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For as long as I can remember, interactions with others, social events, doing things other people my age did have always felt "Right-Handed" to me, while individuality, time alone, and being different have always felt "Left-Handed".

Also, the "Right-Hand" has always reminded me of warm colors--especially orange, while the "Left-Hand" has always evoked cooler colors--especially purple.

Any ideas about this? Anyone else have the same kind of thing? I'd love to hear your personal color-code if you have one.

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@ExistentiaLux, You sure ask interesting questions. This is cool. :)

(23 Nov '12, 22:01) Grace

@Grace, Thanks, Grace! :)

(23 Nov '12, 22:09) ExistentiaLux

@existentialLux- yup..evn i have found same assiciations as u hav mentioned above..

(24 Nov '12, 00:52) supergirl
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Does anyone associate colors or directions with certain feelings or behaviours? well I yes I certainly do, it's part of my training and experience, and it's easy for anyone else to experience too.

One of the first lessons when learning how to handle a pendulum is to do this exercise;

Here's a drawing of a cross

alt text

Hold the pendulum just above the center of the cross without thinking of anything in particular, the pendulum will remain immobile, this is quite normal, however you consciously swing or move it the pendulum will always stabilize itself immobile over the center.

Now think of the colour "red" and the pendulum will stabilize itself swinging in a particular direction. Now think of the colour "blue" and the pendulum will change and stabilize itself swinging in a different direction.

The same phenomenon happens when ever you center your attention on other things such as a bird, a tree, a square, love, a friend in short anything that has a characteristic intrinsic energy. This procedure is very useful for analysing energies whether they be real objects or immaterial.

It also indicates that thoughts and emotions(feelings) are different ways of expressing the same raw energy.


answered 27 Jul '15, 04:07

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Yes, everyone who sees aura. That's why people can look at the same aura but see different colors. It is all subjective/personal.


answered 31 Jul '15, 14:58

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