I have a very simple question, what do these dreams mean?

Dream 1- This dreams begins with me going up an escalator, in a huge empty white building. I end with about 5 or 6 people in a small room at the top of the building and the other people are asked if they would like to make fun of me. After this I am in a library with a lot of wooden furniture. After this a lady dies. I then see a couple dancing joyfully together in a room, the woman is pregnant. Suddenly everything goes black, and I see a very bright white light floating in the darknes. Suddenly I am seeing the inside of a muscular man with long hair, as soon as I see the man I become aware that I am looking at Jesus or God, its just a feeling of certainty. He then takes a breath, I see the muscles of his, hearts, throat move as he respires, then a sign in red flashes over his head saying jesus/god is the first breath, dream ends.

Dream 2- Im in space looking over the planets, I see a huge outline of an eye in space and again feel a very certain presence of God, stars within the eye begin sparkling very brightly, then eye moves towards me, its like Im being sucked into it, dream ends.

Dream 3-It's raining, Im at home in my bedroom and can hear a thunderstorm outside. I look outside and lightning is flashing continously very low in the sky and i just stare then wake up.

Dream 4-I walk down a long road and see large groups of people outside a nice house with a girl who I recognise from university but don't know sitting on some guys lap. Next it's raining and Im walking through very long grass, the sky is grey. And lightning starts flashing directly above my head, then all around me. I'm still walking but the lightning is flashing now through me, I walk into a house not sure if its the same house, and the lightning follows me through the building without causing any damage to anything or anyone, I sit on a sofa and its still going through me.

Dream 1,3 and 4 happened within a fortnight, just after new years. Dream 2 happened about a month ago. If you need more information about me, to help interpret the dream further, feel free to ask.


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Actually I can interpret your second dream. You mentioned that 'sucked into eyes of God'. I think it mean you are in the 'hands of God watching you very closely'. Your the lucky champ.

(06 May '14, 06:23) PERFECT GOOD

Oh! @transmitter91 could you please transmit some of your dreams to me :-)

(06 May '14, 06:23) PERFECT GOOD

Thanks, isnt god watching very closely anyway. Is there a specific thing Im meant to do? to not disappoint?

I wish I could give this dream to someone to see how it would effect them.

(06 May '14, 07:09) transmitter91

@transmitter91 believe me to believe something that meant to drive your perception to a greater extent.

(07 May '14, 02:25) PERFECT GOOD
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Transmitter 91, Hi. Here are a few things to consider while attempting interpreting your dreams. Realize that as a human/soul/spirit, you are always functioning at some level of “awareness”, consciously or subconsciously. Regardless of whatever term you chose to apply to these “states of mind”, they are all aspects of the person you are referring to when you talk about “I” or “me”. The dream state is one of these levels, and the degree of our awareness of it varies from person to person for individual reasons. Some do not recall dreaming at all, some remember bits and pieces upon waking which are soon forgotten. Others can recall their dreams quite readily and some are able to be fully conscious while dreaming. (Lucid dreamers). However, conscious awareness does not change the fact that most, if not all, of us dream and those dreams can affect our waking lives regardless of whether we remember them or not.

Dreams can serve us in a number of ways. Certain dreams are for learning. It is not uncommon to have a dream of sitting in a classroom or, as in your case, a library. Some dreams are designed to answer specific questions we are thinking about on any subject whether general or personal. Dreams can provide solutions to problems we might be dealing with at work, at home, and in our relationships with others. Dreams can uplift us, encourage us, motivate us, reward us, console us etc. They can also be the means by which our spirit guides speak to us. When trying to interpret a particular dream its helps to first establish this underlying theme. Think of it as the cloth upon which the dream is woven. Realize, that ultimately, you are the creator, writer, director, set designer, casting director and producer of your dreams. (although assistance is available if needed). With this understanding and having an idea of the dreams underlying theme, you can now ask, “What am I trying to tell myself through this dreams events and symbolism?” “Why would I choose to use this particular object, behavior, event, or activity?” Just as we use similar words to describe or explain stuff in or waking lives, we also use similar symbolism in dreams. However, even though we use the same words, we do not always define them exactly the same way, which can often lead to a misunderstanding. For this reason, only you can determine the meaning behind the symbols in your dreams from which you interpret the dream. A dream “interpreter” can only help to facilitate this process by asking the right questions, offering suggestions, possible meanings and such, with the purpose of getting you to the point where it suddenly dawns on you, and you have one of those, “Aha, I get it” moments where it all makes sense.

