I had this dream, I was in a familiar house and there was a party down the street during the day, because the sun was out. I walked down the street but something told me not to walk so fast, so i walked cautiously then out of nowhere a guy pulled out this semi-automatic weapon and started shooting into the crowd.

I turned around and ran to my grandmothers house, but he got so close that I decided to go through the back door and locked it, then I ran towards the front door to lock it and for some reason it wouldn't lock properly.

I gave up and he came into the house, I remember everything about his face. I tried to save my life, he was quite nice looking. I told him I wanted to have sex with him and we had sex almost made love, not what you would expect.

He was very quiet he never talked, and I wasn't afraid of him anymore. He caused so much pain to other people I knew, he was always present but unseen like I hid him. I secretly comforted the people involved - this secret**

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It is easy to misinterpret a dream where a person or people die somehow. You might die, you might be doing the killing, or as in your dream you witness someone else kill someone, or in this case a number of people.  Try to remember, that the dream weaver part of you is not viewing death from the same perspective.  In their view, there really is no death.  Death is symbolic of something else, as most things or events are in dreams.  Death usually represents a major change taking place in the live of those who are dying. It means the end of the old and beginning of a new direction in life. In real life, the "killer" might be a teacher or spiritual leader of some sort who has a profound effect in certain people's lives. He helps them to see their greater potential, leading them to make life-changing choices.

 The party represents a social group of people whose main concern is living superficially, irresponsibly, a group you may be being drawn to, Doing so would take you away from what you desire most.  Just as fear in your waking life is your emotional guidance system telling you to rethink the direction your heading in or the choice you are about to make.  On the other hand, sex, which likely represents pleasure and symbolizes a decision more conducive to you true desire. Should tell you something. Ultimately you must determine the meaning of your dream symbols for what they mean to you. This is only one interpretation.

  The guy could also represent someone your interested in relating more closely with.  He may seem to be the ideal guy, charming in every way, until he gets what he wants then dumps you soon after, as revealed by the act of killing. A broken heart can often seem like a fate worse than death, and does on occasion lead the heartbroken to actually kill themselves due to the emotional trauma. If that were the case then you might be lying to yourself, getting into a relationship where " you knew his secret all along".

   It could be a positive thing; in that you may be the one who cures him of his womanizing ways, you are the one he can connect with on a deeper level.  In that case, the dream might be telling you to go ahead and risk it. Don't be afraid to take a chance on love again. Have you ever used the word "killer" as an adjective describing something or someone as super cool, top of the line etc?  A real dream interpretive reading involves a lot of questions by the interpreter. These questions are not asked with the expectation of an answer. They are asked to assist the dreamer to recognize the meaning of the dream. Dream reading sessions often end abruptly when the dream suddenly has an "aha" moment when all the pieces come together with what's currently going on in the dreamers waking life.

  Hope this helps you find the right meaning to your dream. The key thing to remember is that YOU are the writer, director, producer and lead actor in your own late night play, although "symbolic soap" might be a better description:)

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wow @i4cim2b thanks. It makes so much sense I actually had that dream after me and bf had a fight. It wasn't anything about being a womanizer or cheater, but we are constantly fighting over everything. He has been quite emotionless after a tragedy in his family a few years ago, and that lack of emotion from him causes a lot of our arguments. I think sub consciously I crave some emotion from him which only seems to show itself when conflict arises, so I think that is why i argue.

(18 Apr '14, 23:58) Ilovetruth718

@Ilovetruth718 "I crave some emotion from him" ... definition of crave; urgent intense desire, a begging need

(19 Apr '14, 04:35) jaz

@jaz your point. was it to patronize me? I know what I wrote, but yet you didn't give any feedback, so what was your intention?

(19 Apr '14, 08:31) Ilovetruth718

@Ilovetruth718 I carefully edited your question and added a picture so as to understand it more deeply, the phrase "I crave some emotion" simply struck my attention and resonates with me ... thanks for the feedback for letting me know your feelings, my prime intention is to understand

(19 Apr '14, 10:47) jaz

@jaz text comes off quite different than speech, maybe me being negative

(19 Apr '14, 22:49) Ilovetruth718

@Ilovetruth718 expressing how you feel leaves the door open to positive communication, projection closes it resulting in negativity and conflict that manifests itself through silence or aggression ... many people communicate through a crisscross of projections ... thanks for giving me the opportunity to express myself :)

(20 Apr '14, 02:28) jaz
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