I have seen that a similar question has been asked before many years ago but with no solution and answer that would provide relief.

I have been practicing meditation for over a year and then severe pressure occurred and it remains even though I do not meditate for months.Unfortunately I started with this practice quite unprepared using internet as my teacher which I see now has been great mistake.

It is like having air trapped inside my skull.

I desperately seek for solution I did MRI and various medical checks but non doctor could say what it is. I used so many medications, doctors changed several types of anti anxiety pills .

I tried also various alternative medicine such as craniosacral therapy, massages, I currently doing acupuncture . I started with qigong classes recently . I am doing grounding activities on daily basis such as gym exercises but still it doesn't help

Please help, this is destroying my life.

Has anyone had similar experience and how did you managed to get over it.

Dear Jaiannah,

Thank you so much for showing interest in my problem,

  1. I am absolutely sure that it is not coincidence and I am sure that even though this is physical symptom that it is consequence of meditation. I spoke with many doctors some were officially among best in the world but they failed to provide relief so we can assume that our assumption is correct .

  2. Unfortunately I started quite unprepared ,motivated by the positive opinions in mainstream media on meditation. I was using guided meditations on youtube such as Depak Chopra meditations and Kundalini ( at that time I was aware what it is really ) made by US Brain Sync company . In the beginning I felt great and nice results of meditation. Frightening started when I realized that I have this pressure and that it is not going to go away, in very beginning I had pleasant tingling in forehead so I proceeded with meditation.

  3. Yes I see this as very complicated , you are right at the end I just want to get rid of it although it is not real pain but more like pressure that takes 90% of my life , my thoughts and activities . I am not same man as I use to be . Events that led me to meditation very curiosty , perhaps wish to do something different than other people in my surrounding , I was convinced that I am doing right thing for myself. I had family issues but speaking of my life I was doing great in past few years, I was more than successful , made lot of achievements and thought that meditation will help me to be even better. Please try to help me , there are no words and I could describe how grateful I would be.

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is there an issue in your life that you really struggle with? that doesn't seem to resolve? it's usually an emotional block that needs to be soothed so that energy can flow freely again

(07 Jul '17, 18:06) Surfgrass

I'd also look into a practitioner of this practice. It's usually very soothing and enlightening http://www.thereconnection.com/

(07 Jul '17, 18:12) Surfgrass

@Filip - What meditation technique were you using?

(08 Jul '17, 02:43) Stingray

Yes there are some unresolved issues like all people have but generally speaking I was happpy man before this happened. I know of such theories but still this is physical symptom,even if I wanted to resolve something there is no chance I could do it in this situation

(08 Jul '17, 15:55) Filip

I was using guided meditations on youtube,even kundalini although at that time I had no knowledge what it is.

(08 Jul '17, 15:56) Filip
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EDIT: Thank you for clarifying your question for us! I have a better picture of your problems, and can offer a few ideas that might help you resolve this awful dilemma. I will leave my original answer as a future reference; what I am posting now should help you.

There are three chakras in the head: the throat chakra (fifth); the third eye chakra; and the crown chakra. Any or all of these could have been affected by your foray into meditation. When these energy centers become blocked, some very real physical symptoms will manifest, including the "pressure" you describe. I have written about all the chakras here on IQ: link text (If you read the comments in this question, they go into problems with unbalanced chakras); (Just use the search engine here for more good stuff about chakras). I have been a Reiki Healer for years, as has my husband, and there is nothing like having your chakras balanced by a healer! This would be the very first step I would advise you to take: get thee to a Reiki Master!

Secondly, (I am going to take a intuitive leap here), I am guessing that you blasted yourself into meditation. There could be two effects as a result of this: either you brought energy up into your head, you chakras shut tight, and all your energy (kundalini especially) got stuck; or, you freaked out your poor head chakras, causing them to get stuck open, which is really quite distressing. Open and unprotected chakras are vulnerable to any and all energy floating around out there. Either way, you would feel pretty lousy until you get re-balanced by a healer.

Something that I would recommend you do immediately: get grounded. You need to pull energy out of your head, and back into your body. It is supposed to flow! Look up "grounding" here on IQ. I would say "google it", but maybe you should stay away from doing this! (lol!) Get outside and walk barefooted. Get into nature. Plant some flowers. Get to a body of water, and just float. All of these activities will help. Even mowing your lawn will help (if you have one).

These thoughts are just the beginning. Feel free to keep me posted, and to ask further questions.


There are so many variables that could have come into play here that it makes it really hard to figure out what might be going on with you.

1.) Is it a coincidence that this started with meditation? Could this be a purely physical trouble that started at the same time as your meditating? If so, it appears to have gone on so long that one would think doctors would have figured it out by now... But they have not. So. Is this is a problem that was triggered by the meditation, and is more of spiritual, or metaphysical trouble? Lots of initial questions. They are all things I would ask you about before I could move towards an answer. Let's assume it is not directly physical (even though this is causing a physical problem)....