From what you have described in your dreams, your subsequent comments, and what I have learned while researching dreams, metaphysics, and the current climate and events affecting changes in human consciousness lately, I can offer one possible explanation for you to consider. As you may know or are coming to realize, we are living at time where many changes are taking place. This is a worldwide phenomenon that is affecting the political, social, religious, and economic systems, which are no longer acceptable systems as they are now. The consciousness of our civilization is being raised and can no longer tolerate concepts that promote corporate consumerism, self-serving greed, political corruption and the dogmas of traditional religion all of which are designed to benefit a small minority dealing with control issues. Many will refer to this time period (The 1960’s and continuing) as a time of awakening similar to the time of Christ 2000 years ago (as observed from a liner perspective). The difference is the focus today is on individual spiritual growth as opposed to the group (churches and other large religious institutions).

Many young adults are experiencing this “awakening” in all sorts of creative ways. Whatever works best for each individual is the guiding principle. Having no real previous dream experiences of this type, it makes perfect sense that you would chose to initiate your awakening by way of a series of vivid and emotionally intense dreams. Think of them more as an alarm clock than any specific call to arms. Up until this point, you have been unconsciously prepared, made ready so that when the alarm sounded you would (Metaphorically) open your eyes (to the greater spiritual reality) and begin to question your purpose and meaning in life. Any subsequent dreams of this nature likely resulted from you having pushed the snooze button a couple times. Nothing unusual in that. Awakening initiates the process of raising your consciousness to higher frequencies. (Taking the “up” “escalator”) Questions develop in your mind, “a huge empty white building” (to hold the vast amounts of knowledge to be gained in a mind free of clutter). You “end with 5 or 6 people (close associates, friends, relatives) in a “small room” (small minded, close minded) at the top (that illusory place where all your family and friends compete to be). These very same people may criticize and “make fun of you” because you are going to put more emphasis on your spiritual development than on the material rise to the top mentality that they would want you to chose.

Like thousands of others experiencing their own form of this waking up to reality, you want to understand your existence and the true nature of what we call reality. To find this knowledge you find yourself in a “library” (storehouse of knowledge) with “wooden furniture” (Knowledge that is old, as truth has always been what it is, now, as it was then.) You are reminded from where you have come with a quick circle of life episode in which you as “a lady dies” (we all have past lives as both men and woman), then you “see a couple dancing joyfully” (your parents) in expectation of their coming child (you). “Suddenly everything goes black” (the amnesia associated with reincarnating maybe). The bright light (of the soul) enters the body (your own). I suspect the Jesus/god presence is a way for to understand the relationship of the human body to the spirit /soul, (Jesus to God) your soul to your body, the spiritual to the physical and by recognizing that Your spiritual growth should come first in life. What you will learn from making that the priority will in the end give you the knowledge and required power to easily attain everything else. Your dream # 2, regardless of when it occurred , was to remind you of the first dream in which you described the first breath. The second dream could indicate a validation of your progress just to affirm that you are moving in the right direction. (Continue any current educational endeavors but remember to put some effort into spirit studies and related topics of that nature)

The lightning flashes are indicative and symbolic of the insights you are getting about yourself and others all the time whether you consciously recognize them or not. Insights that come from dreams “at home in my bedroom” and insights on the “long road” (of the life ahead of you). These insights can come from people you do not know personally (the girl on the guys lap) but should be ready to learn none the less. They can also come by just observing the natural world around you (walking through the tall grass) Moreover; insights are often received under adverse conditions. (Metaphorically depicted by the rain). The only special thing you are meant to do right now is to learn and grow in spirit as a loving, forgiving and joyous being. Do this and you will not disappoint anyone. Most of what you do beyond that is just individual flavoring and decoration. I hope that this information will help you to interpret these dreams as well as any future dreams you may experience. Good luck!


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Big thanks for using your time to write that. In essence is this a call to live in faith and realise my own power? what's the balance between willing your way through life and having faith it's being taken care of as you live in joy?

(06 May '14, 23:03) transmitter91

Well said. Turn that into a quote and hang it somewhere visible as a constant reminder and positive affirmation!

(06 May '14, 23:43) i4cim2b

@i4cim2b peaceful answer. Thank you.

(08 May '14, 02:52) PERFECT GOOD

Before the eye dream (2), I made a promise to myself to live in unconditional service and sacrifice to mankind, just because I feel I function better in service to others. I wrote this down in my journal fell asleep then had the dream. While I am commited this, does this mean I am that it is my personal destiny to not obsess over personal desires or should everyone strive for this. For some reason the eye dream felt like a yes sign 'go this way' while the jesus dream felt like a 'I am here'.

(10 May '14, 22:44) transmitter91

Let's say, that there are higher spiritual beings that want to communicate something to you through dreams. The being may be God, Jesus or their chosen representative assigned to you personally. If dreams are used to communicate, they will use symbols (images or objects etc.) rather than words to convey meaning. You will first have to agree on what symbols to use and the meaning they are to convey. In this case, you have chosen the all Seeing Eye as the dream symbol to represent God.

