'All possession is the result of accumulative attitude of the mind.'

What is the meaning of this phrase from the master key system, lesson 5?

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This phrase is based on the concept of "Like Attracts Like" or in other words "Matching Frequencies of Vibration". Meaning when it comes to acquiring possessions - or going even larger by looking at your entire life to include your relationships, your financial wherewithal, your health etc, you do not tend acquire or experience what you "want" as much as you acquire and experience what you "Are" - which is your accumulative "Attitude of Mind" or your "Attitudes and "Beliefs".

Beliefs are energetic frequencies held within the human condition and whatever beliefs you hold deep within will match and attract to you the type of possessions and experiences that match who you are in frequency. These frequencies make up your Self Image, or who you believe yourself to be which includes where you believe you belong in the world.

This also affects the "kind" of people you will attract into your life which has an affect on the kinds of experiences you attract because they too, have a dominant type of vibrational frequency about them. And since like attracts like, you will find your life mostly filled with people who are like you in many ways. In fact, a quote by Jim Rohn goes - "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." I would go even further and say "Your life is the average of the most common thoughts you entertain on a daily basis", which comes from your "Accumulative Attitude of Mind". It is all about matching frequencies of vibration.


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Hello anonymous25 - a positive state of mind, mood or feeling if you wish, is a mind that collects positive energies ... and positive energies promote growth, expansion, abundance; this is what is meant by accumulative attitude of mind, just as a battery can accumulate useful energy, the opposite would be an empty battery, lifeless and useless. Possession is power, the capacity to bring to bear and exercise influence and is found within, it is the realization that all mastery, all knowledge, all things whether physical, intellectual or spiritual are discovered within. In short all possession, all power, all capacity to exert influence is a consequence of a positive, harmonious attitude of mind.

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@ru bis ah, love it . . . you're like an intuitive botanist. Love the tulips. I actually saw this answer when you posted it. I really needed to see a positive take on 'batteries' due to being compared to a battery in a very negative way due to my use of mind power. I don't why this didn't get any votes till now. It's a great answer to the question.

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@ele - thanks for the up vote, yes it felt "right" when i wrote it, doubt was beginning to creep in :)

(16 Mar '13, 02:37) ru bis
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