2.) I would ask you what you did exactly in starting meditation. What practices did you follow? What did you experience? Did it feel pleasant or did it evolve into something you could not handle? Did you remember something while meditating that frightened you? All of these outcomes could lead to chronic head pain if you triggered something in your mind that has led to this head "pressure"....

3.) Are you seeing that this problem is very complicated? Many things could have gone "wrong". But in the end, you just want to be rid of this pain. But it has gone on so long that I wonder if you need to seek a true spiritual healer for this. Short of that, look at all the events that led you to try meditating. What was going on in your life? Did something precipitate your desire to find some peace?

As a healer, I would ask you all of the above questions and more. I cannot really help more unless I have more data to work with- and perhaps these questions can lead you to finding a solution. You might find yourself editing your question so that we can get a clearer picture of what might be going on with you.

Good luck!



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Jaiannah I have edited my question,thank you very much in showing interest.

(09 Jul '17, 07:04) Filip

@Filip- You are welcome. As I said, feel free to ask me any further questions. Good luck! Also, @Surfgrass has some awesome ideas for you!

(09 Jul '17, 19:31) Jaianniah

Jaiannaiah , Thank you for your answer. I agree I must have released energy by blasting myself into meditation and now it is so hard to get out of this situation. It is like I am doing nothing else except trying to get out of this situation. I will continue with grounding , I go 5 times a week to gym and twice Qigong in nature. Just hoping it will not last for years as it is with some people.

I tried Barsa technique but not a Reiki which I will certainly do as well.

(10 Jul '17, 02:53) Filip

@Filip- Reiki will help- providing you get a good healer. Be sure to let me know how it goes!

(10 Jul '17, 05:09) Jaianniah

I started with Reiki and will let you know soon...this is killing me inside my head

(13 Jul '17, 04:24) Filip

@Filip- I have been thinking about you, and wondering if the LOA would help you. The Law says that what you focus on will continue, and I understand how the pain of your head is really bad and distraction. I have huge pain issues, and I am learning how to move my focus away from the pain. A good movie gives me two pain-free hours. I watched a video that Ram Dass made called "Fierce Grace"- he had a bad stroke, and he talks about "lifting yourself up' and out of the problem....

(15 Jul '17, 15:44) Jaianniah

@Filip-....Doing this might break this situation. It sounds to me like you are sitting in the mess... and all that will get you is more pain! I should know; I have a very messed up spine, thanks to a bad car accident. I also recommend three supplements which have helped me: St. Johns Wart- 200 mg T.I.D; Vitamin D (be sure to have your doctor check these levels- low D can really mess your health up); and a B complex vitamin. Think about these things; they helped me.

(15 Jul '17, 15:50) Jaianniah

Thanks Jaiannah, I am doing pretty much the same when want to relax although most of the time I am in front of computer trying to get solution. I use various vitamins including D and powerful complexes of vitamin B as.

(18 Jul '17, 02:35) Filip

@Filip- OMG!!! You are obsessing about this, my dear!!! STOP!!! What you resist will persist!!! Do what I said- get away and out of your head. Go outside. Enjoy summer! Walk in bare feet. Swim. Get off the computer. You must surrender to win!!! Check out this question about surrendering, okay?: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/2895/what-does-it-take-for-a-human-being-to-surrender Read ALL the great answers!!!

(18 Jul '17, 20:26) Jaianniah

Unfortunately you are right I am obsesses with this .This is killing me , I had to close my private business and fire people, reading newspapers is now difficultly for me .

(19 Jul '17, 02:09) Filip

"If you keep doing what you have been doing, you will keep getting what you got..." Be brave and get up, off the computer. Stop thinking. Baby steps. Come on; do you really want this reality? or- maybe- you are really sick with something, and need tests...it's time to change what are doing cuz it is not working!!!

(19 Jul '17, 03:58) Jaianniah
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Hello Filip!

I've had a block in my head that didn't seem to let go, no matter what I tried.

What seems to be happening is that through meditation you unleashed a large amount of energy that for some reason your body is not allowing to flow freely so it creates great tension in your head. I will paste here a method that has helped my body feel at ease as it allowed this extra energy in. Give special attention to the 3rd part, start acting in a way that represents your preferred reality, your body will start relaxing and allowing more as you do:

3 Phases for receiving the "version" of reality you prefer:

  1. See it. (mental) Visualize it. Imagine it. Daydream it. Visualize it clearly. You don't need to visualize it for a long time. Short time is sufficient, but you need to visualize it clearly. You need to have a solid clear picture. Visualizing it creates the blueprint, so see it in great detail. See it ==> Become an efficient Mental Antenna to receive this "version" of reality.

  2. Feel it. (emotional)

Get excited & passionate about it! How would you feel if you had it now? Feel that now! Plug into your vision with all your emotions & all your senses, as if you had it now! Involve all your senses - imagine smelling it, touching it, tasting it, etc. Feel it ==> Become an efficient Emotional Antenna to receive this "version" of reality.

