Science strugles long time ago to establish the primordiality of evolution, based on much serious arguments which confirm the existence of evolution of species by adaptation to the ever changing environment, but not finding a reasonable explanation of "primum movens". The Big Bang? Well. The Big Bang of what? Determined by Who or what?

Religions also sustain strongly the origine of universe and life with all its forms in the only act of God Creation. The opposition between the two conceptions (theories) appears to be in an absolute incompatibility.

Why must obstinately lay and mantain in opposition and incompatibility the two conceptions?

I think there is an enough simply solution for "compatibilization" of apparent antagonist two theories:

One preexisting Mental decided to manifest His existence; He generated the Big Bang and after the universe and, one after other the heads of life lines (see Genesis), endowing them with ability of evolving.

In Christianity, this preexistent Mental is named God. In other religions, He bear other names, but He is the One and the same Mental.

When "God created man to his own image: to the image of God He created him: male and female he created them" (Genesis 1:27). "And God blessed them, saying: Increase and multiply..." (Genesis 1:28). What means "increase". Sure this not reffers to the body dimensions, nor to the age. It must refferring to some very important, if this is mentioned at the start of humankind's existence. I think that "increase" reffers to the evolution of humankind. And if God verbalized this program, this means that, on the adequate stade of his evolution, the human can 'increase' consciously.

What is your opinion about?

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God isn't trying to confuse or mislead us in the Bible, as 'progressive' ideas would have us believe, but gave us the Genesis record as a clear historical account throughout to be understood by everyone. God was the only eyewitness to the Creation, and we should trust Him above the ideas of mere men who weren't there.

The Hebrew text overwhelmingly and unquestionably indicates the universe was created in six calendar Earth days (numbering the days, ‘evening and morning’, etc.), but if one assumes long ages, the order in Genesis 1 flatly won’t work. Note Ex. 20:11 also, where the immediate context (Ex. 20:9-10) is clearly literal days:

“For [in] six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them [is], and rested the seventh day: wherefore the LORD blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it” (Ex. 20:11).

God knew in advance the Creation account would be challenged in the latter days by long ages, so seems to have overemphasized literal days in the Hebrew text of Genesis 1, as well as intentionally sequenced Creation events in a way completely inconsistent with evolutionary philosophy, to preclude any logical way one could hold both Genesis 1 and long ages (including evolution) to be true.

God certainly couldn't declare His entire creation "very good" (Gen. 1:31) if it was preceded by billions of years of vast suffering and death as required by evolution. The Bible also declares plainly that death came as a result of Adam's sin and not before (Rom. 5:12, 1 Cor. 15:21-22), which precludes death or evolution before Adam. The truth is that God created our universe in perfect working order, filled with beauty far beyond our present world, as a joyous place for angels and men to dwell in love, peace and harmony. In the initial Creation, there was no death, destruction, malice or evil whatsoever. To disbelieve the clear truth of the Genesis Creation account undermines the very foundation of the Bible's theology.

Even atheist evolutionists clearly see positive evidence for intelligent design of the universe and life — they just refuse to believe what they see. Check out Intelligent Design vs. Evolution — The Miracle of Intelligent Design and Miracles of God, Evolution or False Prophets?.


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Miracles of God

Thank you this answer. You gived some surprising aspects for sinking about: Creation on 6 Eartly days? Not existing death before Adam's sin? Was humankind to be undying in physical body? and only mankind? Else the "plants with seeds" asserts the cyclicity of life! I need "digest" mentaly these ideas.

(17 Jul '10, 06:24) Gleam

First off, I would recommend checking out the book The Language of God. The author, Francis S. Collins, was the director of the Human Genome Project and is a firm believer in God. He, along with President Clinton gave the announcement that the Genome Project was complete.

As for my personal belief, I don't think that the book of Genesis was written as a literal description as to the origins of the universe and life. Would the people of the time have understood concepts such as DNA, Natural Selection, and genetic mutation, not to mention the laws of physics and the physical constants that our existance hinges on. I've found belief in harmony between science and religion. That God can exist along with evolution and the big bang.


answered 15 Jul '10, 15:45

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Michael 1

Thank you the answer and the book recommendation; I saw the content, it appears interesting :) "harmony between science and religion" or double-entry bookkeeping?

(15 Jul '10, 20:28) Gleam
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