Does the Master Key System really work? I have been reading the Master Key system for the last 3 weeks. So far, I have been made aware of many thought (good and bad) that go through my mind daily. I am just this work and if so why doesn't everyone do it and why most people don't know about.

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Stingrays answer is excelent and yes if diligently practised The Master Key system does work.

(03 Sep '11, 03:45) Paulina 1


(04 Sep '11, 10:54) Aphrodite

Hi there, I'm new here and I just wanted to say hello and thank you to everyone for the very intelligent questions and answers posted here. The Master Key System seems to be very powerful (I started studying it a few days ago). I will take take to peruse all the Qs & As and I can't wait to share my thoughts with others! To your prosperity, Equilingual

(07 Jan '14, 08:34) Equilingual
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Does The Master Key System really work?

I think it depends what you mean by the word "work".

The Master Key System will start you on a road to self-unfoldment and self-discovery. It will start a process of revealing the real You to You.

The idea of understanding how our thoughts create every aspect of our physical realities is an idea that has been at the heart of every religion and philosophy that has ever existed.

Often the message has been obscured and twisted by unnecessary dogma but you can see that it's always been there if you look deeply enough.

So why doesn't everyone do it?

I would say it's because it's not necessary for everyone to do it.

It's not necessary to understand how a car works to be able to drive it. It's not necessary to understand how a computer works in order to access an internet website.

It's not necessary...but if you take the time and trouble to understand how our physical realities are manifested around us, it can give you a sense of certainty and stability in a world that is rapidly evolving to a new spiritual level.

I notice far more people overtly interested in these metaphysical subjects these days than, say, 30 years ago and I think that's because there's a general feeling now that something unique is happening to us on this planet, and people are feeling more driven towards looking for genuine answers from within rather than being spoon-fed traditional doctrines and dogmas.

And the other thing to bear in mind is that nothing you learn in The Master Key System or any other spiritual work is actually being's all just being remembered.

Many, many people these days are beginning to remember who they really are (spiritually re-awaken) without any formal training at all.

These are wonderful times we are living in - and it's only getting better :)


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yes it is getting better. experience and enjoy.

(02 Sep '11, 22:17) white tiger

Nice answer. I'll just add that The Master Key System is a tool and if you feel attracted to it, it will serve you :)

(03 Sep '11, 01:36) Eddie

Beautifuly said Stingray.

(03 Sep '11, 03:47) Paulina 1

Thank you! .....

(06 Sep '11, 17:53) kmichelle
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The short answer is yes it works perfectly, though for it to work perfectly takes a lot of time, effort and dedication to really feel the thing working. How easily you make progress depends on "where you are at the moment" in terms of being aware...and being aware depends largely on personal experience.

Why doesn't everyone do it?...a lot of people are caught up in the process of surviving in a difficult world, though by simply living, without realizing it they are often making progress thanks to the law of attraction, that always gives us the right challenges at the right moment, and once we have insight into these chalenges we expand our is a world of subtle energies and anyone who practices in this domain knows there are 50% of people that don't even believe in this kind of thing...a lot of people will start and give up after a while simply because it seems too difficult or because they are not yet emotionally evolved enough...the key to success, as in all things, is to have a driving aim that you are ready to put your heart and soul into.


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blubird two

well-said Blubird....

(03 Sep '11, 14:59) LeeAnn 1

@LeeAnn-thanks, have a great day :)

(04 Sep '11, 04:11) blubird two

Good answer Blubird.

(04 Sep '11, 18:38) Paulina 1

Thank you! ....

(06 Sep '11, 17:52) kmichelle

Great answer Bluebird and very true.

(06 Oct '12, 13:39) Paulina 1
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I would say it works, even if I doubt it for a while until I undersand this.

To realise if it works or not, you should realise that what you think you want is not necessary what you deeply want!

I'll will use my story to explain you.

When I begin reading the master key about two years ago, I was dreamin of big luxurious cars, houses and lots of money! After a while, I realise that when I was visualing this, their was a beleif inside of me that once I will get this, I could finally live in peace.

But before I realise this I was very doubtfull regarding master key because nothing in my life was bringing me lamboguinis and big houses. But lots of books and experience to bring peace in me was entering my life almost like magic. I was not seeking for them... I get in my car and their was an interview with a guy on radio, onpened the tv and another show telling me the next step...

Then I realise that true my visualisation of big houses and luxurious car and money I was vibrating peace of mind, calm and guenuine hapiness! Not big houses, luxurious cars and money even if my mental thought that was what I did!


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Thank you! ....

(06 Sep '11, 17:52) kmichelle

Great answer and yes you are right lots of people think if they get what they want they will get peace of mind so when they get peace of mind without the stuff they are confused.

(06 Oct '12, 13:38) Paulina 1

The Master Key System works (from a scientific point of view) by re-wiring your brain. You are given mental tasks to do and these tasks (over time) form 'new thinking' habbits in your mind. In other words, you literally think in a different way. The tasks are very specific and have specific results on your thinking. It is true that if you change your thinking patterns then your decisions and choices will change also. That means that what happens in your life will also change. The aim of the Master Key System is that all of these changes will be positive in your life.

The bottom line of all of this is that it does work, but you also have to work to make it work!


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Well, I am going to find out and will let you know what I discover. See my blog at

Mojo, I appreciate your answer. It seems as if you did not mind not getting the material things.

Even with just a few days of study of the Master Key, it is strange how there's so much synchronicity that appears. People appear to be kinder and I am less anxious about thing. I have been a new age student for some time now and am also listening to Reginald Ray and following his guided meditations using the body and the Earth.


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