We all know of Love without Lust, for instance love for parents, siblings, children... But is it possible to experience Lust without Love? Does it even exist?

Thank you, namaste

asked 07 Nov '10, 11:09

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I would say anything that is attracting to you is a form of love. Therefore, lust being a form of attraction equates to a form of love. I would say no, there isn't lust without some sort of love behind it. It may be shallow, but there is some type of love behind lust.


answered 07 Nov '10, 16:39

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I am with you on that!

(07 Nov '10, 20:50) daniele

Possible....i would say probable. I spent most of my formative years feeling and expressing lust( when i got the chance ) without love. Only fairly recently have i experienced love with lust.

But this is only my experience.



answered 07 Nov '10, 12:10

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Monty Riviera

Wouldn't pornography use be an example of lust without love?



answered 07 Nov '10, 20:18

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jeff 10

Good example, although I was thinking more of lust in personal relationships type.

(07 Nov '10, 20:52) daniele

no, because it would be the love of seeing beautiful people lustfully having sex. eh, either way you look at it, it's shallow love.

(07 Nov '10, 21:20) RPuls

If you just do it for fun then it's lust. If someone gets hurt then it was more than lust for them. Someone usually get hurt some reason. This is in relation to relationships. Paying a Pro. for it would probably be lust. This is just an opinion and lust is not always a bad thing.


answered 07 Nov '10, 23:56

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most selfish consumption is lust,and
lusting for sex is often a theme of advertising played upon us,
of some fruit to be tasted,
yes it can and does happen by selfcentered individoals.


answered 09 Nov '10, 01:02

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Yes, it almost seems like a norm where I live. I was actually just wondering if more of the population is in this category or if the media in America just tries to portray that...


answered 09 Nov '10, 03:25

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Lust without Love interesting question:

*Lust within the family circle: is when a family member who loves their sibling, and will protect them with their life, and die for them, in the same token, takes advantage of them sexually. This I considered to be lust without love, because a sibling that loves his/ her sibling will not make sexual advance on them to hurt, and shame them. Lust is a selfish act, and it should not be considered to be an act of love in this case.

*You see a person walking down the street male, or female: suddenly you desire this person sexually. This is lust with love, because something about this person caught your attention, and you were physically and sexually attracted to this person. Now although it is just a sexual attraction, based upon lust, it is also the desire to be intimate with this person in a positive way. This I considered to be lusting for pure joy and pleasure with someone you have seen, and have desired. There is nothing negative about this, it is a part of human to lust in a positive way, and people do it all the time, in the privacy of their imagination lovingly!

*Lust without love within the church: is when a highly respectable leader of the church, who is responsible for X numbers of children; this person noticed that RTC is a loner, this person decide to be friend RTC and gain his/ her trust. This person were give high praise for helping RTC, but then this same person turned around, and hurt RTC sexually, and left him/ her to further danger. This I considered to be a calculating act of lust without love. This is the act of a selfish person with premeditating evil intention, and there is no love in this person action to hurt, and put RTC life at risk.

So, there is lust without love, and it does exist, and it is happening even as we speak, in the families, in the communities, and in the churches all over the world!


answered 08 Nov '10, 03:20

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Inactive User ♦♦

pure lust can be for pleasure or materialistic needs , does not have a profound meaning... where the love is profound and the purest it is the less lust it possess...

falling in love is often a combination of lust and love... where true unconditional loving someone is just love with no lust.

You can be either in love (fling) , or love someone ( partents, child, unconditional love to partner) , or both... ( for a partner--you can love and be in love at the same time)

remember that.


answered 10 Sep '11, 08:39

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laylana, the nature of a physical body includes a certain amout of magnetism and in some cases one may find a very strong attraction to another, as though in an enchanting spell. this is when one has to decide what is controlling our will, the animal impulse or our rational mind.

(10 Sep '11, 14:57) fred
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