can someone explain to me what the purpose of marriage and its commitment, that is a must to follow? esp, when it comes to its sexual commitment? is there a rule that everyone can agree and say this is the way? i seem to be confused about it and don't know what to believe, what to accept and not to accept?

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Please stop posting duplicate questions. This is not a chat forum. I posted an answer to your question already here:

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sorry Vesuvius, its been sometime since i was on tagged and it asked me to register again, didn't know i could do it here that is why the duplications. i Apologize.

(13 Aug '10, 17:02) mom

read the answers to your other questions:

(13 Aug '10, 17:23) Back2Basics
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Personally marriage for me is a commitment I make to my partner to always love and respect him, which for me includes remaining faithful to him when it comes to expressing myself sexually.

No-one can tell you what is right or wrong here because only you know what works and feels right to you and what doesn't work or feels wrong to you.

The other thing is just to remember that the other person involved must be on the same page as you - in other words whatever level of commitment you choose must resonate with both of you.


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I'm not sure there is ever one right answer to any question, and I think that we all might be better off if we stopped thinking there is. It would leave a lot less to argue about.
I try to ask the question, does what I believe have the potential to hurt me or anyone else or the planet? If the answer is yes, then I have to keep searching.


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