I have had pressure in my head for about a year now (it's like pressure of air). Doctors didn't help me. Any ideas what is it and how to cure it?

EDIT: I've accepted the anwser that was the most benefical. But the problem isn't solved yet. However, I will post a new question providing my problem in a larger detail.

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Do you have high blood pressure?

(04 Oct '09, 20:03) Penny

No, no, it's not about blood pressure.

(05 Oct '09, 15:11) Asklepios

Hi Asklepios, how's that pressure in your head?

(23 Oct '09, 13:08) Celine

Hello :) Thanks for your care. Unfortunately that pressure in my head is still alive and well. I've got some clues about it but don't know how to join them up. I think I will ask a new question in this case, or edit this one.

(23 Oct '09, 22:37) Asklepios
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Not exactly an answer but, when did you start feeling that pressure? How did you feel prior to the event or succession of events that gave rise to the pressure in your head? If your can answer these two questions yourself, I believe you can acquire the tools needed to relieve your head from that pressure in conjunction with some professional advice and care.


answered 04 Oct '09, 20:32

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user-32 (yahoo)

It started about a year ago. What may have caused it? I did some chakra excercises (stimulating) and listened to the hempisphere synchronization music (that from Monroe Institute). If you can think about an anwser now, please post.

(05 Oct '09, 15:15) Asklepios

I would suggest that you start by talking with the people who introduced to the chakra exercises, find out if any of them have had similar experiences, how they have dealt with them and what were their results.

(07 Oct '09, 09:02) user-32 (yahoo)

Have you considered that it is one of the many, many ascension symptoms we are having? I have had some pressure in my head (is expanding), especially behind the eyes. Have gone through different phases of symptoms - not fun! If it is ascension, then there isn't really anything that will relieve it; just have to get through it. good luck!


answered 04 Oct '09, 21:44

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Thank you for this response. ;) But I don't think ascension should be painful, it just doesn't make sense to me.

(05 Oct '09, 15:17) Asklepios

There is an "energy therapy" process called EFT which you might want to take a look at.

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques and basically consists of tapping at various points on the body to cause a transformation in the body's energies and often a remarkable and immediate healing.

Check out YouTube for many free videos on how to do EFT or you can go the official EFT website for a free instruction manual.


answered 04 Oct '09, 22:28

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John Drake

Thank you, but I've already tried EFT. It didn't help.

(05 Oct '09, 15:12) Asklepios

Excellent resource is a book called:

Prescription for Nutritional Healing.

I have had much success with the recommendations that the book makes to help with physical needs. It is so well received that it is in its 5th edition. Authors are Phyllis A Balch and James Balch. Whole Foods, Amazon, and most health food markets and stores carry it.


answered 04 Oct '09, 23:47

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Yes , There are medicines in Homeo pathy, coupled with the meditation, which can reduce the pressure in head.


answered 05 Oct '09, 08:55

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Could you write more on this subject? I once tried some homeopathic remedium, but it didn't help.

(05 Oct '09, 15:18) Asklepios

Have you tried meditation?


answered 05 Oct '09, 19:13

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Of course yes, but the problem isn't that simple to be cured simply by this.

(05 Oct '09, 19:31) Asklepios

Meditation has positive physical effects on the body; I wouldn't discount this so easily.

(13 Oct '09, 05:23) Vesuvius

@Asklepios - whenever i have a headache it is always relieved at least during the time that i'm in meditation :)

(24 Jan '12, 10:07) blubird two

It's different for me cause this is not a headache, but pressure.

(24 Jan '12, 10:41) Asklepios
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Why not try traditional chinese medicine?


answered 07 Oct '09, 07:47

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Could you write more about that? You mean akupuncture?

(07 Oct '09, 12:41) Asklepios

Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM can be acupuncture, herbal medicine, reflexology, or qigong exercises. If you want more information, visit the website of TCM Discovery group, www.tcmadvisory.com

(08 Oct '09, 01:44) Celine

@Celine - chinese medecine yes !

(24 Jan '12, 10:08) blubird two
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The dimensions of this question are simply too wide. For instance, if you are into meditation, check Bill Bodri's Meditationexpert.com website where he provides information on the skullbones opening and the preludes (pain, pressure in head etc) to that event. Sometimes the pressure must be endured after which ... 10,000 miles of clear sky!


PS this info may be in articles related to the TAO or TAOISM.


answered 07 Oct '09, 11:53

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Thank you for this website!

Sometimes the pressure must be endured after which ... 10,000 miles of clear sky! - I don't get it. Can you put it in other words?

(07 Oct '09, 14:26) Asklepios

Did the doctors do a scan of your head particularly front sinus cavities? If physical problems are ruled out, then dig for other alternatives. I have had severe head pressure for over 10 years. It was discovered I have a huge sinus cavity in between the eyebrows. It is so big it goes into the head. Consider that pressure can be affected from climate changes.

Spiritually, you might be going through massive changes. The advice given here regarding that is excellent.


answered 09 Oct '09, 15:44

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I had the X-ray photo done, but it seems that my cavities are ok. But big thanks anyway. ;)

(09 Oct '09, 17:19) Asklepios

It should be an MRI. Much health to you. :)

(10 Oct '09, 02:09) Alma

Acutally I've done MRI of the head also and everything was ok.

(24 Jan '12, 09:35) Asklepios
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when i was a child i experienced head pressure often- relax, all you do is take a bandana and tie it around your head- pull it as taut as you need to in order to obtain relief try it and see if it helps you


answered 16 Nov '09, 04:03

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eleanor sawitsky

I think this is too forceful. Of course I do this when the pressure is too unbearable.

(24 Jan '12, 09:36) Asklepios

@eleanor sawitsky - yes a loose metal ring often does wonders, they work on the same principle as metal bracelets :)

(24 Jan '12, 10:10) blubird two

The pressure in your head could be an accumulation of dense energy (or troubling thoughts) which needs clearing. The usual factors which can cause pressure(s) in one's heads can range from work, relationships, battles with one's self/one's soul, responsibilities, financial worries, peer pressures...in fact the list is endless.

Perhaps a useful question would be to ask - what is it that's bothering you? Literally, what is it that is on your mind? Is there something weighing heavily on you? And note the terminology.

When we're light-headed or light-hearted we feel free and giddy on life; we're said to be on a high. But when life (or the world's pressures) WEIGH HEAVILY on us, we feel down, depressed, unwell, out-of-sorts. So check what it is that you're concerned about and then ask Life for help to either a) relieve you of whatever it is that's bothering you or b) eradicate/make better the situation. I wish you well.


answered 16 Jul '17, 15:43

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