We people of the Gulf Coast are making weak jokes about the end of the World, and wondering what in the world God thinks about how we are handling these and other disasters. Volcanoes are erupting, earthquakes are shaking up cities (but the geophysical folks say that these things go on all the time; it's just that we are noticing it right now). It certainly is the end of the health of the Gulf of Mexico near the USA...

Do you think that God is trying to send us a message? It is hard enough to handle the "normal" disasters- floods, tornadoes, fires, wars...But this oil spill has me really rattled.

The Big Question I have is this: When are our fellow Americans going to get angry and start marching? Imagine that you wake up to a beautiful dawn (as I did today), and you step outside to admire the sunrise...and the air is filled with the dense odor of petroleum? That is precisely what happened to me this morning. They are predicting a hostile hurricane season...do you realize that a hurricane is a big vacuum that sucks up energy from the ocean and transforms it into wind and rain? It might just rain oil from here to New York...

I apologize. I am not really sure if I am saying this right, but where is God in all this? I am NOT saying He did it- rather, I wonder if it is time to re-read Revelations....How are YOU feeling about the oil spill? Did you realize that the Gulf Coast is still dealing with the after-effects of Katrina?

Please pray. It would really help.

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Thanks for an interesting question and for everyone's contributions to it. I love reading all of the different perspectives...

An act of God - Corporate greed - Government indifference - A conspiracy - Human corruption.

I believe that each of us creates our own reality, through our beliefs and imagination or our connection to our higher self. And that the reality we are now experiencing is determined by our current state of being.

I think it's safe to say that everyone believes what they wrote, based on their current beliefs, right?

Right, so the way I see it is that each and every belief we hold is true for us individually and because all that is, God or the Universe, loves us unconditionally, it/he/she allows us to choose to experience any reality that we choose to believe in, even if that reality does not serve us.

The law of attraction or what you put out is what you get back, manages all the events of our life in an impartial and impersonal way.

Therefore, if you believe that the aftermath of the BP oil spill represents a negative future event, such as the end of the gulf coastline, evacuation of Florida by FEMA or the end of the world, etcetera. Then the law of attraction must bring that reality to you, because you create your own reality.

On the other hand. If you disregard all of the details and through your discernment and the contrast of what's happened, decide what it is that you now prefer to experience and that you choose to believe is possible; the law of attraction must reflect the experience of that new reality to you.

I realize that if you believe a negative event will happen and I believe that a positive event will happen. And if I say that yes, both must happen, because the law of attraction must make manifest each individual's reality based on their beliefs, it seems like a contradiction...

But as I suggested in this post http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/1975/is-paradox-normal, paradox really is normal. Could it be either and, rather than either or? To continue this any further would require a discussion about parallel realities. Something I look forward to...

Finally, if you already understand the law of attraction, I highly recommend http://www.bashar.org/. He's just posted a video regarding the Gulf oil spill.


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Is this what you would call the "literal" interpretation of the LOA? I've always been a bit baffled by this approach. You can pretend that everything is all right, but does that magically wash the oil off the birds?

(15 Jun '10, 16:23) Vesuvius

It's my understanding of how LOA works. Bear in mind that the term LOA, is a label used for convenience and not the actual thing; which has no absolute label. Again, I don't believe in the existence of objective reality, so in that sense everything is illusory or pretend. Animals and people enter and exit this shared reality every day. Each is a different point of view of consciousness at large. I can only speak from my own perspective about what I now choose. I cannot speak for an oil covered bird or for any other perspective.

(16 Jun '10, 09:12) Eddie

Can we at least agree that none of us wants what has happened to happen again? And can we agree that nature, animals, birds, human life and our beautiful world are more sacred and valuable than any government’s agenda, human’s greed or corporation’s profit? And can we agree that those unwanted things came from us humans and so, we also have the power to change them into what we now want? If so, we agree and so, what we now choose must manifest. Peace.

(16 Jun '10, 09:14) Eddie

I like your perspective Eddie

(16 Jun '10, 11:55) Michaela

Good answer Eddie, I think I can agree with that. The issue for me is one of control. I feel overwhelmed by what is happening to the planet and saddened but maybe knowing what we don't want is a start to getting what we do want.

(04 Feb '12, 06:26) Alan Crabbe

Thanks Alan. Since writing that answer, I've realized that change does not mean we can or will ever change any physical reality that we're currently experiencing. Instead, change means that it is we who change our vibrational state, thus making visible any version of reality we now prefer. All realities exist here and now eternally. By changing state we change our perspective. So rather than try to change the external, simply change state and change must occur :)

(04 Feb '12, 20:41) Eddie
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Not everyone thinks these events are Acts of God. There are an increasing number who claim that they are man-made.

Was Katrina A 'Man-Made Storm' For Profits?

But, whatever you consider the cause to be, the Law of Attraction still reigns supreme...nothing unwelcome can enter your reality unless you are a vibrational match to it.


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Hold on while I get my tinfoil hat...

(14 Jun '10, 19:10) Vesuvius

The real tragedy of the Gulf oil spill is that it could have been easily prevented, had BP followed their own safety procedures.

In disasters like this, there is no one root cause. It takes a chain of several circumstances, and systematic disregard for safety, to cause these kinds of failures. Furthermore, for this kind of disregard to occur, there have to be widespread problems with the surrounding incentives. BP would not have become complacent about safety had there not been strong incentives to do so.

It is the same with our financial system. Many of the instigators of the collapse had the capacity to deduce that what they were doing was dangerous, but the financial incentives were so great that they disregarded the dangers and rationalized their behavior. In some cases, the danger actually promoted the bad behavior ("We know it's going to crash eventually, so let's make as much money as we can, so that when the storm comes we can weather it").

As far as Katrina was concerned, the problems with the levees were literally known for decades by the Army Corps of Engineers but, the shortsightedness of our government being what it is, the problem was deferred over and over again by each successive administration. In effect, the leaders in power were gambling that the Category 5 hurricane that they knew would hit eventually would not happen on their watch.

All of these problems are one hundred percent human ones.


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I agree with Stingray and Vesuvius, this oil spill was totally created by man. Hurricanes, of course, aren't man-made, but our response to them is.

I remember going to a family reunion in the New Orleans area a year before Katrina, and as I walked down the street with my cousins, you could look UP and see the ships bobbing around on the river. I wondered about the many levees and how a city lying so low could be protected; and we all know what happened the next year. Man wasn't ready!

I don't see God's hand in any of it, but I can certainly understand how you are upset and rattled. I would be as well.


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LeeAnn 1

Naturaly dramatical events heppened, hapens and will happen. But the ingeniosity of man to act with more and more risks for the security of life on Earth, will soon become peerless bt Nature.

I want aware you about an other opinion about this topic:


This event is not God made, like the insecure vaccins, the therrorist abt, the genetic dangerous engineerings, etc, etc. But it is acceptable that, knowind the human nature, they was anticipate ae previsions or, if yoy like more, as profecies.

I want underline that the collective consciousness have tools, yet now, to manifests a better end of human irresponsibility, IF WE ALL WANT AND ACT.

Earth tranverses a sensitive poriod of the solar system movement on the galaxy. The Earth need our help.


answered 29 Jun '10, 11:56

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well oil spill are men made and the force of nature men affect it also by cutting tree and building barrage and destroying the ozone. men as free will he should use it wisely. experience and enjoy.


answered 29 Aug '11, 20:16

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white tiger

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