I have not quite understood the 4th point of lesson one of The Master Key System.

4: This is true because we must "be" before we can "do," and we can "do" only to the extent which we "are," and what we "are" depends upon what we "think."

would be very kind if anyone can help me in that .. thank you very much in advance

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Mandeep Singh

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I don't mean to dismiss your question but I really don't think I can clarify it anymore than Haanel did - the wording is pretty as simplified as it can be so I'm not too sure what it is you don't understand.

(10 Sep '10, 01:17) Michaela

an example of the "be" before you can "do" to the extent that you "are" or "think"

you are a carpenter because you "think" of yourself as a carpenter. in other words, you have to be able to see yourself as a carpenter to "do" those things a carpenter does. Therefore, to "do" things like a carpenter you must "be" a carpenter first in your mind or "think" of yourself as a carpenter. once you "are" a carpenter in your mind or in your "thinking" then you "become" that carpenter in order to "do" carpenter things.

You must "be" before you can "do" and you "are" only to the extent that you "think" you are.


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I think your answers a little better put then mine.Good analogy.

(13 Sep '10, 10:16) Monty Riviera

We are Human Beings not Human Doings. We must Be because that is what we are. How and what we are depends on what we think. Try sitting in a room by yourself and in silence. How long can you be before you go do?

Love and Light


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Point number 4 as highlighted above seems to explain it. If you reverse this and put it like this:

Think.....then do ....then be/are

You think about a given thing,this inevitably leads to you acting on this and eventually your actions become who you are.

Good or bad it seems to me. If you think kind thoughts towards someone you will eventually express this with kind deeds or doings...a practice of doing this will turn you into a kind person.Which is what you will be/are

Works in the negative too...worse luck!



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Monty Riviera

If anyone has read books on the Edgar Cayce psychic readings you will come across the often quoted statement "The mind is the builder, the psysical is result. Another quote is "Thoughts are things." It is our thinking that makes us what we are.


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Brian 2

Its a good question. The way I see it it means to decide who you are, by the simple process of being that person you become that person. For example, somebody may be very unfit and say " I want to be an athlete". As soon as you commit to being an athlete you already are one.. there is no end goal... its a process and you already are that person starting on your journey.. now is the time to start acting like that person (in this case exercise). If you dont act like them (ie sit on the sofa).. then you are not that person. Be before you can do (be the athlete,at your starting point, then you will do what is necessary.. eventually you will become the person you always wanted ....nothing can stop you except yourself (by deciding not to do anytihng). You will also see in the Master Key it says "all the power is in the application.. ie in the doing.. in action.

Good luck, start today and never lose sight of your goal


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Peace. Be is knowledge. Do is wisdom. Are is understanding. This is the proper order of the universe. Each represents 120 degrees of self. Add them together you get 360 degrees of perfection. Now to break them down simply, you want to learn how to properly cultivate herb. So, the first step is to attain the knowledge of how that is done through reading, video, watching someone do it. Second step is to do what you have learned. And the last is actually a combonation of the first two, your comprehension level. As u follow the process over and over you develop a better understanding of how to grow better, or more advanced techniques. As easy as 1 2 3. PEACE- Proper Education Always Corrects Errors

Supreme Asiatic


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Supreme Asiatic Allah

Number 2 has given you the right answer. You must "be" something, Carpenter, mason, office clerk, a dreamer... before you express that " to be". Once you decide in your mind what to be then you express (do) that related to what you are because you "are". We can only "do" to the extent that we "are" (knowledge of being a carpenter, mason, etc). And what we "are" depends on what we "think". That is, when we want to become something or someone we think of it first. The idea of what we want to be fills our mind constantly therefore we act on it and we become "it". We "are".

Good luck


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Jose m

I would like to Quote JIM ROHN Quote "The major value in life is not what you get. The major value in life is what you become". For example you are a student and desired to become great foot ball player like Pele or Messi, to represent your country. In order to become great foot ball player you will take all steps like finding good coach for proper training, food habit advise, participate in college matches and also looking for openings at league level etc . In fact now your whole focus on becoming a Foot Ball player and you are getting transformed from student to foot ball player.
we must "be" before we can "do," and we can "do" only to the extent which we "are," and what we "are" depends upon what we "think.".
First step (THINK)is you must think that you can become Great Foot Ball player Second Step (ARE) is becoming interested in Foot ball game and gathering information (Data) and scope for becoming player Third step (BE) is based on available information identify sources to get trained (training, physical fitness, Mentally fit).
Fourth Step once you start putting your best effort by getting proper training and playing for college persistently. Through better performance you are representing league level and get notified to represent at country level. Most of us when we desire to achieve some thing, we THIN & may be gather information and initiate action also. But we are not PERSISTENT in our endeavor. That is what HANNEL meant BE means BECOMING through Persisent effort.


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Best answer is from @Rpuls

He is spot on correct, and, articulated it better than the book.

My 2 cents:

Create your own self image. Create a image of you being a carpenter, like you have done that job for 35 years.


answered 24 Dec '22, 20:58

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