a philosopher said that the only thing in the world that unleashes the true feelings and passions, our true self, is the sex and money and all that that implies.

asked 05 Apr '10, 03:22

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Hi Robert, I have to disagree.

The philosopher said, "the only thing in the world that unleashes the true feelings and passions, our true self, is the sex and money..."

There are those whose feelings and passions are unleashed through other mediums like a sport, hobby, career, helping people, etc.

Example: Someone does a good deed toward you, he bails you out big time. At that moment you have a true feeling of gratitude/appreciation. I do not see the connection to sex and money.

Did you ever see someone passionate about; cars, horses, scrapbooking, etc. They constantly talk about it and know everything about it. Where is the connection to sex and money?

The philosopher was talking about himself maybe?


answered 05 Apr '10, 04:41

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Frank 1

Hi Frank From my point of view, all human beings have interests,hobbies,and things that create some sort of passion,etc.But sex and money are things that are not indifferent to us,because they touch a chord in all humans.Maybe because they involve variables connected with the survival of the species. Who has no interest in sex,not procreation.Who does not get money, can not support the family and himself. It is for this reason that people change their way of being, as it moves from a state of regular life, to a state of sudden wealth. You could say we do not know about us until we are tested.

(05 Apr '10, 13:53) Robert
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