Every where in the Master Key System as well as other books ( The Secret ) etc., it says that use your imaginary power to think that you have attained the goal that you are seeking.

The problem that I feel with this is that, yes it is possible to imagine that you have achieved a certain goal. It is also possible to imagine that you are rich. But the moment you come back from the imaginary world you do not have the money in your hands.

Ok, I understand that too, but then it goes to the extent of saying that feel it constantly, that you have achieved it, that also means that if you would have the money you would be spending it, but then how to imagine having money, if you cannot spend it ?

It seems contradictory and perhaps it is sending out wrong messages to the Infinite Intelligence.

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Your mind is a goal-seeking mechanism. By imagining the end goal, you program your mind to begin looking for those things that will help you achieve that goal.

In the imaginary realm, the mind cannot tell the difference between a goal imagined, and a goal achieved. This imaginary realm has vast holistic thinking capabilities; it can begin to connect the dots, to find ways in which your goal can be achieved. This is especially true of goals that seem impossible.

By imagining the goal as already achieved, you suspend that disbelief, and enable your mind to begin working on solutions.

Frijtof Capra once said: "The way you activate the seeds of your creation is by making choices about the results you want to create. When you make a choice, you mobilize vast human energies and resources which otherwise go untapped."

The reason this works is because it focuses your energies on the achievement of your goal, and not on wondering whether or not it will be achieved.


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Study the nature of your own consciousness when you WORRY!

You will see for yourself how it is possible to imagine having something and experiencing something before it has actually happened yet.

You will learn two simultaneous lessons from observing the nature of worry.

You will no longer be able to blame the outer reality for your experience for you will see your worry preceding the events before you participate in them.

It is as effortless to imagine having something YOU WANT, as it is effortless to imagine something you DO NOT WANT to experience.

If you study your worry you will notice that you replay the emotion of fear, apprehension, nervousness etc again and again each time as if you are actually living the experience on an emotional scale.

This is the exact nature of "re living" that is necessary to align yourself with the experience of your choosing.

You have to emotionally live the experience of having what you are interested in manifesting.

This is how you manifest your Suffering

This is how you should be manifesting your Joy.


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Very nice point about worry, nicely explained.

(15 Nov '10, 17:42) Back2Basics

Thank You Back2Basics!

(17 Nov '10, 03:40) The Traveller

The idea is to hold on to the feeling of having what you want. What we tend to do is to go back and forth. When we visualize we have it and after the visualization it is gone. it has to be a conscious effort. If you can feel good all day you are closer to your vibrational match plus it is healthy. I make a game out of it. It feels like you are tricking yourself into believing something that is not true. But for manifestation to occur you have to believe in the possibilities before they become a reality. Just play with the idea. I find myself smiling for no reason lately because I know how to make myself feel good. It is very empowering to know that. It takes practice. You can do it for short period of time during the day until it becomes a way of life. I am trying to make it an all day thing.

Remember as well that the subconscious mind cannot differentiate between what is real or not but it will respond accordingly. If you visualize what you want to manifest then the subconscious just goes to work to bring it about. If you visualize what you do not want, the subconscious goes through the same process. Why not go for what you want.


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The brain doesnt know the difference between right now and a memory or fantasy. Experiment: Imagine an ice cream cone Imagine it over and over again that what you do with whatever you want to imagine Start here it should help


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Hi Simple, I know what you are saying. I have the Master Key System bookmarked, but I'm not ready to read it. I'm finding that writing out my request and letting the Source bring them into being is also an other good way to do the same thing I.E. get money.

It's called Manifestation Experiment-1. Read up on the details I do not know how to send you the link sorry. After writing out the request it is surrendered to the Divine to be brought to you on the physical plane. Your work is done. Well not quite, instead of focusing on your request you focus on how you fell all the time. Work on any negative feelings until only happiness remains. Your request or something even better will be granted. Or go back to the mental trick and work on anything that you are blocking your good with. After your request you have to keep the feeling that your are receive it. Remember plant a seed and only after time can you harvest. As long as you water and weed the Source will grow the plant for you.

Enjoy the fruit. So do what you feel is best for you and don't give up.

Hope this helps.

Great Blessings


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You have to understand that we do not always get what we want in life, and that is a truth for everyone. There are some things that money can buy, and there some things that money cannot buy, and I guess you can see where I am going with this etc. You also have to understand that not everything you think you want is good or right for you, and the LOA will manifest what is right for you, even if you think otherwise!

My advice to you is not to overwhelm yourself, and to allow the universe to create, and manifest your desire accordingly. There is no hurry, good things comes to those who wait!


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