of Melody Fletcher, and in her new book (Deliberate Receiving - I am finding it VERY useful in finally understanding the mechanics of how my reality mirrors my vibration) she talks about how all manifestations are really a progression. (Abraham would probably say "momentum".)

1) You focus on something of your choice, and activate a frequency. (The big element I am learning here is that the thing I think I want is always just the best representation of how to get a specific emotional experience my brain can come up with at the time, and to not get too hung up on the details.)

2) You feel an emotion - there's your first indication of how you're building momentum, and your first opportunity to adjust your focus.

3) Thoughts, memories, and ideas that match that frequency start appearing. Here's another indication of what frequency you're actually putting out. So for instance if you think you're focused on wanting a new job, but you're actually vibrating "there are no good jobs to be had", this is where those thoughts will pop up. Which is great, because otherwise how would you know what you're putting out there?

4) Synchronicities. Some people call this "driftwood". Stuff that feels like how you think the thing you want will feel. You hear a song about the thing you want, or see an ad, or hear about someone else getting it.

5) Physical manifestations start to appear.

So what she says happens for many of us is, we gather enough momentum toward a vibration that "precursor manifestations" show up in stage 5. Now here is the thing. All manifestations are just mirrors. There's no "this is all you can have" judgement. It's literally just a mirror reflecting to you in physical reality where your vibration about that topic currently is - to help you get what you want! So you can look at the precursor, and say "Hmm, yes, good, a dinner invitation. But I want MORE, bigger, more comprehensive!" so then you poke around there for a bit until maybe you realize - oh wow, I am afraid to dream as big as I want to on this topic (or something - your hangups may vary!) and then you simply adjust the vibration of your focus and see what happens next. And you wouldn't necessarily have known that you are not vibrating a pure "I want to be loved within a family" thing, but something much murkier and not what you want, if you hadn't gotten the precursor manifestation.

Thinking of manifestation as being purely mechanical is really useful to me right now. I tend to get very emotionally entangled in "what am I doing wrong" (ugh, the worst), so thinking that everything is literally (well, okay, metaphorically... but it's a very literal kind of metaphor!) just mirroring back what I'm putting out is very useful.

Example, my family is currently house-hunting. It's so easy for me to dip into thinking "I can't really get everything I want" and "I guess this is the best I can do", which sets up momentum I don't really want to experience, because I CAN get exactly what I want, it's only about my specific vibration, not "the market" or anything else. So it's useful to keep in mind that it's purely mechanical, the precursor manifestation is not the "finished" manifestation (not that it ever finishes), it's just "Hey, here's what you're broadcasting, is this what you want to keep broadcasting"?

Melody refers to this as "catalog shopping". Which is a kind of radical idea for me, but I'm playing with it. So when I see a house that is like 75% of what I want, instead of going into "See, what I want just doesn't exist", I'm trying to stay very light in my response and just be like "Yes, like this, but with some trees, and a bigger kitchen, and in that other neighborhood I like." (And to even hold those things lightly, and realize that whatever thing I'm focusing on is just the best representation of an emotional experience I want to have that I can come up with right now.)


answered 16 Aug '15, 15:13

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Thank you, I'm glad you followed the urge to share! This is a terrific answer. I especially appreciate the advice to watch the negative thoughts and see them as clarifications of what your vibration is attracting. I still push unwanted thoughts away many times, and I think I'm sabotaging myself at that point. I should acknowledge and use them more to my advantage.

Also "Hey, here's what you're broadcasting, is this what you want to keep broadcasting"? is a great tool to keep handy...

(16 Aug '15, 15:47) Grace

I'd always read keeping things light hearted was right, but never taken it so far as sort of detached, mechanical, and automatic. I like that too. Maybe that's best for emotional over thinkers like me. :)

(16 Aug '15, 15:48) Grace
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