(11 May '14, 05:05) i4cim2b

Upon learning about your commitment and desire to serve mankind, a message is sent in the form of a dream. The feeling you sense of Gods presence is the love and appreciation that is sent along with the message. In your view from space, you are overlooking the planets, one of which is the earth, as if to say to God "I see the big picture and will deny my personal desires in sacrifice and service to mankind." You might think that surely god would approve of this commitment.

(11 May '14, 05:07) i4cim2b

You see the "huge" eye of God. The message being that he can always see the bigger picture, however, he is trying to tell you, I am looking right at you. This is to convey the idea: Before you can serve mankind, you must develop and grow as a soul/spirit. Then you will be able to see as I do from within the eye of God. Until you do that, you will neither have the strength nor the knowledge required to serve mankind. In essence, the growth and development of you the soul/spirit comes first.

(11 May '14, 05:13) i4cim2b

This does not mean you can't serve mankind. Develop desires that put you into a position to serve in a meaning full way. Many before you have had such a desire. The only person I can think of who actually was able to do this at a scale beyond their local community was Mother Teresa. She was the embodiment of someone truly committed to sacrifice and service to mankind. Again, the final interpretation is for you to decide. I believe the world will be a better place because of you, so thank you.

(11 May '14, 05:18) i4cim2b

Sorry for the late reply. I think your correct. The dreams seem to be more of an opening to a great possibility. But of the things that's confusing me a bit is what growing as a soul/spirit ? is it contuining as I have been doing or do I have to actually master and be able to control more personal desires, so i can concentrate beyond them e.g become a strong ego able to manifest what one wants before focusing on more transpersonal things?

(18 May '14, 08:16) transmitter91

Also these type of things dominate my mind and since these dreams I've felt a distinct difference vibrationally but I haven't really met people in my life to talk to about this, I feel vibrationally apart from the people around me. Are people the people in our life supposed to be reflections of us.

(18 May '14, 11:12) transmitter91

@transmitter91 Try not to concern yourself with the timing of your replies. I am fairly adept at living in the moment, or in the "now" if you prefer. Living in the moment is one thing, utilizing now, as a point of power, however, is something I need to practice. "The power of Now" is one of the relatively few topics that you will want to research and explore continually until you fully grasp its significance. Think of it as a "Major Key" for unlocking your power potential.

(21 May '14, 07:18) i4cim2b

I hope by now you are able to understand your dream experience was, a wake up call to the greater reality and not instructions to some specific mission or purpose for your life. That is probably something related to your personal desires, interests, talents, skills etc. and will unfold for you when you are able to "follow what excites you most. To try and clear up some of the confusion about the soul/spirit growth, it would be so much better to turn this into a regular question.

(21 May '14, 07:19) i4cim2b

Not only would you be asking a good question, that others can benefit from, you can get a number of perspectives. I will offer a reply to your 2nd comment about the other people in your life while answering your question "How to grow from the lesson of aloneness". Trying to give a well-rounded answer in the comments section is difficult due to the length limits. I appreciate and will look forward to answering your questions where I am able.

(21 May '14, 07:19) i4cim2b

I see.Erm, how exactly do you think my question should be altered? I look foward to your answers. Thanks.

(25 May '14, 20:07) transmitter91

@transmitter91 No need to. I am working on an answer that I can put in question form and should be ready to post it with the other IQ questions. Look for it there in the next few days or so. Aside from that, You had mentioned an interest in acoustics. Can you tell me more about that. I can suggest some things you may find interesting if you're not already aware of them. The full future potentials of sound have yet to be discovered, are highly classified, or an open source to experiment with.

(26 May '14, 15:22) i4cim2b

I'm in love with sound. I hear music I've never heard before in my dreams and as I'm waking up. I have a lot dreams over the past few months related to this. I record sounds and look for natural sounds over the next and also recordings of wind, thunder, rain, birds, Nasa etc over the net. I analyze them through a spectrum analyzer then try to recreate them with synthesizers and use these as foundations for electronic compositions.

(26 May '14, 19:19) transmitter91

I also have had strange dreams related to this. In one dream, the family who really live next door to me ask me to teach their son how use a hardware sequencer I use. In another Im sitting at a huge mixing desk producing a record outside (balancing levels etc), with people staring at me then a lady ask me how to work the equipment. In another I'm playing the piano for an audience etc

(26 May '14, 19:26) transmitter91

@transmitter91 This area of research is probably one of the few that can and likely will have a significant role to play in future technologies,in ways still open to discovery and application potential. This probably isn't the best way to discuss it though. If it is okay with you, go ahead and contact me at djd9668 (at) live dot com. to continue our various discussions on this and other matters. It's the easiest way to remove this limitation to the exchange of information. Thanks.