  1. Be it. (physical)

Physical action. Do it! To ground the experience. Do actions that most closely mimic the actions you "see" yourself doing in your vision. Gather and use whatever props mimic that scenario, and do a "dry run". Doing this "make believe" physical action trains the body consciousness. This makes it "real for you now", so the universe then delivers it to you. NOTE: This physical action does not directly cause this desired reality to manifest. Instead, this physical action creates a more precise vibration in yourself, making you a better antenna to receive it, by you becoming more aligned to the same vibration. The reality you desire already exists. You do not have to create it. You only have to receive it. Be it ==> Become an efficient Physical Antenna to receive this "version" of reality.

In other words,

  1. See it. ===> Become a precise mental antenna to "receive" that version of reality.
  2. Feel it. ===> Become a precise emotional antenna to "receive" that version of reality.
  3. Be it. ===> Become a precise physical antenna to "receive" that version of reality.

from http://iasos.com/metaphys/bashar/

Let me know how it goes :)


answered 09 Jul '17, 10:53

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Thank you Surfgrass so much for the advices I will certianly follow them. Please tell me how long were you suffering form head pressure before you overcomed it?

(09 Jul '17, 15:08) Filip

Meditation, like everything, is made up of pure energy. That energy has to go somewhere. So when you meditate, perhaps a question to ask is - what are you doing with the thoughts, feelings and emotions that may 'build-up' inside of your head?

Because if negative they need to be released/let go/exorcised/dispersed. If positive then they will manifest themselves as laughter, the urge to eat (to replace the fuel spent through the spiritual and mental energy or effort it's taken you to meditate) OR you might want to pop out of the house OR dance (smiles).

Whichever it is, energy always has to keep moving ~ has to flow; if it doesn't then it can become stuck (and with your case, it's 'stuck' in your head causing pressures or headaches). So perhaps try this when you next meditate:

  1. If you are cleansing your mind, body, heart and soul of negative energies that no longer serve you, imagine that you are channeling these energies into your open hands. And with your hands physically open, 'capture' this energy, take it outside and release it into the open air where it will be safely neutralised and dispersed. It might also help afterwards to write down what you felt during your meditation and the energies you captured and released.

  2. If you are radiating positive energy and feel the need to 'do' something then do whatever it is your body, heart, soul and mind are telling you to do. Meditation is a method which helps to align these four physical energies so each one should be 'on the same page' as it were. So you might wish to replenish your body by drinking some fluids (water, fruit juice, clear tea - anything which feels light, refreshing and good). You might wish to 'connect' with another - that could be (brace yourself!) through sex or spending time enjoyably with someone. In making them feel good, you'll make yourself feel and the universe will feel you which will help bring your meditative practices full circle. If you want to dance or laugh or talk aloud - do so. Meditation (like masturbation - yep I said it! :) is completely private - so do whatever feels right. The Golden Rules are that if you're not hurting yourself nor hurting anyone else, it's all good. I hope the pressure eases up.


answered 16 Jul '17, 15:36

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Thank you for advises. Perhaps you are right or benaural beats have just screwed blood flow and changed the brain. Even if you are right it is so difficult to radiate positive energy

(18 Jul '17, 02:31) Filip

But in meditating and seeking help you're already being positive :) Ridding yourself of the pressure you feel is perfectly natural, so you're on the right track because you're in your right mind. The pressure you feel is a very good sign that you are ridding yourself of unwanted energies. What helps me when I feel 'stifled' is laughter. Find something that makes you laugh - DVDs, books, comics, whatever - and laugh! It's very cathartic and stops whatever dam(n) may be building in your mind.

(18 Jul '17, 14:27) Joycelyn

Hi Filip, i used to have these kind of pressure in my head too and still sometimes do, but i learned how to eliminate them in seconds.

while meditating, if doing correctly (which obviosly you did according to your discription), we go into a different state of mind/ another vibration and start to get "downloads" from our higher self. like channaling. it's just that some of us are aware of this process more then others and actualy able to listen and understand the download. the thing thats really matter is'nt the state we are while meditating but the state OUT of meditation. our normal state. see, if there's a huge gap beetween your new knowledge and your current vibration it means you are NOT READY FOR WHAT YOU HAVE (the knowledge). and it creat conflicts and big resistance in your sistem. i believe its because the transition between states of being was to fast.

also spirits downloading knowledge when you ask them and does not consider our phisical pain.

so what i do in this situation (it will sound weird but it helps): ask from your higrself /spirit to stop the downlowding. tell them that they are hurting you and to be more gentle. tell them that you prefer to not know but feel healthy. just say what you feel. be assertive and really mean it. when i do it head pressure stop emidietly.

also - try to do what you love, drink lots of water and keep yourself in high vibes, and try grounding - sit under a tree, walk in nature etc.


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Hi Myself, Thank you for advise. I feel so better when hear that someone has managed to overcome this suffering. Please tell me for how long have you had this pressure?

(18 Jul '17, 16:23) Filip

well, i dont really have them anymore, just once in a while, but when i did it could be for 2 weeks or more.. like a headache that doesnt go away, more like a pressure in the crown of the head.

(18 Jul '17, 16:32) myself
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