For example, the idea of an angel on your right shoulder and demon on your left is a common depiction of this idea. The two whispering in your ears, telling you what you could do and what you should do, what is the better idea.

For me personally I seem to experience the suggestions whispering behind my ears, but both sides seem to be suggesting negativity! I am left with only acting and behaving from a non-voiced point of view, which I can only conclude is simply me, myself, the 'real' me, because when I'm looking in my head for the back and forth from light or dark or one option or the other or however you want to phrase this, it seems any 'verbal' or 'audible' suggestions in my dome seem to not coincide with me, so I'm left to follow my 'heart' or 'impulses' or something else I can't really explain how/what I do or where it comes from.

It'd be kinda nice to have a good voice suggesting the things I would do or want to do, but I seem to be stuck with multiple less-than-ideal suggestion sources in my head.

asked 29 May '13, 04:15

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try to control those voices.., those are al part of ur "mind chatters", , meditate..,n try to control thm ..n thn, fr sure thr wil be just angels on ur both sides..,love,light n blessings ur way snow.. :))

(29 May '13, 04:48) supergirl

Everyone suggests (and it makes sense in how I rationalize it) controlling them isn't the most ideal approach. I conclude this is because if while you're trying to control them you're unwittingly putting [possibly a great deal] of negative energy into them they will be made stronger. If I knew how to control them without 'fighting' them per se, then I think perhaps this would be excellent. I've been trying to instead just put more positive energy into good thoughts, but I'm seeking alternatives.

(29 May '13, 04:56) Snow

review your actions until what it is that is wasteful energy gets diverted to things, thoughts more constructive (towards spirit). taking from the unscious subconscious making it conscious and then returning the transformation back to your subconscious

(29 May '13, 05:51) fred

@Snow Stop fighting your emotions. Don't deny them. Welcome them - surrender & they will pass through.. It's only when you resist by fighting or camouflaging these emotions they gain power & the feelings intensify.

(29 May '13, 06:32) ele
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@snow - I can relate to this. For me (and is there anything else I can say?)

"FM" my best approach is to find something else that is as beautiful and pure as you can find. Doesn't have to be a big thing... a leaf, light glancing through the trees, clouds, or a full symphony playing. Or focus on your breathing when these demons come along.

Otherwise I find myself focusing on the bad, and once I have opened that door, once I have put on my "demon-crap-colored" glasses, everything stinks.

But the "beauty-colored" glasses work wonderfully also. From a beautiful leaf, to better and better........

There IS an angel sitting on your shoulder, two angels! One on each shoulder. If you have crap-colored glasses they may look like demons.

We all have our demons in varying degrees. We all made our beds and we have to lie in them. BUT we don't have to die in them!

There really are no demons, nor angels, just your perspective of the critters on your shoulders. You can change that perspective by where and how you shine the spotlight of your attention.


answered 29 May '13, 08:02

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Dollar Bill

The angel/demon picture is representative of your reasoning against your hipshot feeling or emotions.

If we go with our heart without any temperance of reason and logic we can get into trouble quickly.

But the interesting thing is for you, your reasoning seems to be finding reason for agreeing with emotion.

Like "Punch him in the nose!" Then you get "Yeah I agree with that he deserves it! Go ahead!"

It seems like, "Hey what happened? Where is the good guy here, stuck in traffic?"


answered 29 May '13, 20:43

Wade%20Casaldi's gravatar image

Wade Casaldi

edited 29 May '13, 20:46

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