(28 May '14, 05:44) i4cim2b
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Hi @transmitter91 I find that remembering dreams and writing them down is very beneficial, the more information you obtain the clearer things become so I suggest just keep noting your dreams and have confidence that your higher self knows exactly what it's doing and you'll end up understanding fully eventually :)

alt text


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but why is this happening to me? the dreams seem very specific and sudden. I don't pray or meditate or anything like that, Im only 22 year old male.

(05 May '14, 19:34) transmitter91

we all have different sensitivities @transmitter91; some people are highly sensitive to music, others mathematics, cooking, sports ... you are sensitive to dreams and spirituality

(06 May '14, 02:53) jaz

Im extremely sensitive to music. I record natural sounds and analyze the partials and frequency in a spectrum analyzer, then try to reproduce them with simple waveforms. Before this year, I had never had a vivid dream at all, or any ability to recall them and I don't really do anything consciously spiritual. After 22 years of nothing it seems strange.

(06 May '14, 07:15) transmitter91

@transmitter91 spirituality can wake up at any age, at the age of 25 I experienced like an overwhelming blinding light from within, a bit like in the picture above, that took me by surprise and a great many years to understand what it all meant

(06 May '14, 07:34) jaz

@transmitter91 music produces sound and sound is a vibrational medium through which the visible and the invisible worlds can communicate ... you speak of freqencies and waveforms, this is also the domain of radionics, in playing and analyzing music waveforms and vibrational frequencies you're also inadvertently entering into the domain of radionics:)

(06 May '14, 10:01) jaz

what did the light mean to you?

(06 May '14, 12:08) transmitter91

@transmitter91 the opening of an inner doorway

(06 May '14, 13:13) jaz

lol to what?, I want to understand, I feel unprepared for this type of stuff, sorry.

(06 May '14, 13:36) transmitter91

@transmitter ... a doorway to a deeper understanding of the mechanism at play in everyday life. Often when speaking of these kinds of subjective experiences i feel that most people have difficulty in listening, it's refreshing to communicate with someone with the desire to understand :)

(07 May '14, 00:54) jaz

is this a cause and effect thing? so you can perceive why things are happening and change your actions, necessary to your needs?

(07 May '14, 16:44) transmitter91

@transmitter91 yes that's one way of putting it

(08 May '14, 11:38) jaz
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Dream interpretation always seemed a kind of "iffy" thing to me. Some dreams are quite easy to figure out. I had a recurring dream about a gigantic monster, chasing me home from school, always near me as I ran, but never quite catching me. That dream was a pure anxiety dream, as I later learned. Since it recurred quite often when I was small, I guess you could say that I felt very frightened- but not necessarily about walking home from school. It was more about school itself. My fears about school were quite literally chasing me all the way home.

Your dreams do seem to be about God and Christ. I am sure of that at least. But what I think your brain is trying to do is to puzzle out God and Christ, and how you feel about them in reality. The recurring lightning seems to mean power of some kind- after all, what is lightning but great electrical power??? So I can only conclude that you are trying to figure out where God figures in your life- and He may be trying to reach you! I believe in this. God has spoken to many, many people in dreams. Maybe He is simply knocking on your door, waking you up. That's just a guess.

As for some of the other stuff you mentioned- sounds to me like typical dream gobbledegook. I could never make heads or tails of any of it. Maybe someone else can.

i hope this helps.

Blessings to you,

Jai ♥♥♥


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These dreams seem accurate. The message is the same through all of them. It speaks of the Christ within us, the lightning dream seems the confirmation of this by showing you have or can have the power of the Holy Spirit flowing through you. The rest that was not Holy was just prophesy of what is coming in your future.


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Wade Casaldi

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Thanks for replying. Im not too clear on what is meant by holy sprout. Is there something Im meant to do, I mean the dreams were so vivid and clear but they've left me in an odd position. I can't deny the presence I feel even in my waking life, but why me and what is this presence asking of me? I use the word presence because I had the distinct feeling of something higher than me in each dream, immediately at the climax.

(04 May '14, 16:32) transmitter91

@transmitter91 LOL sorry that was a typo! Holy Spirit. My phone just wrote Holy Sprout again just now! LOL

I have had many dreams of having great power. Savior type dreams, beating the devil etc...

The only thing those dreams did for me was making me aware and confident enough to do healing and casting out demons. Other than that I have come nowhere even close to the miracles I've done in my dreams.

(04 May '14, 17:04) Wade Casaldi

what could this mean about my future?

(05 May '14, 19:36) transmitter91
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