I have always wondered this about myself; I have also wondered if other people sometimes feel the same way. I am NOT saying I feel like carving myself up- rather, it's in the little things...I procrastinate; I think negatively- and so on.

Why am I like this? Or is everyone?

Jaianniah (Liz)

asked 20 Mar '13, 11:33

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There is a subpersonality within each person that has a self destruct theme. This is not unnatural because it can be found all over the animal kingdom. A scorpion surrounded by flames will sting itself in the back and kill itself rather than be burned to death. In most people , the perfectly natural self-destruct subpersonality sleeps unless extreme conditions call it forth to influence events. Here are seven steps that caused you or those you love to develop self-destructive behaviour, and seven steps to conquer the problem once and for all.

The seven steps of development for self-destructive behaviour;

1-The children are abandoned 2-The abandonment results in loss of structure 3-Emotional and physical abuse occurs 4-The children turn against themselves 5-The children fear loss of control 6-The children learn that gaining control is vital to survival 7-The children no longer value life. Death seems better.

Seven weapons to slay self-destruction;

1-Realize that life is sacred and has ultimate meaning 2-Admit that you are out of control and ask for help 3-Admit that being in control is the big issue 4-Set your sights to realistic goals 5-Clean up the messes in your life 6-Admit and face your abuse of yourself and others 7-Admit and face the issue of abandonment.

ref; http://www.care2.com/greenliving/slay-self-destructiveness-7-steps.html

hope this makes sense :)


answered 20 Mar '13, 15:41

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ru bis

Jai, Just like in the 23rd Psalm a table has been prepared for by the Lord. Everything you want is there. So be sure you have ask for banquet of blessings. You must reach for it. Other do not have to do this, their power and word has taught them to just kick back and enjoy the whole journey. I am one of those that has to be sure what I want and reach out believing all my good is in arms length. I gave you my email and tele in the question about the crystal power I posed the other day. Find it in about the last comment. Blessings!


answered 20 Mar '13, 16:32

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